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Battle takes place in Gotham City. Battles are won by KO or death. Agent of Chaos vs. Mayhem.

Round 1- H2H Combat

Round 2- H2H Combat ( Joker has the knife in his shoe.)

Round 3- They both sit and talk. What happens...

Round 4- 1 week of prep.

Round 5- Tyler Durden Army vs Joker & His People

Round 6- How would the 2 react to each others philosophies?

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1. Hard to say. Both seem like unorganized fighters, even counting in that the narrator hismelf did not have Durden's actual physique. Still both the Durden persona and Joker seem to be able to take a lot of punishment and laugh it off. However I ultimatley have to give it to the Joker, it's nothing against Durden, I think it'd be a good fight.

2. Well Joker again, because this time he has a knife.

3. Hmm not much I think. Durden represented the Id, unrestrained. Just because he didn't go around murdering people does not mean that if it came down to it he wouldn't do so. I doubt Joker could actually mess with him, and at the same time nothing Durden says to Joker would get through either. It'd come down to Durden thinks Joker is an idiot without any goals. While Joker see's Durden as another schemer.

4. Durden, here. Joker is smart, very smart, but I think Durden has more man power, doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, and Durden's guys don't do stuff like dress up in clown make-up.

5. Durden again, because he doesn't kill his people. At any time, Joker has a small gang. Durden has literally an army to call upon if he is to be believed and that which isn't supposed to be spoken of is all over the U.S.

6. I actually don't think they'd care. They may think "Oh you're an idiot" at each other, but I can't see them really caring one way or the other about what the other believes in.

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bump and thanks for answering

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R1 the hand 2 hand fight is a hard call both don't really hold any skill but both characters have got great will power and can take a hell of a beat down so i would say a possible tie R2 Joker wins as he as a knife and isn't scared to use it. R3 in the sit down the talk about anarchy and how either one of their ideas is better. R4 both can do a considerable amount with prep Durden managed to turn passive office workers into manic space monkey's while joker promised his henchmen money and knocked them off for the hell of it so this is close. R5 Tyler's army i think takes it he has people from every walk of life from office workers to builders to law enforcement he takes it in a close battle. R5 this one is weird i think the would end up agreeing on the way they bring anarchy to their respective cities and give each other tips.

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Round 1: Tyler.

Round 2: Tyler, Joker either doesn't get to use the shoe knife properly, more than once or at all.

Round 3: The Joker will probably convince Tyler to blow his own brains out.

Round 4: Joker showed more aggressiveness in his planning, the best Durden could probably do is get one of his own men into the other gang but I don't see Joker falling for that. Even if they both meet ready for the battle the Joker showed more planning for urban warfare all we know about Fight Club/Project Mayhem members is there are people everywhere, even the Police, waiting for their leader to give instructions and yes they would need instructions for this new thing, a leader who might be too busy punching himself.

Round 5: see Round 4

Round 6: see Round 3