Thing Vs Post Crisis Superman ( Speed Equalized )

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Superman ( Post Crisis ) Vs Thing


  • No Flying
  • Speed is equalized
  • Only Hand to Hand
  • Fight to the death

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What have you done?

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Well it's not like Superman can take a punch. I bet Thing's better in a fight too so he'd probably land the first hit

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I mean, under those conditions, a single Hulk level strike will shatter Superman, or at least rattle him badly.

Without speed or flight, Clark's basically going to have to brawl with Thing, and that never ends well for the guy trying to knock Ben out. His will and determination (lasting ages with foes that outclass him, like his famous boxing match with the Champion who fodderized Marvel's best fighters) as well as his durability from lasting 90 minutes with a foe that one shot Thor's head and cracked it means that he'll not be able to take the Brick Bomber's down.

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Ben breaks his skull.

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Ben now one-shots lol

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Thing oneshots.

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If Ben hits Superman with something resembling that all-out Sunday Punch, Clark would definitely be out. Depending on where you place Superman relative to IH, he can be anywhere between "unconscious" and "dead".

If Ben doesn't want to damage his arms badly tho, Superman will win. It will be a long fight and Superman would be battered and bloodied at the end, however.

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This is a joke right? Superman KOs him with only a handful of punches

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Yeah, OK.