The protagonists of the last two video games that you've played vs Dante and Deadpool

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Deadpool and Dante

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  • In character on for both sides.
  • Random Encounter
  • Standard gear for everyone.
  • No prep time at all.
  • Wins by ko/kill/bfr/incap.
  • Deadpool and Dante get feats from marvel 616 and devil may cry games
  • two protagonists with feats from two games you played
  • The battle takes place here.
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  • Begin visibly
  • Begin 20 meters apart
  • it's the empty new york city.
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So Tohno Shiki and DMC 5 Nero vs Dante and Deadpool?

Deadpool gets MEoDP’d by Shiki without trouble.

So Nero vs Dante comes down to how you interpret the 5th game.

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Been a while since I've seen one of these. Last thing I've played was Streets of Rage, and boy are the protagonists getting stomped.

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The last 2 games i was playing was The Darkness and Asura's Wrath. I'm not too familiar with Dante's full arsenal in the games and I'm not sure if Deadpool is fully immortal still either but Asura and Jackie with the Darkness should beat them.

Though i admittedly don't know enough about Dante to give a definite answer currently though i plan on playing through all of the games when i get a chance, he shouldn't be above planet level correct? as for Deadpool? He would almost certainly get dismembered and destroyed over and over again even if he can't die still.

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Not really getting this matchup. Isn’t Dante like Superman level, that makes Deadpool useless af