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The two started out as cavemen, who attained immortality by different means. They both have superhuman physical attributes, advanced technology, are masters of unarmed combat and have genius level intellects.
1. First fight: They both have one week of prep time, to find the other one and take him out. They can use any means necessary, within their reach to get the win, they are both are aware of what each is capable of.
2.Second fight: Direct confrontation, they are both released in the Savage Land and given only one option: find the target and kill him. They can use traps or whatever means necessary to take the other one out.

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Seems that many people, don't know the Master. This is for reference.

Powers and abilities

The Master of the World is approximately 40,000 years old. After he was experimented on by the Plodex ship, he underwent the reconstruction of his entire body (except for his brain) by Plodex technology, granting him superhuman powers. The master has the agility beyond that of a normal human, which he gained after he altered his body. He has enhanced reflexes, that were fast enough to slice Warbird with a sword. His speed can reach 61- 65 mph. His stamina is so high that he can sustain peak physical extertion for several hours before fatigue impairs performance. Also, his strength is enhanced, and he was able to break Sasquatch's arm by, after dodging Sasquatch's attack, grabbing it with both hands and breaking it. He is also a master of hand to hand combat, as he learned the techniques 40,000 years ago, retaining his knowledge of hand-to-hand combat from his days as a tribal warrior. He knows all human pressure points, which was shown when he knocked out Namor the Sub-Mariner with a single punch. The Master is virtually immortal, having lived for forty thousand years; although not invulnerable, he ages at a very slow rate. The Master was once mentally integrated with his Plodex starship base, so that he was physically unable to leave it until it was destroyed in a conflict with Alpha Flight. He then underwent further reconstruction of his entire body by a mutagenic fluid concocted from the remains of Scramble the Mixed-Up Man.His suit also has many benefits, allowing him teleportation and flight. His helmet and battlesuit are composed of an unknown metal, including cybernetic mesh enabling the Master to control Plodex technology through mental commands. Devices within the Master’s helmet and battlesuit enable him to cast illusions disguising his appearance. He is able to create a force field that can ward off attacks. Also, he is able to shoot energy blasts with his suit, and it enables him to disperse electromagnetism, which was shown when he was able to control Guardian I's suit. The Master designed this battlesuit using his knowledge of Plodex technology. He is self-educated in all recorded knowledge of Earth humanity up to the present, and of the alien Plodex (as of forty thousand years ago) through mental linkage with computers in the starship base. He has utilized various skycraft and underwater craft.
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I'm saying the master wins fight 1 due to his resources

Fight two probably goes to savage, if master has his tech. I could see him winning. I don't think he (master) is too big in the fighting department, it may be a close fight though. I've heard Master took down sasquatch and the alpha flight easily h2h.