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Welcome to the New Respect Thread Directory. Because @keenko is no longer active, I rebooted it. I went through the old one, removed threads with broken links, further organized the sections, and added threads that had not previously been attached. Those threads which need updates will be marked. If you wish to submit a new respect thread, please post below. There are two kinds of respect threads; appreciation threads and capability threads. We are looking for capability threads. If you know of respect threads not listed here, post them, even if they are not yours. Please only use respect threads that are on Comic Vine.

Marvel Comics

DC Comics

Image Comics

Valiant Comics

Icon Comics

Mirage Comics

Dark Horse Comics

IDW Comics

Dynamite Comics

Boom! Comics






Manga and Anime


Star Wars


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Nice job man! This is awesome.

Mod dudes, can we get this pinned?

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How long did this take you


And thank you

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@jacthripper: I have done a ton of Respect Threads listed here


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@jacthripper: Could you please add mine?


Dormammu: https://comicvine.gamespot.com/dormammu/4005-2205/forums/respect-the-dread-dormammu-lord-of-the-dark-dimens-1976192/

Nightmare: https://comicvine.gamespot.com/nightmare/4005-2646/forums/respect-the-king-of-terror-nightmare-marvel-1983492/

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If you want you can replace the Eternal Warrior and X-O Manowar respect threads with mine, since their more organized and updated

The Eternal Warrior



X-O Manowar



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@jacthripper: Appreciate you taking the mantle! I mostly lurk once a month rn since life has been a bitch and I don’t get to read many comics. Be sure to make sure the Battle Forums Directory updates to be linked to this thread.

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@keenko: No problem, and thanks so much for maintaining it previously!

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@jacthripper:Might I suggest, for Luke Skywalker, you use the series of Respect Threads I made? And you should use Zapan's respect thread for Asajj Ventress.

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The Thon and Nyax RT.

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I’m working on a respect thread for cilghal , the jedi healer from the njo. Could you please add it as soon as it’s finished?

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Marvelous. I'll link some more later if you don't mind. Oh, Moon Butterfly is from Star vs Forces of Evil, not My Little Pony.

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Have something I'll ask to be added when it's done.

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Add my Nolan respect threads while you're at it (From my old Riddlerfan77 account, will link them later).