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1. Blootdthirst.

2. No prep

3. Battle takes place on Thanos;s ship.

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This is clearly a spite thread in favour of Thanos.

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Spite thread.

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The sad thing is that current Thanos would likely give TOAA a serious challenge.

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Thanos one-shots.

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If the one above all is as the name is how can anyone in marvel beat him

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I wonder if we'll find out in Infinity Ending.

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You clearly compare:

1. Thanos wo the IG vs The One Above All, and you say Thanos wins. You presumed that I say Thanos with IG, IG can pe worn by anyone is not part of Thanos ability set. That's how big fanboys you are.

Have I said Thanos with IG? Just because I wear some humble shirt, doesn't mean I am weaker than you.

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@diarrhearegatta: Haha, good one, in fact that is IG vs TOAA, not Thanos, Thanos is even soo stupid, that even if he has IG he coule wish for Death to love him, he is so stupid that he doesn't wish for more power, or for cookies. After all his plan is in vain, with all that power and he fails to make Death love him. If Captain AMerica got the Ininity Gauntlet, he would turn all villains into good guys, and make Universe a heaven. Just by looking to Thanos's face I see a fool, which's Intellect and power has made him mad. It's a typology for too rich people. They suicide because their life is too good. They coudl share their money with soo many good and interesting people, but instead they they choose to waste. The real enemy in this world in waste and counterproduction and on the other corner is poverty, where you put weak and poor people do machine work, or healty people work and they die. Nowadays, people are like frozen chickens in a market. You are among them.