Thor's Godblast runs the gauntlet

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Round 1

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World War Hulk

Round 2

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New 52 Superman

Round 3

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New 52 Darkseid

Round 4

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Silver Age Green Lantern

Round 5

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Dark Phoenix

Round 6

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COIE Anti Monitor

Round 7

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Classic Beyonder

One of the strongest attack from the God of Thunder himself will be launched to these characters' faces at full force. Can he one shot?

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Stops at 5

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What version of Hal is that?

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Why is Hal above Darkseid? I'd like to think Darkseid should survive it.

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He's not beating Phoenix.

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I seriously doubt he makes it past 3

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Stop at 5

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Stops at Dark Phoenix.

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Doesn’t get past Darkseid.

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I think Green Scar is above New 52 Superman, and it's where he stops at.

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Agreed on both accounts

I think Green Scar is above New 52 Superman, and it's where he stops at.

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What feats does the Godblast actually have?

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Can stop at 1. Also, Nu52 Superman is not stronger than WWH.

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Kills Hal and I would say can kill Dark Phoenix.

I don't know why WWH is below Superman tho.

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@darkhoudini: Allowed Thor to escape a Celestial (Exitar) by breaking it's dome. Mjolnir was able to channel enough energy to destroy half a galaxy with ease in this run but when buffed by the belt of strength to make it even tougher, the force of the godblast still obliterated it.

Caused a starving Galactus to flee for fear of death.

Casually knocked Ego into a coma.

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Stops at 5

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Stops from 3-5. Don't know how powerful SA GL is.

Lol at him stopping at Hulk or Superman.

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If he must KILL he stops at darkseid.

If simply defeating them counts, stops at phoenix.

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Hard stop at 5

What feats does the Godblast actually have?

Scared off Galactus at threat of his death, broke the dome of a celestial that was said to be twice as durable as the outside of that celestial(this was back in the Celestial stomping Odin days), blasted a hole(basically killing) a skymother whose implied to be around Odin level and had the Odin-Force on top of it, and least impressively it stopped the Juggernaut

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Stops at 5. He's not dropping Dark Phoenix.

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He stops at 5.

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@darkhoudini said:

What feats does the Godblast actually have?

I think the best feat it has was when it blasted in half a God that actually beat Odin and took his OF, there is also one-shot killing Durok, taking down Juggernauts shields, killing Mangog.