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Grand Master Luke, Cade Skywalker, Mara Jade, Jaina Solo, Anakin Solo vs Valkorion, Arcann, Senya Tirall, Vaylin, Thexan

IF the Skywalker family loses add in Anakin Skywalker, Ben Skywalker

IF the Eternal Family loses add in HOTLander, Lord Dramath

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If Luke goes down, Skywalkers are dead so I might give this one to the Eternals.

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Luke carry the win for his team.

The help of the Outlander can change something, but I am not sure.

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Round 1 could go either way. Unchained Vaylin and Valkorian could potentially beat GM Luke if they gang up on him but he more likely wins. However, Arcann, Thexan and Senya can beat most if not all of the other members of team 1.

Round 2 the Skywalkers take a firm win. Start of ROTS Anakin is above anyone on team 2 with the exception of Valkorian and possibly unchained Vaylin. Once he helps to beat Thexan, Arcann and Senya they all gang up on Vaylin and Valkorian.

Round 3 the Eternal Family take it narrowly. Two unchained Vaylin+ tier characters plus Vaylin can probably take GM Luke while the brothers, Senya and Dramath overwhelm the others.

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The Skywalkers take it.

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Luke can handle Valkorion and Vaylin together. Skywalkers take it, but its hard.

With Hero of Tython I think the Eternals for having way too many heavy hitters.

Then Anakin comes along and Skywalkers sweep.

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Skywalker's thrash lol. Luke takes Valk in a good fight and decimates the rest of Valk's team.

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Luke > Valkorion, Jaina and Cade > Vaylin and Arcann, Mara > Senya, and Thexan/Anakin aren't particularly important, in my opinion.

Dramath IIRC got ragdolled by ten-year old Vitiate...feats in the astral realm/whatever mental realm don't seem to constitute actual power. The Outlander helps, but I don't think he can close enough of the gaps.