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They fight on the bridge. Willis is not in the fight but he gives the team the scoop on Cesar and his team of apes. 
The Expendables have the same weapons in the movie. 
Stallone has a magnum, 2 desert eagles, a flash bomb, a shot gun and a bareta and combat knife. 
Couture has a flame thrower and a uzi 
Jet Li has a wushu, 2 chinese swords and 2 handguns. 
Statham has a katana, and ak47 
Taye Crews(black dude) has that wicked grenade launcher that's it. 
 Lundren has a automatic sniping rifle, submachine gun and a machete 
Austin has 2 ak47 
Rouke has WHIP LASHES WHIPS but not the armor.  
Expendables have to find ammo around the area. Only Stallone was smart enough to bring ammo on his personage.

Cesar also has prep. He prepared spears for the chimps only made of copper and they have leather shields and armor.


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ITS MONKEY FOR DINNER!!!! (Depending on how much ammo the expendables have)
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Caesar is smarter than all the characters of The Expendables, so with enough prep time Caesar would curbstomp all of them. 

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Expendables lose their limbs but I like the idea of Mickey Rouke with Whiplashes whips. He will take out some chimps before he loses his arms.
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Lundgren solos

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@cattlebattle said:

Lundgren solos
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monkeys kill the expendables

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Can't believe this fight was over instanteously. This could go either ways but I say that as long as all of the Expendables are divided up (half of them are on the ground, the other half is in their gunship chopper) that they can clear the place but Caesar (the ape) is also so bright that he and the gorillas will most likely live to see another day.