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  • Post-game with all the best equipment, spells and accessories
  • Everyone is bloodlusted.
  • None of them have prep-time, nor do they have knowledge of each other.
  • The fight takes place in Mementos.
  • Win by Death, K.O, or Incapacitating.
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I don't know about the Luminary, but between Noctis and Joker it depends on if Joker has THAT persona or not( Satanael ). If he does, I give it to him, if not I think Noctis can take it.

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@fullmetalemprah: Here is a general rundown on the Luminary.

He is the reincarnation of the original Luminary named Erdwin, who was created by the Yggdragon in order to defeat the demon god Calasmos but was betrayed in his mission, thus he was reincarnated into the character you see before you. He killed the demon god Calasmos, who originally killed the Yggdragon (the creator of the world of DQ11). What's more, Calasmos is so huge he had to be contained in a pocket universe. He is also the only character in this versus match up that saved the world twice in one game as far as I recall.

The Luminary is capable of using the Quadraslash which is said to cut down four dimensions, use several healing spells and offensive spells, as well as several unique sword techniques.

As for the other characters. Noctis has everything and so does Joker.

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@thenomadicone:Thanks for the breakdown! If that's the case, the Luminary should take it pretty handily, mainly because he's defeated an actual god whereas Joker "only" took down a fake one. Besides that I don't recall anything on the level of dimension cutting in P5, not even from the final boss.

One could argue though that Joker's ultimate persona being resistant to everything would give him a chance here, but I mean, I honestly doubt that. He's resistant to them but the only thing outright nullified is holy/light magic. An attack that cuts through dimensions is still going to mess him up pretty badly. The only other way I could argue him winning is to bring up the fact that Joker and the rest of the PT's actually can technically dodge light(at least the move names heavily support it) in their fight with the Holy Grail. But honestly that's a massive outlier compared to how they're normally portrayed.

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@fullmetalemprah Sadly I don't really know that much about Noctis either, but from what I gather about Joker, everything you put up is very true. It is also something that people do seem to forget. The fact that Yaldabaoth is not a god. Anyways to make this fight more clear, and since I'm awful at doing feat calculations and only base it off of my own personal knowledge of the game, here are some links to the following battle pages for Luminary, Noctis, and Joker.