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1. Master Chief (with all weapons from Halo 5, but only one clip of ammo for each)

2. Doomguy (with all weapons from Doom 2016)

3. Darth Vader (Legends and Canon feats)

4. The Ur Didact

5. Samus Aran (base gear only)

6. Darth Sidious (Legends and Canon feats)

7. One Time War era Dalek

Dragonborn has full knowledge of The Didact, Samus, Sidious, and the Dalek.

All fights take place on the Throat of the World in Skyrim.

Dragonborn has a full set of daedric armor and all dragonbone weapons, with unlimited arrows. All spells and shouts can be used. Dragons can only be used as a distraction and can not fight for the Dragonborn. Slow Time can be used only if the fight is too one sided. Lore Dragonborn.

My knowledge of most of these characters is limited, so let me know if the order should be changed.

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From what I know, he can clear up to sidious. Don’t know much about Samus to be fair.

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Is this the lore version of The Last Dragonborn or in-game mechanics version? e.g. defeating Alduin is an extremely impressive feat lore-wise (as Aldiun was set to consume (at least) one plane of existence) but in-game mechanics is hardly more impressive than defeating a run-of-the-mill dragon.

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How did you not include the real and only last dragon, leeroy on there? HOW

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Same as Philip, not sure about Samus but he definitely could get there. Might even beat Sidious tbh unless Sidious blitzes

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He hard stops at one. I once did a material breakdown using elder scrolls protection as they scale from steel, and I then compared the magic enchantments that work for damage reduction and how they might interact with bullets and modern firearms and the results were basically that guns son the elder scrolls verse so hard that the thread creator deleted the thread and broke all the links to it.

Basically...there is nothing the Dragonborn can do against firearms. The End.

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Assuming standard gear for Samus is the stuff she has in her prime (since I'm assuming that the restriction is to avoid using composite gear for her, rather than restricting her to the gear at the beginning of games?), I could see the Dragonborn stopping there, since she has ridiculous hax resistance/immunities. I'm not entirely sure how sheer damage output/durability stack up between them.

I'd link the respect thread I made for her, but it's so old and full of way too much extra material, I should probably revamp it...

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Dragonborn stops time, walks up, and slaps them so hard their heads do a 1080 before pinching and falling off their ruined neck stumps.

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@paytience: Out of curiosity, how did some of the stronger armors like dragonbone and daedric compare to steel?

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@amethystgravity: By standard gear I meant what gear she would normally have at the end of a game. I'm not a big Metroid fan so I'm not 100 percent sure what exactly that would be.

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@reikai: To make it more fair the Dragonborn can't use Slow Time unless the fight is extremely one sided against him.

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@cr500: Don't see how since the utterance of a single word effectively kills all his opponents.

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@reikai: Would it though? I'm not sure any of the physical attacks like Unrelenting Force could get through Samus', the Didact's, or the Dalek's armor, and unless the radius of the shouts is much larger than it is in the game Sidious and Master Chief have the speed feats to avoid them. I'm not sure about the non physical shouts like Bend Will or Soul Tear though.

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@cr500: If we allow for the difference in base stats vs improved, and base dragon armor is about 15-18 percent more effective than mild steel plate. So equal to medeival plate armor with a thickness range of 2mm on average, 5mm at its thickest point. However, improved dragon armor is around 40 percent more effective than hardened steel plate. Which means it would give around the same protection as 4-8mm of steel.

However...even if we went off the wall crazy and said that elder scrolls steel plate was magically as hard as modern ballistics steels, which are literally 10x harder than medeival hardened steel, and still light enough to wear full plate, it wouldnt stop a modern bullet. 5 mm protection is not enough when a 5.56 mm round can bang through a 1/4 inch of AR500 steel like it isn't there.

If we assume that imrpoved stats are simply the same materials arranged better, thant the protection rating for the steel stays at the mild steel comparison which would bring the numbers down further...making Dragon plate about 40 percent more effective than 2 mm of mild steel.

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@paytience: Interesting. You have my respect for taking the time to work that out.

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@cr500: Out of order but. Hard time doing anything to chief without the whole Alduin breaks planets so I do too thing. Hard BS btw. But yeah without lore stops at chief hard. Proper order is chief/doomguy(still kind of a toss up), Didact, Samus, Vader, sidious and then dalek. Can’t touch Vader with lore either though. Not nearly fast enough and just can’t match his force power.

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The DB could just use a protection magic, like the one which ignores 80 per cent of the damage received, and then use a shout like disarm or even simply a lighting bolt that should reduce to ashes master chief.

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@richard96: Right, but remember how I mentioned the magic calc?

The best he can do is reduce the damage already done. And 80 percent is the hard cap in the actual magic system, and beyond is only possible in the game mechanics through hax, loops or the command console on PC. The hard cap on damage reduction in the actual system is 12 percent or so for armor pieces.

Casting dragonhide has two problems:

the first is that casting a spell, even using a shout is going to take exponentially longer than it takes to draw and fire a gun. The time to draw and fire that your average Marine trains for in the modern day is .12-.15 seconds. Chief is flat out superhuman. By the time the DB tries to take in air to speak he's dead.

Second is the physical damage reduction. So, there are two ways to calculate this. The first is the way it's done n the magic system...so, a physical damage reduction first requires you to take the damage and then it reduces the effect. The problem here is that a 7.62x51, which is what Master chiefs MA5 shoots, will enter your body at twice the speed of sound and open up a sonic boom in your chest. 80 percent reduction means nothing because you can't live with 20 percent of your heart gone. Guns do too much damage instantly.

Now, we can try and reconcile it from the perspective of the game mechanics-

Physical damage reduction on armor is tallied exactly like I said above. However, what Dragonhide does is first reduce the armor protection to 0, and then it reduces all damage incoming by 80 percent, thus preventing you from having to first take the hit to get the reduction.

The problem here is that 7.62x51 again...that's 2700 joules of energy per shot. Even if you reduce that by 80 percent it is still more powerful than a .45acp being fired from a Colt M1911-ie more then enough to kill.

Also, your underselling masterchiefs durability, and have no evidence that magical attacks can work against tech based shields.