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Ultimate Captain America and Venom

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Darth Vader and Jango Fett

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  • 616 Venom and Ultimate Captain America. Expanded Universe and Canon Vader and Jango
  • Perfect Teamwork
  • Standard weapons and gear
  • Random Encounter
  • All in character and fighting to the best of their consistent ability
  • Win any way possible

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What is this crap

Vader solos with pathetic ease

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Vader solos although venom puts up a slight fight.

I am feeling slightly less embarrassed about my Vulture vs Falcon battle after seeing this.

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Team 1 literally has no answer Vader's TK or really most of Vader's abilities.

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Not only does vader disarm and kill cap in two seconds flat, Venom is vulnerable to fire and jango has a flamethrower.

Easy win for Star wars

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Venom is useless.

Cap gets rag dolled to death.

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Vader wrecks.

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Mismatch, especially with Legends feats.