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Glad to see you're catching up!

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Congrats @wollfmyth209 =) And no wonder we have SW EU in the line-up ;)

Nice job, everybody, as usual.

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Issue #81

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Battle Threads of the Week

Provided by @professorrespect

DCEU Justice League vs 616 Thor

Kev’s post, through now sadly locked, was a good exercise in critical thinking- Can a team of rather unremarkable superheroes deal with a massive physical gap through teamwork, prep, and removing some of the opinions of the powerhouse?

Unfortunately, most people didn’t see it that way and thought of it as “bait” which sadly is an abused word these days and not used in a serious manner. This thread regardless created a decent debate with people on both sides having good arguments and strong opinions.

MCU BATTLE- Hela Vs Thanos

A classic matchup brought up, yes, but with Thanos’s added feats from Endgame and the battle taking place in a place that Hela is stronger in, does anything change?

This thread has been very busy with arguments about Hela’s piercing capabilities, and how well Thanos can deal with her ranged offence (something that he hasn’t really had to deal with outside of Iron Man or Thor) and how much the Asgard amp really goes in this battle.

120mm M256 Tank Cannon runs the MCU/DCEU Gauntlet

A very dangerous contextual weapon is brought into the world of fiction and the question is asked- how much damage CAN a tank round actually do to these types of characters, and how does the math work behind them?

It’s a very interesting concept, to say the least, and there’s some good detailed posts going into detail about how far it can go.

Full adapted Zod vs a Pissed off Wanda (Endgame)

Zod has speed, power, and a lot of versatility, while Wanda has the hax, energy projection, and the range. Both characters do share one factor- they can easily kill the other if they wanted.

The main consideration is which one is more effective at wiping out the other before the other person does, and this has been a pretty active debate in terms of how many people have a talking point here. With Wanda almost soloing Thanos by herself (something that Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man couldn’t do) she’s very quickly became a massive high tier powerhouse, while Zod has been consistent since the start.

Either way, it’s a good matchup and worth looking at.

CaVs of the Week

Provided by @professorrespect

CaV: Thanos(CIB) vs Gorr(Kev)

Two pretty good debaters squared off in a debate between two individually powerful characters for a battle for the…..week, I guess

As someone who read this and voted, I thought this was a pretty solid debate and easy to understand, even for people who haven’t read anything about these characters, and while a bit salty in places (to be expected from two debaters who are familiar with each other) it’s not toxic and more or less comes across as healthy aggression than anything else.

CaV: Big Boss (The_Hajduk) vs Samurai Jack (IG-88B)

Hajduk and some other guy who’s not well-known [but I love the name!--Owie] square off, with CQC-Force in full effect against Samurai Jack, who shockingly not used in almost anything despite having great feats and a pretty good show in comparison.

Anyway, this debate’s been going strong, with Hajduk arguing for Big Boss’s stealth and sneaking advantage, making the case that Boss can just take Jack out without even fighting him at all, while the dude arguing for Jack is saying that he can just outright kill Boss in the first encounter between them.

Basically, this is endurance vs offence, with both debaters playing very different games to argue them winning. I'm enjoying the read, hopefully you will as well.

Respect Threads

Provided by @owie

Professor Respect has written up two respect threads, one on Major Disaster and one on Mister Miracle. Major Disaster, I had never heard of before, not being as much of a DC person. However, having now read his RT, he seems like a totally hilarious and yet dangerous villain that I ope to see more of in the future.

Mister Miracle, on the other hand, I have been a longtime fan of. He is ALSO hilarious and yet dangerous. At his most powerful he can really take on teams of significant power. Which is all the more entertaining given his silly origins with the Fantastic Four.

I'd like to emphasize, we don’t want to just post RT’s or battles or anything else by our own folks—please PM any of us TDD contributors about battles, respect threads, or other battle-related topics that you’d like to see us cover.

Character Of The Week: Apocalypse

Provided by @wollfmyth209

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Real name: En Sabah Nur

Aliases: Apocalypse, The Eternal One, The Eternal Pharaoh, Kali-Ma, Huitzilopochtli, Set.

Age: Over 5000 years old

Race: Mutant

Sex/Gender: Male

First Appearance: X-Factor #5

Memorable quotes:

"Mutant must fight mutant, if the weak are to be winnowed from the strong. And when only the strong are left, Apocalypse will make his move. Pray, all of you, that you are among the strong."

-- X-Factor #6

"Peace does nothing to test -- to INCREASE -- mutants' strength. To force them to evolve into the strong."

-- X-Factor #23

"I'll remake this world in my image -- just as I'll remake you! As you sought to make me bow to you -- you shall be my slave -- for all the days of your life!"

-- Rise of Apocalypse #4

Five millennia ago, En Sabah Nur was born amongst the tribe of Baal in Egypt. Being the foremost strongest, most intelligent, and best fighter of the entire tribe, Nur garnered hatred, envy and fear from every member of his tribe, and all other tribes. The ruling Pharaoh at the time: Rama-Tut -- who was in truth Kang the Conqueror, time-travelling to try and acquire the power of Nur -- hunted down all the tribes like dogs, which caused great rage to boil within the first mutant. He envisioned a world that he would rule, one where all the weak shall be winnowed out and destroyed. When En Sabah Nur refused to join the Rama-Tut's ranks, he was left for dead, until his latent mutant powers kicked in. Decimating the Pharaoh's army, and defeating Ozymandias, En Sabah Nur emerged victorious that day, and was set on the path to become Apocalypse.

With his new-found power to control every molecule in his body, and newly donned Celestial armour, Apocalypse took many aliases throughout history with each new incarnation. Each time, Apocalypse would be followed in-toe by the latest icarnation of his Four Horsemen, always with the credo "survival of the fittest". Through the centuries, Apocalypse has fought many notable historic figures such as Draculaand Loki; and has gone head-to-head with the Mighty Thor, twice, though he was defeated both times.

In the 20th century, with the new emergence of the Homo-Superior mutant race, Apocalypse has monitored and studied many mutants globally, taking a particular fascination with the X-Men. His attempts to create a world where the Homo-Superior rule over, hunt and terrorize regular humans is continuously thwarted by the X-Men, however.

Apocalypse's legend of "The Twelve", where he sought to become more powerful than even the Celestials by absorbing the power of 12 crucial and powerful mutants, was also stopped in its tracks and Apocalypse was forced into hiding.

After the events of M-Day, where 90% of the mutant population lost their powers, Apocalpyse was ressurected. For "as long as a drop of his blood remains, Apocalypse lives". Upon realizing that only ten percent of the mutant population still existed, Apocalypse devised a meta-plague that would cause the death of 90% of the human population, so as to put the Homo-Superior and Homo-Sapiens on equal footing once again. At the last instant, Apocalypse was betrayed by Ozymandias and defeat by the X-Men and Avengers. Accepting his death, Apocalypse drifted into space before being revived by the Celestials to pay his debt: because for greater power, comes the price of even greater suffering.

In the most recent events of Powers of X, Apocalypse is revived to once again lead mutantkind to his definition of "savlation", with his ever-lasting credo "survival of the fittest". He confronts Nimrod, in a battle to the determine the fate of mutantkind.

Extra Credits

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I feel honored to have my battle thread mentioned

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Kev feels honored that his bait thread was mentioned.

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