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Someone is at an disadvantage here.

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@supermanthor said:

@etriel: lol yeah

but seriously though. featherine does stomp on other most more popular points as i must be fair. dont think i wont say an outlier point for umineko and not for marvel.

because unfortunately for maaarveeeeel. marvel's multiverse is not consistently "infinite dimensional" that shit is usually written by secondary and third level authorities on marvel's cosmology and marvel is mostly presented as a baseline multiverse most of the time.

you could actually make a case to argue that hadou gods can shit on molecule man now.

ha. depends on your multi-perspective. the weakness of comics is how you can easily tear a lot of it down apart. like i said. i have 0 steak in these debates. my aim is to say shit no one else is really saying so often.

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@etriel: makes sense

it really depends how i look at it

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@etriel said:
@supermanthor said:
@etriel said:

thanos either absorbs or blows up featherine's head device and wins.

is a composite thanos that strong ?

let me ask you a different question. who would win between batman and roland deschain in a fist fight? i would say batman would win.

what you are basically asking me: oh but etriel, didnt roland deschain exist in the dark tower and he stepped on molecules that had infinite chained multiverse in them? is batman that strong?

yes. but thats the problem with featherine isnt it? her power is too dependent on the functions and systems of her cosmology and by feats, she doesnt have good enough power sets. put composite thanos in the creator's domain so that this fight can happen and i answer the same as my batman vs rolan analogy.

in fights like this, levels of existence are necessarily equalled for infinite-d beings and for that reason, featherine has no feats of defending herself from her device being physically absorbed by a being fighting her on her own turf of existence in the witches domain. highlighted in the fact that even beatrice in her turf might deal with her. she is strong simply because she uses the system of her cosmology which determines power more artificially half the time.

you are wrongly assuming that we have to place thanos somewhere below the hierarchy of witches. which is not necessary. the same way we are wrongly assuming that we have to place batman below some world of the dark tower for deschain to beat him because he has better "cosmology feats".

Since this is the way Umineko works, I'd say putting comp Thanos at the level Featherine has come to, is hypothetically equalizing their stats when that really doesn't have to be the case especially since Featherine is featherine for achieving such a level. Featherine was still unbeatable outside of that domain, so her power still functions completely outside of it. In the event that comp thanos entered Umineko, for what reason would he be on Featherine's level? Since Marvel's higher-ups work in similar ways (here and there), If Featherine entered Marvel, I see no reason as to why she wouldn't be above him

you are wrongly assuming that we have to place thanos somewhere below the hierarchy of witches

But, you kinda do. Umineko rules express that ascension equates to power, the higher the plane somebody rises to, the more powerful and less constrained they become and is layered endlessly. Playing by those rules, should attempt and quantify the power of the beings in their very own universes to put them in that one. Since this can't really happen because every system works in an unexpected way, playing by Marvel rules, we ought to be as similarly theoretical for Featherine and her power and let her battle as she as of now seems to be.

In a neutral field, this battle can end like how it finished with Delta. Since Umineko's system appears to be progressively similar to a precise graph in estimating somebody's power as opposed to a restriction. I state it's precise because Marvel does do this once in a while.

Edit: Good to see you back my dude. I do agree with pretty much everything you said.

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@etriel: highlighted in the fact that even beatrice in her turf might deal with her.

But that is also Beatrice's own true power level being on the level of Aurora, as she's already done Creator Witch level of things without being in Aurora's domain. Beatrice when using her true potential (which she kinda has before) is on the level (a bit above in my opinion) of Aurora overall, not just by being in her Domain. Beatrice's Creator Witch feats were even done in dimensions far below Aurora's, meaning Beatrice's own raw power is a threat to Aurora, not just "if Beatrice goes to Aurora's exact realm, she will be a threat." Beatrice's true power level doesn't seem to be entirely dependent on cosmology (unlike everyone else).

there's a difference between independently powered higher multiversals and system dependent higher multiversals.

Beatrice is the only Umineko character you can argue to be the former.