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Aquaman & his Atlantians murder the Black Panther & his Wakandaian teammates.

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Ooh... I have to go for Atlantis.

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Atlantis was literally one of the forces to cause WW 3 and killed 100 million people in Europe so...

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Felt like this thread could use a bump, with new movies coming as well as new info on both civilizations

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As a huge Black Panther fan, even I would argue how much of a mismatch his team and nation will be against Aquaman and his superior team and nation.

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I pose this question to you guys. Pertaining to an idea a nation wants to reduce losses durring war who is more likely to go on offensive 1st?

It seems after reading this thread aquaman and his nation have a natural advantage biologically. So if we are arguing a straight on battle I believe the edge in a slight to atlanteans.

That being said,wakanda strike me as the sort to go on offensive first by stealth. Using stealth to set bombs in key locations in Atlantis to force a surrender.

Is it possible for wakanda to do such a feat with prep from batfiles is my final question?

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As an avid comic books reader for decades, Black Panther with prep especially for one entire month and Batman's secret files on Aquaman and his Atlantis empire will MURDER the entire Marvel and DC Atlantis empires! Black Panther has prepared well against Dr.Doom, who without prep would already have mopped the ocean floors against the combined efforts of Marvel and DC Atlantis best warriors and main characters (Aquaman, Namor, Mera, Tempest, Aquaboy, Namorita, etc.) with just his high end magical powers alone unless Aquaman has his magical canceling water hands and Trident.