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Recently in Nova, Worldmind took the liberty of recruiting some new Nova Centurions:

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The team (aside from Richard Rider) is comprised of:

Malik Tarcel: Malik is a Shi'ar Male. He's one of those strong but silent guys who are always focused on the task at hand, never letting up for even just a second.

Irani Rael: Irani is a Rigellian Female, like every other member of her species she is super-intelligent. In combat she tends to focus on trying to find the best possible outcome so that the battle ends in her favor, but attempting to achieve those good outcomes is not always a flawless endeavor, she has made errors in her calculations before.

Morrow: Morrow is a Mephistoid Male (he's from the same species as the former Starjammer called Hepzibah) who is a bit cocky, arrogant and loves to play jokes...especially on poor Qubit.

Qubit: He's a member of an interesting new race called the Manufactured Harmonites. He's sort of the group's "Data", whenever he sees an opponent who reminds him of something or someone he met in the past he will start telling the story...only to be cut off by the others...poor Qubit is also constantly picked on by Morrow due to his inability to indentify when someone is being sarcastic or is joking around. Also, Qubit may be small but he's a tough little guy.

Fraktur: She's Fin Fang Foom's cousin. 'Nuff said.

For those who haven't been reading X-Men: Kingbreaker, Vulcan recently took the five most dangerous criminals The Shi'ar Empire has ever captured and made them members of The Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Their primary task is to hunt down and kill Lilandra, Rachel Summers and Korvus.

Introducing...the All-New, All-Different SHI'AR IMPERIAL GUARD!
Introducing...the All-New, All-Different SHI'AR IMPERIAL GUARD!
This new team is comprised of:

Strontian: She's Gladiator's little sister and like her big bro she has Superman's power set (specifically The Legion of Super-Heroes version of the character).

Pn'Zo: The Shi'ar don't know if Pn'Zo is his name or the name of his species but one thing is for certain he's incredibly dangerous. His love for shocking people to death with electricity knows no bounds. He is also very resourceful when it comes to looking for anything that can conduct electricity (such as Korvus' Sword of the Phoenix) and using it to his advantage.

ZZZXX: He's a member of a previously undiscovered strain of the Symbiote Species. Unlike his distant cousins Venom and Carnage, ZZZXX consumes brains not adrenaline, while he does take hosts he doesn't feed off of them. His style of attack is also very different from theirs and is kind of hard to describe. He remains attached to the host but sort of hoists himself up like if he were a pet snake preparing to attack someone that plans to harm its owner. He then lunges at his opponents and tries to rip their heads open with his teeth so he can feast on the gray matter within. He recently traded his unnamed and now deceased Shi'ar Host for someone a bit more powerful: Raza Longknife.

God-Killer: He is one of the last few surviving members of The Uncreated, a race of Anti-Religious Fantatics who used to travel the Universe in an attempt to force the races they encountered to recant their Faith in whatever Religion or Religions their world harbored. Those who refused to do so were eradicated. Aside from his incredible super-strength, speed, agility, etc. God-Killer also has psychic abilities which he uses to force his opponents to commit suicide.

The Hodinn: There was once another member of The Hodinn on the Imperial Guard but he was murdered by Vulcan. This one however is far more powerful than his predcessor and is so mentally deranged that the other psychos on this team are unnerved by his presence. Hodinn is like a living Supernova contained inside an armored shell, he however is a pyromaniac and is obsessed with burning things. He tends to just open up his armor and let the raw power within burn everything around him and when I mean everything...I mean EVERYTHING. Ever since Vulcan let him out he's destroyed countless worlds, all of which were inhabited by intelligent lifeforms.

So...in a fight between these two epic teams who do you think would emerge victorious?
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What and What can the Nova Force do? I've read about it but not sure what it is.

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Go to the Xandarian Worldmind's page and look under Abilities. It pretty much sums up what The Nova Force is and what it can do.
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wait wait,Qubit's uniform is just the helmet?he is like a...fling head?

anyway Nova team should win

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Matezoide said:
anyway Nova team should win"
How would they win ?
Most of the team would have no chance against Strontian who physical powers rival Gladiators.
They don't have the power to withstand the forces of a super nova either.
And that's before we get to the others in the Guard.