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@darth_nimrod said:
@toratorn said:

got off-paneled by both Iron Fist and Luke Cage on different occasions

Which occasions are you talking about? I remember a fight where Iron Fist easily punched Colossus through a wall, but that didn't KO him, from what I remember. Also, when did the Thing fight Strong Guy?

Iron Fist off-paneled Colossus in Contest of Champions II #3 (should be noted that the book had a lot of dumb outcomes, like Black Widow beating Wonder Man and soloing New Mutants, or Black Panther soloing New Warriors, or Storm beating Human Torch):

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Luke Cage off-paneled Colossus in AXIS #9:

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Ben fought Strong Guy in X-Factor #200 (in a short fight that had Strong Guy quickly beaten and needing to be saved by Shatterstar of all people) and in X-Factor #201, in even shorter "fight" that consisted of SG tackling Thing and then getting casually tossed aside like garbage.

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@toratorn: Thanks for the info. But to be fair, Colossus has been consistently shown as far above Luke Cage. But I agree with your other points about the Thing being stronger than Colossus. It doesn't help the latter's case the fact that the Thing has fought other notorious bricks far more often. For instance, Colossus has never fought Namor or Wonder Man. Also, you mentioned a fight between Colossus and War Machine. Was it that fight were Colossus (after he had obtained the Juggernaut powers) was hurt a bit by a punch from War Machine, and then punched him back hard enough to send him flying? Also, what is your opinion about Gladiator easily stomping the Thing, but struggling with Colossus?

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@darth_nimrod: yes, that one. Then again, I was misremembering how much trouble Colossus had. I thought he was knocked out for five pages or some shit.

My opinion on Gladiator stomping Thing is that Gladiator was portrayed as much more powerful opponent in FF than he was in X-Men. Tanking and containing a solar system busting explosion, flying at FTL speed and, as Ben himself said, hit harder than every other foe he fought (which at that point included people like Hulk, Thor, Hyperion, Black Bolt, Blastaar, Silver Surfer, Destroyer, Terrax and other powerhouses). While in X-Men he... struggled with Colossus and got knocked out by a falling roof for several minutes.

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@toratorn: To be fair, we really don't know if Luke Cage beat him at all based on that scan and if he did he could very well have had help. There wasn't even a scan before their scuffle where it actually showed Cage engaging so he very well could have grabbed Piotr's unconscious body to make sure he was asleep and then brushed him aside.