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@kevd4wg said:

Great issue, I had no idea about the catch sounds interesting

"The Catch" is suppose to be some subtitle explaining why I explain the team, not team name itself.

I should have probably pointed that out before "publication."

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@kevd4wg said:

Great issue, I had no idea about the catch sounds interesting

"The Catch" is suppose to be some subtitle explaining why I explain the team, not team name itself.

I should have probably pointed that out before "publication."

Oh, that's pretty funny

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Great issue as usual, thanks for featuring my respect thread again (for Venom this time). Considering what happened today (much to my chagrin) this was perfect timing, LOL.

If I thought I could get my Spidey 2099 RT up in the next week, I'd go for the hat trick... but I doubt that's gonna happen lol :(

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I got the tag. And excellent rundown on the Secret Weapons characters @ultimate_knight I knew you were into Ninjak but your Valiant expertise is impressive.

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@life_without_progress: I did like the funeral, but the actual death was so cheap and abrupt and made no sense. It also reduced the moment where Flash learns Peter's identity, which was something built up for like 7 years, into a throwaway line just to make the unearned death seem more emotional. Besides, it was so OOC for Peter not to give Flash the symbiote to save him (and it was stupid saying it might die, since the symbiote healed Flash from much worse in the past) - what happened to No One Dies? It's not like Peter even used the symbiote to fight the RG. Anyways, that issue was so bad that I'm honestly thinking of quitting Spider-Man (and Marvel) comics. Slott already ruined Peter with "Fall of Parker" and Spencer is seemingly just gonna double down on it. Now that they screwed over my favorite character with a shitty hatchet job for "muh 90's nostalgia", I just don't want to give those guys at Marvel any more money. LOL.

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@emperorthanos-: Excellent read, i just forgot to ask you to include my cav with @brucerogers which is his first official CaV ever, and it is shaping up to be a doozy :) Maybe next week :)

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@chimeroid: Hehe and I will have my reply up by early next week :)

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@blackspidey2099: Who would have been your choice for the new ASM writer? Fred van Lente? Mark Waid? Zeb Wells? Joe Kelly?

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@life_without_progress said:

@blackspidey2099: Who would have been your choice for the new ASM writer? Fred van Lente? Mark Waid? Zeb Wells? Joe Kelly?

Off the top of my head, I think Joe Kelly, Matt Fraction, Chris Yost, and Christos Gage have all written fantastic Spidey stories in the past and would do amazing on ASM. Definitely better than Spencer, who literally ignored Peter completely in the events and books he wrote, despite the fact Peter could have done a lot for the Resistance in Secret Empire, for example. Though I hope I'm wrong... :P

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Issue #61

No Caption Provided


Comic News:

Question to return in Rebirth soon

For fans of either Vic Sage or Renee Montoya, you have reason to be happy.According to writer Brian Bendis, Question is set to return in Action Comics issue 1005. Wether Bendis is hinting at Vic or Renee however, is unknown. For those who don't know, Vic Sage first appeared as the Question in Blue Beetlevol 1 issue 1, while Montoya donned the mantle in 52 issue 48.

Spidergeddon is coming

While all the details have not been brought to light, Marvel is set to follow up the Spider-Verse event with the Spidergeddon event. We do have an event kick off with "Edge of Spider-Geddon" issue 1, and there is a picture with some well known Spider-people including Miles Morales, Miguel O'Hara and SpOck and Peter Parker himself. What Christos Gage and Jorge Molina bring us should be something to see for sure

Game of Thrones prequel coming

For fans of Game Of Thrones, there's more to see coming soon. HBO has officially green lit a prequel series, rumored to be set thousands of years before the events of the main series. We should definitely see some of the more darker aspects of Westeros' history and other secrets in the GoT-verse. I'm sure fans will be following this development if they aren't already.

Battle threads of the week

Who can solo the Celestials race

This is the only comic book character battle for this week (which I find pretty depressing). It may not be the one that will interest a ton of people, given the fact that it revolves around Abstract level beings which can be pretty difficult to debate for/against, but I personally think it's one of more interesting currently active threads for this week when it comes to comic book versions of the characters. The thread was made almost 3 years ago but the discussion hasn't been going on for too long. The thread is barely 70 pages long, but I guess that can change. The topic is self explanatory. You have to name some/all the characters that are capable of beating the entire race of Marvel's Space Gods, the Celestials. Aside from the ones the OP brought up himself which makes this a way more difficult question to answer. Whether he talks about all the Celestials from all the realities ever or just the ones from Earth-616/Prime Marvel Universe or whether they are allowed to use their full tech or not has never been specified.

MCU Hela vs. MCU Thor (Post IW)

MCU Hela, the half sister of Thor who not only happens to be the final villain of the trilogy (besides Surtur) but is also one of the most powerful villains ever seen in the MCU. She proved to be way more powerful than both Thor and Loki, since she was able to casually destroy Mjolnir and ragdoll both of her half-brothers even without gaining strength from Asgard. Then Thor went Ultra-Instinct and became way more powerful. However, even after hitting her with "the biggest lightning bolt in history of lightning bolts" and getting help from Valkyrie, he still couldn't beat her and was overpowered at the end. But Thor became ridiculously powerful in Infinity War. Not only did he preform one of the most absurd durability feats in the history of Comic Book Movies, but also came into a possession of Stormbreaker, a hammer/axe way more powerful than Mjolnir. Is that good enough for Thor to finally beat his father's first born? Well, if not, Loki will jump in and help Thor during round 2. And the fight takes place in Asgard.

Infinity Iron man vs. Wonder Woman

This thread was posted almost a month and a half ago, during the period of Infinity Wars' theatrical release. Not only did Tony build a new nano tech suit in that movie, which resembles the Bleeding Edge Armor from comics (because of both the appearance and nano tech), that is known for being one of the most powerful Iron-man armors, but Tony's feats put him on a completely different level compared to everything we have seen thus far, even compared to his showing from Iron-man 2, Avengers and Age of Ultron movies. Not to mention the suit is a lot more versatile. But is that enough to beat everybody's favorite DCEU character, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman? You will see a lot of mixed and different views and opinions on this topic, and the thread is 10 pages long.

Yoda vs. Darth Sidious

Finally, a Star Wars thread on a Daily Debater issue. What was the last time I put a Star Wars battle here? I have to admit, I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to Star Wars, which is mostly the reason why I don't put them here, because I don't know what to say. However, I do know that Yoda is suppose to be the most powerful Jedi Master and Sidious is suppose to be the most powerful Sith Lord. Although I saw some argue that Luke is more powerful than Yoda but anyway, based on my limited knowledge at least, this is a pretty popular and close match-up of Star Wars characters. And I do believe they fought before, although I'm not aware of the context or what applies to actual continuity and what not. As for the thread itself, it is 9 pages long and was posted 7 years and 8 months ago.

Raikage vs. Itachi

A Naruto battle, between two really powerful characters, with completely different fighting styles. One is super fast brute with lightning armor and the other one uses a ton of hax, you will never be able to name them all. Fourth Raikage versus Itachi Uchiha. This is a pretty interesting fight for two reasons. First of, both of them scale off of Sasuke depending on how you look at it, and second, both of them are Morals Off here and both are at their prime. This means that Raikage has both of his arms and Itachi is healthy and at full power. Fight takes place in Post-Shinra Tensei Konoha. The thread is 3 and a half years old and is almost 5 pages long.

CaVs of the Week

Daredevil vs Nightwing

An extremely popular match up as Daredevil takes on Nightwing. With @brucerogers representing the Man Without Fear against @chimeroid repping Dick Grayson. This a commonly seen match up between two peak humans who are both very skilled and use similar weaponry. We also have to Hall of Famers going at it, which is a rare thing to see this days so this should definetly be a great battle to read.

Naruto vs Saitama

Naruto represented by @emperorthanos- takes on Saitama represented by @vsw. These two characters have formed quite a rivalry over the years and this one of the most highly contested battles right now. Each of them possess their on advantages and disadvantages in this and while Saitama is famous for finishing off opponents with One Punch, he has not come up against an opponent with the versatility that Naruto posseses while Naruto hasn't gone up against someone with this much strength. m

MCU Iron man vs Doctor Octopus

A Live Action vs Comic cav with @gearsecond659 representing MCU Iron Man against @blackspidey2099 representing Comic Doctor Octopus. Tony Stark got some really great feats in Infinity war thanks to his new suit. However he is still no where near his comic counterpath yet, fortunately neither is his opponent. This is could opportunity to see how one of MCU current heavywiehts stacks up against Marvel Low Mid Tier.

Sabertooth vs Bigby Wolf

Sabertooth represented by @jooosh1996 takes on @hc03 representing Bigbywolf. Two powerful high street levellers going at it. Sabertooth doesn't have the best reputation and is known to job at times, but when he is at best, he can rival even Wolverine. He comes up against opponenet that has some similar attributes to him. This is cav is currently voting, it was and is a short read so check it out.

Humans Of The Battle Forums: @rbt

This issues interviewee features one of the more renowned live action comic book character debaters in this site. Outside of the battle forums, he also known for creating rating polls on said live action television shows and movies.

- Tell us a bit of who you are outside of the forums. Who is RBT exactly? What does RBT stand for?

Well, I'm a college graduate from India. Just got a job last month where I'm working on developing an e-commerce website from scratch. Life is picking up speed now.

As for what does RBT stands for, I'm not kidding, I don't remember. I created my first email ID when I was 12 or so and it had RBT in it. I'm sure it meant something when I came up with it, but it's my life's biggest mystery now. Hopefully one I never solve.

- How did you get into comic books (Western stuff like DC, Marvel etc. or Eastern stuff like manga, anime etc.) and when did you start out here in CV? How do you feel about the debating community in general?

Western comics? Raimi Spider-Man.

The first comic book I ever picked was a localNagrajcomic book. I loved reading those. Though I didn't have access to many of them. Wasn't even aware of western comics until I watched Spider-Man and because of a friend. I decided to borrow a few comics from the same friend, but they didn't live up to my huge expectations from the movie. I gave up.

Around 2007, after watching Justice League Unlimited, I started getting into comic books again. This time around, DC. I read a few Batman and a few Green Arrow comics. Just anything I could get my hands on featuring those two. Since then, I have mostly kept up with popular comics, but mostly DC. For someone who got into comics because of a Marvel character, I haven't been much of a fan of Marvel comics. I have given them a few shots, read most of bigger events and a few character runs, but they aren't for me.

- Do you have any particular favorite characters? How about comic book/manga writers and artists? Any reasons why that you'd like to share?

Certainly. Currently, it has to be either Batman, Wonder Woman or Green Arrow. Their current run has been fantastic. Apart from comic books, I am a huge fan of CW Arrow and Arrowverse characters, in general. I have always been a fan of Green Arrow, so, I have a special affinity for Arrow. I prefer MCU over DCEU. I loved Ben 10 series up until they decided to reboot it.

I don't have any particular favorite artist, but I do think that art is a huge part of a comic book. Bad art can ruin the experience for me.The Flash Rebirth run, for example.

Same with writers. Though I've loved everything Tom King has done with Batman, though strictly story wise. The War of Jokes and Riddles is one of my favorite arcs from Rebirth.

I am not a fan of manga at all. The art is extremely confusing and I'll get a headache reading those. The only anime I have watched is Bleach.

- How much have you changed as a Battle Forums debater from back when you started out to how you are now? Any particular instances that you'd like to share?

I think I have changed a bit. Don't know if anyone remembers it, but I used to be mostly a Ben 10 debater when I first joined the site. Which sucked because there were barely any Ben 10 threads. I tried debating comics as well, but my lack of knowledge of Marvel characters always held me back. And the number of unfamiliar scans in a thread can outright scare you out of the thread.

Now, I mostly debate live action.

I like to think I am a bit more mature and less aggressive from when I started. I am also debating in threads where I know A-Z of characters involved, so I'm a lot more confident. I know no one can bring up a feat I haven't heard of that would dismantle my whole argument, which used to happen a lot when debating against comic book characters.

I also choose my battles now.

-What do you think is your reputation in the Battle Forums and what is the highlight of your time as a debater here in CV? Would you consider it to be your crowning achievement in the site?

I don't like to think about my reputation, tbh. Though I'm sure I have one. Whether its good or bad depends on the person you talk to; which is normal, I guess.

I don't do CaVs, so I can't really give you an exact link to some of my better debates, but I have received a couple of compliments from debaters I respect, which I cherish.

- Lastly, Any advice you'd like to offer and shout outs you'd like to share with other fellow debaters?

Like I said before, choose your battles. There are some genuinely toxic people on the forum who can ruin the entire fun for you. I tend to ignore them. Debate with people who you know is at least willing to listen to you regardless of whether they are siding with you or not. That would improve your experience greatly. It has improved mine, for sure.

Avoid debating characters you don't have decent knowledge on. When you do, be prepared to change your stance.

Shoutout to @princearagorn1, even though he is no longer a regular. To @the_hajduk, @lubub55, @the_magister , @rogueshadow , @thesuperor, @danieldaripper and @amcu, my fellow debaters I usually debate with/against. And to @arcus1 for being one of the most open-minded debaters on the forum.

And to @allstarsuperman. For the old Ben 10 days. I'm sure I have still missed a few I should have called out.



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Great read and thank you for the mention guys :)

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Good issue=)

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Great read,fantastic interview

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Great post, you can really tell the amount of effort/work put into each one

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Nice to learn more about a battle boards user I didn't know much about. Good issue.

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Still no daily debater?

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We didn't post anything last week because we were so occupied with real life stuff, we actually forgot to post (believe it or not). It's not that we are not interested in this anymore. We will provide more content in few hours, so don't worry my friend.

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Issue #62

No Caption Provided


Comic News:

New Weapon X lineup revealed

While it hasn't come out yet, we now know who is going to be on Sabretooths weapon X team. Click on the link if you want to get some pretty nifty spoilers. The lineup is certainly interesting though

First Young Justice season 3 footage to be revealed at SDCC

If you're planning on attending this years San Diego Comic Con, you're in for a super special treat. For years fans have wanted it, and we've been teased with its announcement for over a year, but finally, we're getting a look at season 3 of Young justice dubbed "Young Justice: Outsiders".

First Captain Marvel trailer isn't going to be for a few months

Even though there was footage released at CineEurope, Kevin Feige has confirmed that there won't be an offical trailer released for the upcoming MCU film for at least a few months. On the plus side for those looking forward to it, Feige did confirm that the film is set to wrap production in about 2 weeks

Battle threads of the week

Who can beat Cassandra Cain in pure H2H combat?

Cassandra Cain is by far the most skilled Batgirl and arguably the most skilled member of the Batman family, rivaled only by Batman himself. Not only does she have impressive track record against skilled fighters but is also incredibly fast, ruthless and has a very specific and impressive fighting style which revolves around body language/move reading abilities. In other words, God help you if you fight her hand to hand. But that's the question of the year. Who can beat her in pure hand to hand combat? While the OP wasn't that clear, apparently the point is to either outskill Cass or to have stats impressive enough to get the best of her (which of course should be coupled with fighting skills). We (debaters/users) are not allowed to bring up characters who are stronger than the likes of Captain America and Deathstroke (Slade Wilson).

Who is faster than the Flash?

Ok, this may actually be the question of the year but given that there are so many threads like this, plus the fact that we know Flash is (ironically) not the actual fastest man alive, it's not really. But given how lengthy this thread is, plus the fact that there are a lot of non DC characters that are being mentioned here, I think this is a pretty interesting thread to take a look at. You may learn more about either the Flash or some new characters. Or you might as well brought up some characters that are faster than the fastest yourself. The thread itself tho is around 9 pages long and is 4 years old by the time this issue is posted.

DoS Superman vs. Rebirth Superman

This thread was created my everybody's favorite and probably the most knowledgeable Superman debater on this site, @lvenger. It was posted 2 weeks ago and is still active. And it's a Superman thread so I doubt this will be one you won't check it. What is it all about tho? Well, as the title suggests, it's Death of Superman version of Superman versus Rebirth version of Superman. But wait, isn't DoS Superman just younger Post-Crisis Superman while Rebirth Superman is older Post-Crisis Superman combined with New 52 Superman? Exactly. And the point of this thread is for us to compare introduction of Superman's power between these two periods. The start of Post-Crisis continuity and current DC Rebirth. Logically speaking, Rebirth Superman should win this easily. He is basically his opponent but way more experienced, way better trained and has gone through two power upgrades since then. But that's not how he was written. Rebirth Superman was called out for his lackluster feats by Comic Viners ever since they started making threads with him. But is he really not strong enough to take on younger Post-Crisis Superman from Byrne's run all the way up to his Death at the hands of Doomsday under Dan Jurgens?

CW Green Arrow vs. MCU Luke Cage

Originally I wasn't interested in putting more Live Action threads for some time, but this one caught my eye because of how controversial it is. And I also find this match-up to be quite interesting to be honest. It's casual Omniversal buster the first hero of the popular DC TV Show Universe of CW, Hood/Arrow/Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) versus a black Marvel street leveler with broken durability (by his tier's standards) who appeared in the second Marvel's Netflix TV show Jessica Jones and had his own show for quite some time. The Season 2 just started, and he also appeared in Defenders show. That's about 3+ Seasons versus a guy who's been on the TV for 6 Seasons (plus crossover episodes). Regardless, one is indestructible and relies on short range combat while the other one is skilled and relies on long ranged combat.

General Grievous vs. Darth Vader

I decided to include another Star Wars thread to wrap this thing up. It's the fight between a Cyborg General who's a side villain of the prequels, General Grievous versus arguably the most well known and probably the most popular character from Star Wars, Darth Vader. Grievous fought Obi Wan Kenobi and uses 4 light sabers. He was also trained by Sith Lord Count Dooku, and Vader needs to introduction. You might think this is a mismatch, but Vader is not allowed to use his force abilities and has to rely on his light saber only, and Grievous is allowed feats from cartoon as well. I am not an expert but given the fact that the thread is more than 100 posts long, I assumed it is a match-up close enough to be discussed.

Battle of the Week: Monarch vs. Mordru

No Caption Provided

The fight between two extremely powerful villains from Post-Crisis DC Universe who arguably surpass the power of regular Teambusters and go beyond it. A hero turned villain with unimaginable power, Nathaniel Adam as Monarch, versus Extra Dimensional magical entity and the Dark Lord of Evil, Mordru, the villain of the Justice Society of America and multiple versions of Doctor Fate and Nabu. Keep in mind that this is not the original Monarch but the one who appeared in Countdown to Final Crisis, and this is not overpowered version of Mordru from 30th Century, but the one from 20th Century who appears in Geoff Johns' JSA run. The thread was posted few hours/day ago so it has yet to be filled with arguments however. Link is in the title above.

If you want to recommend a certain match-up for next Battle of the Week you would like to see, leave a comment on this thread:


If you want to read some older Battles of the Week, check out @wyldsong's BOTW tracker thread:


CaVs of the Week

Ultimate Spider-man vs Deku

A Manga vs Comic CaV. Ultimate Peter Parker represented by @kevd4wg takes on Deku from the my hero academia who is being debated by @thewatcherking. My Hero Academia is one of the most popular manga/anime right now, so it's no surprise to see them being used in cavs. On the other hand ultimate Pete isn't sued as often as his 616 counterpath or his successor miles. SO this would be go chance at see him in action.

Alita vs Garou

Alita from the manga series Battle Angel Alita takes on the One Punch Man Villain Garou as the former is represented by @mr_ingenuity and the latter is represented by @higherpower, Two powerful low mid tier characters, Alita ia not someone you see often on in the battle forums let alone in cavs so this is good chance to see what she is capable of.

Respect Thread Feature: Planetary (made by@saren)

You thought The Daily Debater team was done promoting the "Archaelogists of the Impossible" but guess what? ... We're not. Here is a respect thread made more than half a decade ago which showed off three of Planetary's members consisting of Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner & Ambrose Chase in monitoring the secrets of the multiverse while also battling the menace of the Fantastic Four Four.

Character or the week: Adam Warlock; The Avatar of Life(written by@kevd4wg)

No Caption Provided

Some Basics

  • Name: He actually doesn't have one, but goes by Adam Warlock
  • First Appearance: Fantastic Four #66
  • Created by: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby(Though he is completely redefined by Roy Thomas and especially Jim Starlin)

Who is Adam Warlock?

Adam Warlock is an artificial creation of the evil en calve. Since than he has constantly grown and changed forms to save the universe from destruction time and time again. Belonging to a select few "outside the astral norm" and therefore able to actually change the universe, Warlock has the unique ability to be a major player in cosmic events.

In-Depth Bio

I know a lot of Bios are boring, but Warlock's is actually amazing, he is constantly growing as a character, learning new things, and being forced into new situations.

Warlock was created by the Enclave, an evil group of scientists who wanted to use him for their evil plans. Warlock(named Him at the time) rejected the plans the enclave had for him and instead destroyed their laboratory, ending their evil. Him then teleported away, though he was not missing for long. Him next appeared in a Thor book, when filled with Lust he stole Sif from Thor. Still innocent he did not realize the error of his move and when he met in a fight with Thor he found himself outmatched. Him fled into space in his Cocoon. Him was next discovered by the High Evolutionary who gave him the name Warlock and told him of Counter-Earth, a world he had created. Warlock and the High-Evolutionary were attacked by the Man-Beast who left to fill Counter-Earth with evil. High-Evolutionary was distraught and thought to blow up Counter-Earth, but Warlock had other plans in mind, instead Warlock proposed he could act as Counter-Earth's hero and protect it. High-Evolutionary gave Warlock his precious Soul Stone to protect himself, which was the beginning of a long relationship between the two. Warlock found purpose on Counter-Earth by protect the children that had befriended him and given him the name Adam. Eventually Warlock died to protect Counter-Earth from the Man-Beast, but was resurrected in a Jesus Allegory.

After his Resurrection Warlock began to explore space and help random aliens when he ran into the Church of Universal truth led by the Evil Magus. Warlock began to work against the Magus and along the way discovered his two best friends, Pip the Troll and Gamora. Eventually Warlock discovered that the Magus was actually his evil and teamed up with Thanos to defeat him, by killing his future self, however Thanos was only working for his own self interest and soon Warlock met face to face with Thanos. Thanos used the power to wipe out all the Stars in the universe and ultimately Warlock sacrificed himself and took Thanos with him. Warlock was not actually dead however, but instead found himself inside Soul World, a paradise within the soul gem along with Pip and Gamora.

Warlock would not remain dead for long however as he was revived by the Silver Surfer once Thanos had acquired the Infinity Gauntlet. Warlock worked against Thanos and when he lost the gauntlet convinced Thanos to work with the heroes against Nebula. Warlock proved key to defeating Nebula through his use of the Soul Gem and at the end of the Infinity Gauntlet event, gained control of the Infinity Gauntlet. This would not last for long as Eternity tried with the Living Tribunal that the Infinity Gauntlet was too powerful and the Tribunal forced Warlock to split the gems among 5 other people. Those were Gamora, Pip, Moondragon, Drax, and a mysterious 6th member, who was ultimately revealed to be Thanos. Next Warlock was put against the Magus once again and Magus gained control of the Infinity Gauntlet. However it was revealed that Thanos and Warlock had manipulated Magus and that Magus had a fake infinity stone, which allowed Warlock to defeat Magus and take the gems from him. The next evil Warlock faced was his good side, The Goddess, who was leading a crusade to start the rapture and blow up all the stars in the universe. To beat the Goddess, Warlock was forced to meld with all the parts of his soul, Him, Magus, The Hero on Counter-Earth, and the Nihilist that fought the Magus. Ultimately Warlock did defeat the Goddess, and came much closer with the rest of his soul.

Warlock's next big adventure was against the tyrants of the Negative zone where he was forced to confront the evil temptations of the Soul Gem as it was ripped off his head. Warlock realized that the burden of the Soul Gem was his to bare and his alone.

Warlock was next reincarnated out of his cocoon when Pip found him in an insane asylum. Thanos's clones had been chasing Warlock because their programming had been altered to think he was the key to Universal destruction. This was all a manipulation of an Astral being known as Atlez who needed Warlock's help to find a successor, who ended up being a 5 year old girl. After Atlez's death Warlock stayed to train the girl with Gamora and they finally opened their feelings to each other. Warlock was the only being to survive Thanos's run in with the HOTU and had a discussion with Thanos that led to him restoring the Omniverse. After that event, Warlock helped Thanos with his redemption and survived as his supervisor to do no evil.

The deaths during the event of Annihilation forced Warlock back in his cocoon until he was discovered by Moondragon and Phyla to help combat Ultron. Warlock eventually proved key to Ultron's downfall and saving the galaxy from his wrath. After Annihilation Conquest, Warlock joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, where he gave the team, their main mission, to stop the universe from falling apart. This temporal destruction came together in War of Kings when Black Bolt set off a bomb that ripped a giant hole in space time, linking Earth 616 to the cancer-verse. To stop the spread of this hole, Warlock tapped into a separate alternate future and sealed the hole. Unfortunately, the future Warlock used was the future that the Magus existed in, which turned Warlock into the Magus. Magus killed most of the Guardians until it was reveled that he merely stole their souls and was keeping them in captivity. Magus led the armies of the Cancer-verse into the 616 universe, but because of his failures was killed by Lord Mar-vell.

Warlock has recently been resurrected to fight Ultron once again.

Powers and Abilities

Warlock has many forms so I'll go through the powers and abilities for each of them.


No Caption Provided

He displayed some hax in the Fantastic Four comic such as teleportation, but other times appeared as a pure brick.

  • Superhuman Strength - Able to stagger Thor with punches
  • Superhuman Durability - Can tank hits from Thor
  • Teleporation
  • Cocoon Generation - Can fly away in the Cocoon

1st Hero Incarnation

No Caption Provided

This form is much weaker than others and is really not comparable to later versions. It is the first modern Warlock incarnation, but it was pre-Starlin so still not the best representation of the character.

  • Superhuman Strength - Able to hang with High Tiers like Triax
  • Superhuman Durability - Said to be able to tank a nuke
  • Superhuman Speed - Able to dodge Missiles
  • Soul Gem - Can de-evolve guns and animals

The Starlin Incarnation

No Caption Provided

This is the most famous form of Warlock that he used for his best stories such as Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, Infinity Crusade, and Blood and Thunder.

  • Superhuman Strength - Can easily knock out Classic Drax
  • Superhuman Durability - Can tank a beating from strong characters like Maxam, who is equal to Hulk
  • Superhuman Speed - Has MFTL Travel speed and lightspeed/FTL reactions
  • Soul Gem - Can steal the souls of enemies or use Karmic blasts, which affect the body and soul
  • Energy Blasts - Are Capable of affecting Mephisto
  • Massive Skill - Can stomp multiple opponents that are more powerful than him

Modern Cosmic Marvel

No Caption Provided

The Annihilation Conquest version that was able to use Magic and specialized in Energy/Matter Manipulation

  • Superhuman Strength - Can damage Ultron and Warlock in a fight
  • Superhuman Durability - Can tank hits from one of the strongest versions of Ultron
  • Superhuman Speed - Can react to blitzes from the likes of Vulcan and Black Bolt
  • Energy Constructs - Can create shields capable of no-selling Supernovas
  • Energy Absorption - Can absorb massive explosions, dwarfing space ships
  • Energy Blasts - Can easily blow up a small planetoid
  • Matter Manipulation - Can turn an entire planet into a metal that hasn't been discovered yet.
  • Draining - Drained an Imperial Guard Magician

Thanos: The Infinity Revelation

No Caption Provided

The Incarnation that was brought back to life by Death, though it was for only a short period of time.

  • Energy Consumer - Can absorb blasts from Thanos without even consciously trying
  • Energy Draining - Can drain Ikon the Spaceknight with one tap
  • Energy Blasts - Can one-shot the Silver Surfer


No Caption Provided

The Evil version of Warlock, who is insanely powerful. There are versions of Magus for both the Annihilation: Conquest and Main Incarnation versions of Warlock, but I'll include him as composite here. Just for note magus can scale to those incarnations as he is more powerful.

  • Superhuman Strength - Easily able to stomp Kang and beat him down
  • Superhuman Durability - Able to tank attacks from Warlock
  • Superhuman Speed - Same as Warlock
  • Healing - Can easily heal massive wounds.
  • Energy Constructs - Same as Warlock
  • Electrical Lighting - Can hurt Nova prime

Recommended Reading

Unlike many other characters, especially characters that don't have a series, Warlock has, for the most part, a single story he is following. I'll have optional stories in the reading order that aren't required to know what is going on, but are overall pretty good.

Optional: Warlock's Origin

The reason this is optional is because it is explained later in other comics and outside of those explanations has no major impact, but many people like to read the origin of the character. This is all of the pre-Starlin work, so it's not great, but it's not terrible.

  • Fantastic Four 66-67
  • Thor 165-166
  • Marvel Premier 1-2
  • Warlock vol 1 1-8
  • Incredible Hulk 176-178

Now with these out of the way we can get into the good stuff that I would really recommend.

The Magus and Church of Universal Truth

The first Starlin story and one that many Warlock stories are based off of.

  • Strange Tales 178-181
  • Warlock vol 1 9-15
  • Avengers Annual 7
  • Marvel Two-in-One Annual 2

90's Infinity stories

This is the main bulk of Warlock stories involving iconic events like the Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, and Infinity Crusade

Infinity Guantlet

  • Silver Surfer vol 3 46-48
  • Infinity Gauntlet 1-6
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 1-7

Infinity War

In Infinity War we start getting a bunch of tie ins to the story that should be read in order, for Warlock though you only need to follow Infinity Watch tie-ins

  • Infinity War 1-3
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 8
  • Quasar 38 - Optional
  • Infinity War 4
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 9
  • Infinity War 5
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 10
  • Infinity war 6
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 11-17
  • Silver Surfer/Warlock: Resurrection 1-4 - Optional

Infinity Crusade

Here there are basically three books you have to follow, all with major plot-lines that alternate between the stories and all of them pertain to Warlock

  • Infinity Crusade 1
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 18
  • Warlock Chronicles 1
  • Infinity Crusade 2
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 19
  • Warlock Chronicles 2
  • Infinity Crusade 3
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 20
  • Warlock Chronicles 3
  • Infinity Crusade 4
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 21
  • Warlock Chronicles 4
  • Infinity Crusade 5
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 22
  • Warlock Chronicles 5
  • Infinity Crusade 6

Blood and Thunder

Immediately following the Infinity Crusade, Warlock and co. run into an angry Thor.

  • Thor 468
  • Silver Surfer vol 3 86
  • Warlock Chronicles 6
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 23
  • Thor 469
  • Silver Surfer vol 3 87
  • Warlock Chronicles 7
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 24
  • Thor 470
  • Silver Surfer vol 3 88
  • Warlock Chronicles 8
  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 25
  • Thor 471

Finishing the 90's

Finally to finish off the great 90's Warlock stories just finish Warlock and the Infinity Watch

  • Warlock and the Infinity Watch 26-42
  • Warlock vol 4 1-4 - Optional

The Start of the 2000's

The next great stories that follow Warlock start in the early 2000's written once again by Jim Starlin.

  • Infinity Abyss 1-6
  • Marvel Universe: The End 1-6
  • Thanos 1-6
  • Warlock vol 6 1-4 - Optional

Modern Cosmic Marvel

Modern cosmic marvel is almost like it's own sub universe in the marvel universe that has 4 major bridging events. It's a great read and you should definitely do it in it's entirety, so here's a reading order for that. As for the parts that only Pertain to Warlock

  • Annihilation Conquest: Quasar 1-4
  • Annihilation Conquest: 1-6
  • Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 1-25
  • Thanos Imperative: Ignition

Recent appereances

Warlock/Magus has been revived a few times since than, good stories, but nothing too important

  • Annihilators: Earthfall 1-4 - Optional
  • Thanos: The Infinity Revelation
  • Infinity Countdown Prime
  • Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock
  • Infinity Countdown, it's not complete, but Warlock will be a major player in it and also the Infinity War event this summer.

What Makes Adam Warlock Great?

For me what makes Warlock great is that he is such a flawed and 3-dimensional character compared to others in comics. Warlock is constantly growing, learning, and evolving as a character. Almost every Warlock story is partially built off something Warlock has done, a mistake he has made in the past, or something he has to do to work toward the future. Warlock also has fantastic connections to other characters like Thanos, Gamora, and Pip who grow along with him in their own arcs. While Warlock connects well with other characters, he also has to confront himself and his own soul, which is in actuality his greatest enemy. The final reason I like Warlock is that he is not a traditional hero. In fact, many other heroes hate him and fear him. He does not always protect the lowest citizens, but instead plays for the universe, making him neither "good" nor "bad" in the traditional sense(He's more similar to MCU Thanos than MCU Avengers).

Humans Of The Battle Forums: @kevd4wg

For this issue's interviewee, TDD decided to interview an up and coming member of the Comic Vine community who specializes in debating Jim Starlin's babies like Adam Warlock and Thanos.

Tell us a bit of who you are outside of the forums. Who is Kevd4wg exactly? Where did the Kevd4wg username came from?

Kevd4wg is a 15 year old high schools student who lives on the East Coast of the U.S. I have a rather normal life(or so I think) and in the future I would like to do something with History or Policy because Math and Science suck and don't make sense. I love playing video games, especially sandboxes, reading books, watching TV/Movies and of course reading comics. Other than pop culture stuff I also play a little bit of volleyball and I debate for my school team IRL.

How did you get into comic books (Western stuff like DC, Marvel etc. or Eastern stuff like manga, anime etc.) and when did you start out here in CV? How do you feel about the debating community in general?

First of all, I've actually never seen any anime other than Pokemon. I've never read a manga and the extent I know is from researching other people's characters for debates. I'm not opposed to watching anime, though where I live it is made fun of by many people.

As for comics, when I was younger my dad had a copy of the first 20 issues or so of Claremont's X-men run. My sister and I loved it and I started getting more and more comics to read. I actually hadn't read too many comics before joining the vine, just stuff like Claremont's X-men run, some Spider-man, some of Guardians vol 2, etc. Not much, certainly not enough to rep any character. Comicvine actually really got me into reading comics and since I've joined I've read a ton.

I first found comicvine around a year and a half ago through the battles forum and I lurked for a while before joining, which I did a little over a year ago. I didn't do much debating and mostly stuck to Gen D. As for the debating community, I think it's great. There's a lot of people making arguments here with facts and while it can get toxic, especially whenever a new movie is released, there's always a few threads with good quality debate going on. I will say, I find high tier MCU vs DCEU threads tend to be toxic and I try to stay away from them, but most other topics aren't toxic.

- Do you have any particular favorite characters? How about comic book/manga writers and artists? Any reasons why that you'd like to share?

My two favorite characters are Thanos and Adam Warlock because of something that sets them apart from most comic book characters, they don't revert to the status quo. Most characters get great development under one author and fully change, but later another author wants to change it to something else. Since the majority of Thanos and Warlock appearances are written by one author, their growth tends to stick though this seems to be changing in the new Infinity War event. My other favorite characters include Beta Ray Bill, Old Man Logan/Wolverine, Super-Skull, King Thor, Colossus, Banshee, and Nova Prime.

As for writers, Jim Starlin, Keith Giffen, Chirs Claremont, and Jonathan Hickman come to mind. I like how these writers can tell epic stories where the main characters still act very human.

For Artists, it depends on the type of story. For instance I love Esad Ribic on Thor: God of Thunder, but I would never want his epic over the top characters on say, Daredevil. I feel like I have to mention Walt Simonson though, his art is just great.

- How much have you changed as a Battle Forums debater from back when you started out to how you are now? Any particular instances that you'd like to share?

When I first started on the battle forums I was not a good debater. I was pretty illogical and not very knowledgeable. I got called out for it, a lot. I also didn't know much about comic characters and I was debating live action. One big lesson I had was in my first CaV against @primez0ne where I was respect thread debating and he schooled me on context. It taught me the importance of reading where my scans came from.

-What do you think is your reputation in the Battle Forums and what is the highlight of your time as a debater here in CV? Would you consider it to be your crowning achievement in the site?

I don't really know what my reputation is, if I have much of one at all. I guess I would say I'm an up and comer or something like that and I'm always the guy arguing Thanos solos. As for my highlight, I'm not really sure, though thus far I'm proud of my Thanos and Adam Warlock vs Beers and Bus CaV against emperorthanos.

- Lastly, Any advice you'd like to offer and shout outs you'd like to share with other fellow debaters?

As for advice, I would like to reiterate the one I learned against Primez0ne, read where your scans come from. Respect Thread debating can only lead to you posting an Out of Context Scan and getting schooled for it.

As for shoutouts, he's not online anymore, but I would like to give a mention to Banthabot. Bantha was the person who I finished my first CaV against and while we didn't get any votes, he was very helpful and always willing to talk. I'd also like to give another shoutout to a not on the site user Jardinian2 who is always willing to talk to me about Adam Warlock and Genis-Vell. Next I'd like to give a shoutout to Apex_pretador. Apex is imo the premier Thanos debater on the site and reading his debates, especially Thanos vs Odin, helped me to create my own posts. Finally I'd like to give a shoutout to my fellow "associates" @_kingoflatveria, @blackspidey2099, @lanternbatman, and @darthjhawk.


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Great issue as always! Also, I'm honored to be part of your "associates" @kevd4wg. Thanks for the shoutout!

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Issue #63

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Comic News

Batman TAS to recieve HD remaster for DC's new streaming service

While there has bee a few shows announced to premiere on DC's new streaming service, one of the most iconic series is set to make a comeback. For fans of the character, Batman: The animated series should need no introduction. And for new fans who want to see the hype, you'll get to watch it for yourself in HD.

Bruce Wanye to rebuild the batfamily to face an icon

While fans of Batman Beyond may be used to Terry being the bat and having an older Bruce Wayne in his ear, that status quo is about to change. For those following the comics, we already know that there is a new Robin being trained (won't reveal who in case you're not caught up), we also have the introduction of a new Batgirl vigilante running around Neo Gotham, with the idea being to recruit her as well. As for why Bruce Wayne chose to rebuild the bat family, well, the reason for that is in the article linked.

Rumor: Birds of Prey to include Barbara Gordon, but not Batgirl

According to rumors, while Babs will be in the upcoming Birds of Prey film, she won't be suiting up in a cape and cowl. Instead, evidence seems to be leaning towards her taking up the mantle of Oracle. We already have rumors that both Huntress and Black Canary will be part of the team, and also that Margot Robbie is set to return as Harley Quinn as well.

Battle threads of the week

Superman vs. Galactus

You probably looked at the title and said, "wut???", but this fight lasts for four battles, each other having different version of Superman and Galactus. While some of you may say it falls into a category of "toxic threads", the debate itself is extremely controversial and full of opposite opinions, so I figured it is worth adding here. The thread was posted two weeks ago although it has yet to reach it's third page. Nevertheless, it does contain some pretty interesting arguments.

Juggernaut and World War Hulk vs. Thanos

Juggernaut, World War Hulk and Thanos. Three of some of the most iconic, popular and strongest tanks Marvel has to offer, all known for their incalculable strength and endurance. Most people would agree that Thanos is stronger than both of them due to his own stats and versatility. But what if you remove all of that and limit Thanos to his strength and durability only (and his force fields which the OP apparently allowed)? Do they stand a chance at beating him then? To avoid confusion, Thanos will fight them one on one at first. The duo vs. Thanos is the third round.

Thor vs. Gladiator and Hyperion

I think you are more than familiar enough with these characters to know why I put this in. Since Thor vs. Superman is a pretty popular match-up, it makes sense to put him in a fight against Marvel's Supermen, like Hyperion and Gladiator. Especially because Thor already fought multiple versions of these characters. What's even more interesting is that all three of them are bloodlusted, making the fight even more interesting to argue over. Who will have a better advantage if he completely cuts loose? Will Thor get blitzed? Or will he overpower them despite the fact that he fights two Supermen copies? Can one of them solo or would Thor beat both?

Annihilators run the gauntlet!

Annihilators are probably most people's favorite Team when it comes to battle forum threads, and that is noticeable for obvious reasons. They are well balanced, mostly being composed of powerhouses and Heralds instead of having some mid tiers and street levelers like Avengers and Justice League often do, making it easier to put them in fights. This time they are dealing with the gauntlet composed of 7 rounds. The order is well balanced regardless of whether you think it is 100% accurate or not, and team is composed of all of it's 5 standard members (no Nova Prime or Ikkon). This is a bit older thread by the way.

Who is the strongest Avenger Jean Grey can defeat? (comic book/616 universe)

Jean Grey is known as being one incredibly powerful mutant, with or without the Phoenix Force. Despite her lack of impressive stats, Jean can deal with some of the most powerful beings on the planet due to her psionic abilities. However, who is the most powerful member of the Avengers Jean is capable of beating? This is interesting question because Jean wasn't alive during Avengers vs. X-Men event, so it is interesting to talk about what would have happened. Jean is at full power but does not have access to the Phoenix Force. There are two rounds (one is Morals On and another one is Morals Off).

Battle of the Week: Spider-man vs. The Creeper

No Caption Provided

Unfortunately, Battle of the Week did not pick this match-up just because they thought it's a cool fight. This thread was created in honor of Steve Ditko, the co-creator of Spider-man and several other Marvel characters from Silver Age, who recently passed away. The guy is known as a comic book legend even today due to his popular art style and huge involvement in the Marvel Universe which made it the company it is today. He also created an obscured DC character called the Creeper, who will be Spider-man's opponent in this fight. As for the thread itself, currently Spider-man is leading in the votes by a huge margin. Ironically however, there are no arguments that support Spider-man yet, but one user made a solid case for the Creeper. (Link is in the title above.)

If you want to recommend a certain match-up for next Battle of the Week you would like to see, leave a comment on this thread:


If you want to read some older Battles of the Week, check out @wyldsong's BOTW tracker thread:


CaVs of The Week

Sato vs Ninjak and Eternal Warrior

A Comic vs Manga cav. Sato from the Manga Ajin is represented @joewell911 again Ninjak and Eternal Warrior represented by @ugivemethelulz currently going by @avaliantimge. Ninjak and Eternal Warrior are two of the most skilled street levellers in the Valiant universe and are also to most commonly seen valiant characters in CaVs. They are coming up against a character most will be unfamiliar with however so far he looks to be quite the opponent. The debate is near it's end as well so now is great time to give it a read.

Red Sonja vs Green Arrow

Red Sonja debated by @wyldsong takes on Green Arrow debated by the newest Battle Forums Mod @the_red_viper. Red Sonja is one of the most popular indie comic characters though few use her in CaVs. Here is a good chance to see her in action against one DC most well known street level heroes.


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WTH is Harley Quinn doing in a BOP film?

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Issue #64

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Comic News

Batman: Hush film announced

Originally written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Jim Lee, the Hush storyline in Batman comics is well known amongst comic fans. Well, now it seems that the storyline is set to get the animated universe treatment as well. We don't know who's writing and directing it yet, but I'm sure seeing such a storyline should be pretty exciting.

Lobo coming to Krypton season 2

The main man is finally making his live action debut in the second season of Syfy's Krypton show. However, we don't know if Lobo will be a hero, villain or anything in between. But fans better buckle up. It's gonna be one hell of a ride.

Castlevania season 2 trailer:

Loading Video...

Reign of the Supermen teaser trailer

Loading Video...

Venom Official Trailer #2

Loading Video...

provided and written by BlackestNight93/@vertigo-


Battle threads of the week

Sentry vs. Aquaman & Wonder Woman

Unless you have an extremely high view of the Sentry, you would either consider this to be either a pretty close fight because Diana can already give Sentry a solid fight by herself and adding Aquaman evens it out even further, or you would consider it to be pretty one-sided in case you believe that Diana takes a majority against regular Sentry. The thread was posted as a poll with two options this week and it's not very long thread, but it's worth checking out. All three are bloodlusted and DC Duo is allowed both Post-Crisis and New 52 feats.

Magneto vs. Jean Grey

This fight by itself is pretty interest, since everybody's favorite X-Men villain and a lot of people's favorite female X-Men/female hero fought multiple times. Except Jean was nothing compared to how she is now back in a day. That was a period when none of the telepaths could affect Magneto, who by the same token was powerful enough to pretty much solo all the X-Men. But Jean is different now, and not just because of the Phoenix Force (since it's not allowed) but she herself became more powerful telepath and telekinetic. Not to mention way more versatile. But will that be enough to get in Magneto's head and beat him? Especially because he himself had gotten better and has pretty good telepathy resistance even without his helmet. This will be battle of reaction time speed, force field strength, versatility and whether Magneto can resist telepathy and whether can Jean counter his attacks (and there is also magnetism vs telekinesis so that's pretty interesting too).

Batman (Arkhamverse) vs. Captain America (MCU)

Since most people agree DCEU Batman isn't really a good match for MCU Cap, the popular game franchise version called the Arkham series seems like a better match-up. One appeared in 4 games (full of cutscenes so game play isn't required to quantify his skill, gear and stats) and handful of comics, and same goes for MCU version, who not only appeared in 6 movies so far (8 if you count cameos) but appeared in a ton of tie in MCU comics as well, which also happen to be canon. So both of them have more than enough feats to argue for. However, is this actually a better match-up, or is this Batman good enough to stomp MCU Cap? Regardless, this while Comic Vine Battle Forum community has probably seen a lot of threads with this match-up, this one is unique due to higher variety of different rounds.

MCU Thor vs. MCU Scarlet Witch

Before you claim this is a mismatch, I would like to inform you that this thread was posted few days before the release of the Infinity War, meaning Thor has no Stormbreaker. And apparently, he has no Ragnarok upgrade either, since the OP said "standard gear - no Mjolnir". In other words, Thor only has to rely on his strength and durability, without striking feats with his hammer and axe and no OP whether manipulation and flight (unless Ragnarok feats count, but OP wasn't very clear). While stats are not on her side, Wanda has powerful telekinesis that worked on Vision and telepathy that already worked on Thor. However, Thor won't let Wanda mind control him again, and some could argue that Thor is superior to Vision. Then again, some could argue that Wanda could beat even Ragnarok Thor, or hell, even Infinity War Thor. But I'm not here to judge. That's why link is above.

Yoda vs. Darth Sidious

I was able to find a Star Wars battle I can give proper introduction to. Unfortunately for you fans of the extended Universe, this will be a pretty generic match-up. But apparently a pretty popular and controversial one, because the outcome of this fight has been discussed like forever, with this thread being over 10 pages long and almost 8 months old. And a lot of different opinions here, which makes sense given this is a fight between the most powerful Sith Lord and Jedi Master (second for Yoda actually, at least as far as I know) of all time. Although I'm not sure whether extended Universe feats are allowed or just canon ones.

provided and written by @krleavenger


CaVs of the week

Captain America vs Star-Lord

An all MCU Battle. Steve Rodgers takes on Peter Quill with @paladinsisthebe debating for the former and @tonymartial representing the latter. These two characters have yet to meet in the MCU but both played fairly big roles in the recent Infinity war movie and will likely team up against Thanos in the upcoming sequel. MCU Cap is the measuring stick for live action street levellers so it will be interesting to see how Star-lord compares to him.

3 Person Team CaV

A team CaV between @mass, whose team consists of Xuan Feng, Wang Li and MOB, and @oceanmaster21 whose team is made up of Neji Hyuga, Gamora and Darth Vader. There is quite a large mix of characters on display in this cav. Some of them people will be very familiar with while others you might have never have heard of. So if you want to learn about someone new, heres your chance.

Kid Sasuke VS Garou

Another Naruto vs One Punch Man cav this time with Part 1 Sasuke taking on Garou. With the young Uchiha being debated by @rabii99 against @vsw who is debating for the human monster. Now Garou vs Sasuke is battle that has been discussed often but it always Sasuke in towards the end of the series or Adult Sasuke, that is being pitted against Monster Garou. So this was an uphill battle the being with but we had surprise victories in uphill battles in the past. The match has already concluded and is open for votes.

Neferpitou vs Yuma

@gearsecond659 using Neferpitou from the Hunter X Hunter Manga takes on @jman88933 using Yuma from World Trigger. Wolrd Trigger is a pretty popular shonen manga but is surprisingly rarely seen on vine in comparison to other jump manga. This is cav a where we get to see one of it's main protagonists go up against one of the most powerfull characters in Hunter X Hunter. SHould make for a good battle.

provided and written by @emperorthanos-


Votes Required

This week, a CaV that started five months ago was requested to be posted this week by @the_red_viper, who represents Green Arrow, against @owie, who represents Lady Bullseye. Two pretty skilled and accurate street levelers presented by two highly knowledgeable and experienced users is really something worth checking. The voting started almost two weeks ago but it's an uphill battle, with currently 5 people dropping a vote. You can make it even more interesting and exciting, Click the link below:


Character of the week: Kraven the hunter (written by @k4tzm4n)

No Caption Provided

Comic Vine is my digital home. I've spent years on the forums and years trying to get the community more active when I was staff. Always happy to return "home" and help however possible.

To no one's surprise, I've picked...

  • Name: Sergei Kravinoff
  • Created by: Stan Lee & Steve Ditko
  • First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #15
  • Powers: Superhuman physicality (strength, speed, reflexes, agility, stamina, high resistant to blunt force trauma), slowed aging

Sergei Krainoff is the child of a Russian Aristocrat. Thanks to his family's wealth, Sergei set off to explore the world for decades, hunting the most formidable animals around the globe. After he experimented with various herbal portions, Sergei became enhanced with superhuman attributes and his aging slowed. Despite being more than 60 years old, he looks no older than a man in his 30s.

Sergei had become Kraven the Hunter, famous for being able to take down any animal with just his bare hands. But that would soon change. Sergei's half-brother, the Chameleon, contacted him from New York. The master of disguise told his Russian relative all about the ultimate challenge: Spider-Man. Never one to back down from proving himself, Kraven traveled to New York to hunt the wall-crawler. Despite landing a nerve strike on the web-slinger, Kraven eventually found himself trapped in Spider-Man's webbing. Kraven was no longer the best, and he had to prove himself by defeating this costumed hero.

Time and time again, Kraven would lose against Spider-Man. Whether it was wasting time by monologuing or being outwitted and outpunched by Spider-Man, Kraven became obsessed with defeating the agile hero. Eventually, Kraven was able to trap Spider-Man in a net, and then shoot him. Seemingly dead, Kraven buried the beloved hero. But that wasn't enough for Kraven - Kraven had to prove he was truly superior. Kraven put on Spider-Man's outfit and roamed the streets of New York, defeating criminals and eventually beating a villain that Spider-Man failed to defeat: Vermin.

But Spider-Man wasn't dead. Kraven shot Spider-Man with a tranq, not a bullet. Eventually, Spider-Man broke free from his grave and angrily confronted Kraven. Kraven promised that he no longer posed a threat to the hero, and Kraven is a man of his word. To ensure he wouldn't be captured by Spider-Man, he set Vermin free. Spider-Man left to pursue the dangerous villain, and Kraven found himself at peace. Kraven knew he was Spider-Man's superior - that's right, he's the original Superior Spider-Man - and he was satisfied with his life. With nothing left to accomplish, Kraven took his own life.

But Kraven would not rest in peace. Years later, Kraven's wife, Sasha, reunited the Kravinoff family for a mission to resurrect Sergei. She believed he would be able to restore the Kravinoff name to the level of respect it once had. Joined by Chameleon, Kraven's three children (Alyosha, Vladimir, Ana), and several others, Sasha and her allies were able to use blood magic to bring Sergei back to life. Using the blood of Kaine, Sergei abruptly returned to the world of the living. But this is not what he wanted. Sergei wanted to die, and he lashed out. Because of the way he was resurrected, Kraven was now immortal. He could heal from any wound, even being stabbed in the heart. The only way to return him to the grave would be death of the hands of Spider-Man - or someone with Spider-Man's DNA. Kraven tried to push the wall-crawler into killing him, but the hero refused.

Unable to die, Sergei set off on a new mission: to restore honor to his family's name. He was forced into killing Vladimir - the only son he raised, so he hated having to do it - and he took Sasha's life because of her actions. Left with just Ana and Alyosha - two children he did not know about - he told them that whichever one lives will get to train with him. Alyosha thought his family was mad, so he fled. Ana happily pursued him, eventually killing him. Sergei did briefly train Ana and send her after Spider-Girl, but their training was quickly cast aside for a new storyline: Kraven wanting to die yet again.

Kraven's hunt for his own demise brought him in contact with characters like Black Panther and Hulk, but eventually he realized Scarlet Spider could be the one to finish the job. Kraven did force Scarlet Spider into landing a lethal blow, but the clone of Spider-Man brought the villain back to life. The ending of this story made it unclear whether Kraven was still immortal, and his following appearances gave mixed answers. Kraven was unkillable during his battle with Rocket Raccoon, but his appearances in Venom and Old Man Logan showed no sign of a healing factor.

Currently, Kraven is a key character in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. He's attempting to become a better man and redeem himself, but it's unclear if this story will make any permanent change or if he'll go back to making random appearances to hunt various heroes.

A few fun facts:

  • Kraven is technically an Avenger - he was part of Nick Fury's 1959 Avengers!
  • In Old Man Logan's timeline, Kraven killed the Punisher.
  • Kraven is one of the original members of the Sinister Six.

Recommended Reading

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #15 (first-appearances are always mandatory, people!)
  • X-Men/Spider-Man (limited series that reveals the clone of Kraven, who is still MIA!)
  • Kraven's Last Hunt (one of the best stories out there)
  • Grim Hunt (a surprisingly strong follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Kraven's Last Hunt)
  • Scarlet Spider: Into the Grave (action-packed)

provided by BlackestNight93/@vertigo-


Respect thread of the week IDW Thor(By @emperorthanos-)

Made over a year ago, this is a respect thread for Thor from recent Ragnarok Comic published by IDW comics. The Comic was written by legendary Thor writer Walter Simonson. While not as powerful as his Marvel incarnation, this Thor still has some good showings and is a fairly solid mid tier. The respect thread includes every feat he has shown in his comic which has now finished.

provided and written by BlackestNight93/@vertigo-


New Segment I: Promoting @k4tzm4n's Blogs

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@k4tzm4n, also know as Gregg Katzman, has been one of the finest members of this great community of Comic Vine even before some of us here were even interested in comics. Gregg is responsible for a lot of popular segments on Comic Vine, and affected the site and its community in a lot of positive ways, especially Battle Forum debaters, even tho he's not that active in those forums anymore. Regardless, he's still an incredibly knowledgeable and well behaved user. But even then, he was a big fan of writing, whether he writes fan fics, blogs or reviews. In the last couple of years, he wrote more stuff that I can count, and most of those comic book related topics and blogs he writes are not only pretty interesting, but also showcase high quality writing and style. There's a lot of time and effort dedicated to those things, and he really deserves more views. Because of this, the Daily Debater crew decided to promote, or introduce if you will, some of his segments to our subscribers. We planned on proving more content for you guys for quite some time and this does seem like a good place to start. Hopefully you will enjoy the following segments.

Disclaimer: Gregg did't ask for support. It was crew's suggestion. So don't accuse him for shameless self promotion. It's not there ;)

As the first introduction to this segment, the Daily Debater crew presents k4tzm4n's interview with an Italian comic book artist Andrea Sorrentino, who worked for Marvel, DC and Image and is best known for his work on Old Man Logan, Uncanny X-Men, I, Vampire and Green Arrow. This is the ninth edition and you can always check out Gregg's previous interviews.

We won't reveal too much because we want you to read it. And if you don't mind, show some support, sign in and leave a comment on his blog because if you don't, why are we doing this? :) It's 5 minutes for you and it really means a lot to him. Hopefully you will love this segment because more blogs will keep coming from now on.

written by @krleavenger



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Sorrentino is an amazing artist. His work with Jeff Lemire on Green Arrow resulted in one of the character's greatest runs yet. I'm definitely gonna check out that interview.

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This is a great issue

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Great issue, though the CaV with Paladinisthebe is called off because Paladin was Pr0d1gy and got banned

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Awesome to have a link to K4tz's blog--and great for him to get an interview with Sorrentino, he's fantastic.

Also, thanks for featuring our CAV.

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im still not getting tagged which is weird cuz i used to and then it just stopped... but thank god we're still tagging the deactivated accounts.

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Another great read, folks!