The New Team 7 (Boruto) vs Sound 4

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Poll: The New Team 7 (Boruto) vs Sound 4 (6 votes)

Team 7 wrecks 33%
Sound 4 stomps 17%
Konohamaru solos 17%
Boruto solos 0%
Sakon solos 0%
Tayuya solos, genjutsu gg 0%
Once Kimimaro enters, he solos 33%
Jirobo solos 0%
Kidomaru solos 0%
Stalemate 0%

Current New Team 7: Led by Captain Konohamaru, Genin: Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki.

Sound: Sakon/Ukon, Tayuya, Kidomaru and Jirobo

Naruto has assigned the New Team 7 with an A-Rank mission to deliver some valuable information to another Village.

The Sound Ninja intercepts them 5 KM outside of Konoha


  • Everyone is in-character
  • No prep but both sides have knowledge
  • Win by any means
  • Sarada has awaken her 2 tomoe Sharingan
  • If one of the Sound Ninja getting hurt/dead, a healthy Kimimaro will make an entrance to replace him/her
  • If one of his teammates getting knocked out/hurt badly Boruto will automatically release his Karma seal
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#1 Posted by jplaya2023 (827 posts) - - Show Bio

no answer for webs and genjitsu. Konohamaru is a disappointment so the new team 7 loses.

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#2 Posted by Grinningf0x (1560 posts) - - Show Bio

Team seven clears

Kono could solo

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#3 Posted by Mee09 (6036 posts) - - Show Bio

Even with Kimmimaro. They have no chance against Sage Mode Mitsuki or Konohamuru who defeated a Jugo that's stronger than he has ever been.

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#4 Posted by TheEmperor95 (2042 posts) - - Show Bio

@mee09: when did either of then have sage mode? I haven't even seen jugo yet either. Is this in the anime?

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#5 Posted by joshua755 (4425 posts) - - Show Bio
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#6 Posted by Asurakj (1114 posts) - - Show Bio

Kono solos and maybe Mitsuki but for now he doesn't have any good feats. The rest of team 7 is fodder to sound 4 and even Kono might get killed by Kimi but I will stick to logic and say he solos

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#7 Posted by MalkavtheMaven (473 posts) - - Show Bio

Team 7 wins.

Sarada is much stronger than Jirobu and is so much stronger than Choji was when he fought him that its not a competition.
Boruto could take down Kidomaru because while Kido prefers range Boruto's gale palm -> Boruto Stream technique combo makes him insanely fast as closing gaps. Not to mention the vanishing Rasengan would destroy Kidomaru. Also Boruto's Jigan can see Chakra Networks and Boruto knows Gentle Fist. He can also produce shadow clones so realistic they bleed.
Mitsuki is hand trained by Orochimaru and has an innate sage mode. He is also highly skilled in wind and lightning jutsu, shadow clones, soft body manipulation, snake clone, and numerous hidden snake jutsu. As well as being incredible capable for a genin.

Konohamaru is a Jounin level ninja, he has multiple fire jutsu at least two variants of the Rasengan. And contract with both toads and monkeys including a small monkey that can become the same type of staff his grandfather used, as well as a sealing jutsu. Oh and multiple sexy style jutsu that would no doubt screw up some of the sound four since we know they worked on freaking Kaguya