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The Kage Guards

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The Gotei Lieutenants

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-Shinobi war arc version of guards.

-TYBW arc version of the lieutenants.

-Everyone begins in character but serious.


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Which team wins?

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TYBW Renji and Rukia? Spite.

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Over half of the Lieutenants could solo. Huge speed difference, and some can even go into Bankai lol.

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Renji and Rukia are all that’s needed here.

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The Kage guards have almost no impressive feats.

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Hisagi solos

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The leutenants are are better than the gaurds. 4 of them have bankais 3 actually revealed. I think overall power wise theres fewer weak links.

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Lieutenants stomp, a lot of the Kage bodyguards barely even have feats, and the ones most of them do have aren't that great. Darui is alright but he isn't doing anything to all of them, same with Temari and I guess Kankuro to a degree(I mean he has Sasori as a puppet at least).

So yeah, Rukia solos.

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Renji solos

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Rukia and renji surpassed the level of the old captains in the tybw. Mismatch

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Renji And Rukia Solos

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any of those vice captains can solo including hinamori, All Vice Captains scale to atleast HM Chad post Fullbring, and more so as matsumoto in shikai could only match Halibel Fraccion Base same way Chad did with Base Tesla

Renji and Rukia is a horrible stomp, they are stronger in base than Kensei/Rose where in Bankai.

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Almost every single lieutenant could blitz and solo

Then there’s rukia,renji and hisagi who could still casually solo with speed equalized.