Unnamed Warrior (The Surge 2) V.S. Pilot (Titanfall)

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Player Character

Deck13 Interactive's
Deck13 Interactive's "The Surge"


Respawn Entertainment's
Respawn Entertainment's "Titanfall"



  • Random Encounter
  • In character
  • Composite versions for all
  • Win by any means necessary

Player Avatar (The Surge 2)

  • 300 Base Health Points, 500 Base Stamina Points, 5 Base Battery Points
  • Wears an armor set that inherits all advantages and zero disadvantages of every armor available in-game
  • Can switch between Weapon Classes (which also inherit best traits of each weapon within respective class)
  • Equipped with all Implants (one of each variant only) in the game
  • Has access to all Drone Modules

Pilot (Titanfall)

  • Inherits all advantages and zero disadvantages of all pilot variants
  • Has access to all weapons, ordnance, tactical abilities and so on throughout the games
  • Outfitted with all usable pilot kits in the games
  • Has access to all Burn Cards and Boosts from 1st and 2nd games respectively
  • Pilots a Vanguard-Class Titan w/ Ronin Loadout with all Ronin titan kits


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  • Opposing sides start 75 meters apart, visible from each others' sights
  • Civilians and outside interference will not be tolerated

If the fight is too unfair and/or unclear, suggestions on what to alter are welcome.