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(From anime and manga, of course.)

For those of you who don't know, Xeno Goku is the version from Dragon Ball Heroes, some Japanese arcade card game.

Both Xeno Goku and the character he's facing are bloodlusted

No morals

Takes place on the Prison Planet

No prep or knowledge of each other.

Who is the strongest char Goku can take out?

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Dies at some Universal + dude with good Hax and MFTL + Feats.

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He’d be lucky enough to scratch Silver Surfer if were being realistic and ignoring the usual fallacious nonsense that people spew out from their sewer holes.

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@hymenlover: Silver Surfer's from Marvel, we're only talking anime and manga

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Android Saga Yamcha post-Gero encounter but pre-senzu bean.

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Can't touch anything galactic level.

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@hymenlover: Xeno Goku OHKOd Demigra in a stronger form than the one he used to destroy timelines. Not Universes, timelines. This is backed up based on him turning SSJ4 almost destroying a timeline as a side effect, Supreme Kai of Time merging timelines, and having to hold all of history together in one of Goku’s battle. And a weaker Xeno Bardock and Mira’s fighting destroying history. Being able to exist in a place which is the nexus of all worlds and timelines, Mira and Towa being able to exist outside the flow of time, and Mira’s core being able to destroy the dragonball multiverse and Towa not being able to escape it no matter what even though she exists out of the flow of time and space. In this canon, Beerus and Whis straight up had all of history bust on top of their heads, and weren’t even worried whatsoever. He is far beyond beating Surfer. He would lose to Myxy as they are both likely 5th dimensional, but Goku has nowhere near enough hax.

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Xeno Goku has beaten Multiversal characters in Base.

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Just started playing the xenoverse games for the first time. Is the Demigra he beat stronger than the one at the end of the first game?

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I know Xeno Goku is more powerful than his canon counterpart but what are his feats again?

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Pegasus Seiya