The Yonkos vs Madara

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Lmao at slashes that only cut the tips of mountains one shoting a yonko let alone all ...just because they're featless doesn't mean they should get this downplayed mid tier characters in their verse operates at least city lvl+ to mountain lvl and clocks at most small island lvl and they are still below admirals who are also below yonko ..4 yonko would stomp logically via scaling but most are featless

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@woodward said:

@tyki_mikk25: ''Cutting two Mountains aren´t special at all, Whitebeard easily casually destroy larger Ice mountains by just using his quake:''

Rock > ice in durability by huge magnitudes. And he didn't ''destroy'' them. His vibrations broke down the ice's molecule build up. His vibrations naturally counter ice. The only mountain feat Whitebeard has is cutting Marineford (small island) in half using his absolute strongest quake to do that, and that's just the lowest point for what Madara casually does to mountain range with his PS.

''Also two Admirals split entire island in half, make big lake into the mid of the area, change the climate and creating Ice Mountains+Vulcanos..''

Uh, no. All they did was turn it to their respective elements. We're talking about a power capable of erasing mountains from the map, not changing the climate. It's pretty clear you've got misunderstanding of what busting means. No one in OP is a true mountain buster, with exception of Whitebeard who has to use his full power to do that, whereas Madara erases mountain ranges effortlessly.

''Madara Pre Juubi power is most like island lvl which is equal to one Yonkou, he get overwhelmed by 4 Yonkous for sure.''

EMS Madara let alone his upper versions shitstomps OP. There are power levels for this.

Call it what you want, either Mihawk(casuall cut whole Ice mountain in half while he was in middle of Marineford) or Whitebeard can destroy Mountains easily, even Fujitora was able to destroy a mountain, Big mom use big as shockwave who casuall make big tsunami.

Splitting island in half>Mountain lvl busting... Creating Ice Mountains and Vulcanos, making big lake who was bigger then the size of the mountains... Many feats which put the Admirals above EoS Madara who best feat was small island lvl?

Madara getting asskicked by all four Yonkous at once, even Big mom alone would give him his hardest battle.

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why do yall do this???

None of the yonko have shown any significant feats as of yet. im just saying that you should wait till eos atleast before making these matches smh

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Several of the Yonko's have little to no feats, but even based on what they have now I'm confident they wouldn't lose to Madara in a 4 on 1.

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1 Rinnegan Alive Madara with Hashirama's Cells spitestomps then proceeds to clear the verse.