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Tony stark and Bruce Wayne do not get access to their labs. They each get $1,000 to use to build homemade weapons (like in iron man 3). Fight takes place in the ruins of tony Starks movie house

12 hour prep

Round 1 morals on

Round 2 morals off

Win by KO or death

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Tony Stark in a stomp in both rounds.

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how much prep time? bruce wins both rounds majority with or w/o tbh. just emp then its h2h

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also, the 1000$ is useless and this has been done before

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Not sure I understand the setup. If neither Bruce or Tony have access to Batman/Iron Man equipment and instead have to make their own weaponry with whatever $1000 in cash can buy then Bruce wins.

Tony might be the superior weapons designer but a lot of that is based on high tech equipment. $1000 cash will only buy hardware store supplies and possibly small caliber firearms. Bruce is a genius in his own right and can design anything as good as Tony can considering the limitations. When you consider how much physical and tactical advantages Bruce has over Tony then it's almost no contest.

No lab access is just another nail in the coffin for Tony, since it would be a Hail Mary for him in a best case scenario (panic room/armory type of strategy). Without it he's a sitting duck.

The only difference between morals and no morals is that Bruce would kill him in the second round.

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bruce wrecks him matter of seconds

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bruce don't needs a suit to beat the shi* out of tony

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