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All of them against Iron Fist? The Turtles win.

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ONE turtle could take IF. Four is a slaughter.

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bump. also turtles.

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Mr. Rand slaughters the turtles easily.

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Iron Fist would decimate them.

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Some of yall actually think the TMNT can take on IF? Wow...........I have nothin to say to that. LMAO

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No disrespect to IF, I think it would be a close fight and he would probablly take out a couple of Turtles but the numbers would just be too much. Leonardo for the win.

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LOL, Iron Fist slaughterhouse.
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iron fist crushes them with his chi draining ability and healing factor the turtles are but white belts under his power

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If Shedder can do it so can Danny

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Iron Fist wins this.