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VS (Venom Powers and Abilities:Symbiotic Costume Superhuman Strength Superhuman Durability Superhuman Stamina Accelerated Healing Factor Genetic Memory Offspring Detection Wall-Crawling Webbing Generation ESP (Spider-SenseImmunity to Spider-man's Spider Sense

Camouflage Capabilities) ((Violator Powers and Abilities:Telepathy superhuman strength resilience shape-shifting unarmed combat abilities

and claws. He has also been shown to breath fire and in some cases change his size and grow.))

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dude i have know idea........i say venom but then again????

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the_haunter says:

"dude i have know idea........i say venom but then again????"

Lol Same Here Im Still Thanking About This.

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don't know who's stronger but violator can breath fire, he can use that on venom plus that's still part of venom weakness is it?

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Violator would win here. Violator is a demon with low level mystical power as well as Super Strength, Durability, etc. I dont think Venom is strong enough to take Violator down