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Great issue and thanks for including my CaV.

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@owie said:

Cool, looking forward to seeing @cosmicallyaware1's articles!

Thanks bud! 1st one coming up....a piece on the Infinity Gems/Stones. Should be good stuff and educate those in correlation of the popularity in the MCU and upcoming Infinity War film.

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@owie said:

Cool, looking forward to seeing @cosmicallyaware1's articles!

Ditto, I expect terrific things from Cosmic's addition to the TDD team.

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@lvenger said:
@owie said:

Cool, looking forward to seeing @cosmicallyaware1's articles!

Ditto, I expect terrific things from Cosmic's addition to the TDD team.

You honor me mate. Thanks. *Hat Tips*

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@owie said:

Cool, looking forward to seeing @cosmicallyaware1's articles!

Thanks bud! 1st one coming up....a piece on the Infinity Gems/Stones. Should be good stuff and educate those in correlation of the popularity in the MCU and upcoming Infinity War film.


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@cosmicallyaware1 said:
@owie said:

Cool, looking forward to seeing @cosmicallyaware1's articles!

Thanks bud! 1st one coming up....a piece on the Infinity Gems/Stones. Should be good stuff and educate those in correlation of the popularity in the MCU and upcoming Infinity War film.

Also the recently started infinity countdown story arc.

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@cosmicallyaware1 said:
@owie said:

Cool, looking forward to seeing @cosmicallyaware1's articles!

Thanks bud! 1st one coming up....a piece on the Infinity Gems/Stones. Should be good stuff and educate those in correlation of the popularity in the MCU and upcoming Infinity War film.

Also the recently started infinity countdown story arc.

true dat. Sadly I will not have the 1st component of the Article up this week. It was too large, and have to break it down in segments. Also real life happened and threw a glitch into my having the first part ready on time. It will be ready next week. And suprisngly enough I had to do quite a bit of research to make sure all the info was correct and issue number to cite for reference purposes.

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Issue #52

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Comic News

Nicolas Cage to play Superman

.... well, he's voicing him, in the upcoming Teen Titans Go film. After a long wait, Cage is finally getting his shot at Superman, but not in the way everyone expected. This is sure to be interesting

Plastic Man mini series coming our way

Written by Gail Simone and drawn by Adriana Melo, this six issue series is looking to shine the spotlight on one of DC's lesser known names. In the link are some panels drawn up by Melo, and the artwork looks pretty darn good, and I'm sure Simone should be able to do justice to Plastic Man. The series is set to drop in June of this year, will you be picking it up?

Character of the week: Green Arrow(Written by @the_red_viper)

No Caption Provided


Oliver Jonas Queen, AKA Green Arrow, was created by writer Mort Weisinger and illustrator George Papp and first appeared in "More Fun Comics #73" in 1941.

His origin story has been retold several times throughout his publication history, but was always more or less the same.

Oliver Queen was born and raised in Star City to a wealthy, influential family. Shipwrecked and stranded on a remote island, the spoiled rich boy was forced to learn to take care of himself and learn to survive. Fashioning a makeshift bow to hunt, Oliver gradually turned himself from a spoiled boy into a hunter and a survivor, honing his survival skills and improving his archery prowess. When a gang of drug dealers and human traffickers arrive in the island, Oliver is forced to fight for his life and ends up defeating them. and gains the opportunity to return home. After arriving in Star City once again, Oliver becomes the Green Arrow - a masked vigilante protecting the people of his city from crime and all other kinds of danger, while also maintaining his original identity of the rich Oliver Queen, inheriting his family's wealth and possessions, as well as the successful family corporation "Queen Industries", and even acting as mayor of Star City in a few of his runs.

Throughout his career, Oliver has contended and defeated many adversaries: from your basic street gangs and organized crime, to global-scale evil corporations and cabals such as the Ninth Circle and the Outsiders, dangerous villains such as Deathstroke, Merlyn and Komodo, and even mystic demons and occult magic.

Oliver Queen has even died once in his career - in "Green Arrow: vol. II issue #101". His son ,Connor Hawke, then became the second Green Arrow.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
The Death of Oliver Queen - Green Arrow vol. II issue #101 - October 1995

Oliver was resurrected at the hands of Parallax (Hal Jordan) in the "Quiver" storyline.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
Resurrection at the hands of a friend - Green Arrow vol. III issue #7 - October 2001

Green Arrow was, and still is, a very prominent hero in the DC Universe. He's been part of the justice league and has worked alongside many big names, such as Superman, Batman and of course Green Lantern.

Skills, abilities and gear:

Skills and abilities:

1. Archery: Needless to say, Oliver is a master bowman - the world's greatest archer. Among his feats and skills are hitting targets at great distance, pinpoint accuracy, firing multiple arrows simultaneously, quickdraw, and even ricocheting arrows.

2. Martial arts and melee fighting: Green Arrow is an expert hand-to-hand fighter, with feats such as defeating Merlyn and Roy Harper, among others. In the Pre-Flashpoint era, Oliver had received extensive swordsmanship training, and has become an extremely dangerous swordsman as well, with feats such as defeating Red Hood.

3. Peak human physical condition: Green Arrow has honed his body to achieve great levels of strength, speed, endurance and agility.

Other of his miscellaneous skills include aviation, deductive reasoning, stealth, fletching, hunting, outdoor survival, and much more.

Green Arrow's gear is pretty versatile thanks to his wide variety of trick arrows. Throughout his career, Green Arrow has used a multitude of sophisticated trick arrows such as explosives, flashbangs, sonics, glue-bombs, cryonic, electric, incendiary, the signature boxing-glove arrow, and many others.

Oliver's trick arrows are actually also a testament of his archery skills, as described by one of his greatest foes - Count Vertigo:

Green Arrow vol. III issue #22 - May 2003
Green Arrow vol. III issue #22 - May 2003

Other than his trick arrows, Green Arrow has used a lot of other gear throughout the years: Grappling-guns, thermal goggles, bulletproof suits, and more.

Recommended reading:

Green Arrow has a lot of great stuff to read. Here are some of my favorites.


1. The Longbow Hunters (1988):

The first arc of the fantastic run by Mike Grell, who both wrote and illustrated. In this arc, as well as in most of Mike Grell's run, Green Arrow is much more of a street-level vigilante. It is far more down-to-earth, and in this run Green Arrow deals mostly with street crime - battling gangsters, drug dealers, serial killers, racism and more, as well as going out on special missions for the government. While it isn't as action-packed and doesn't feature a lot of what we're used to see in comic books, "The Longbow Hunters" and the following run features fantastic storylines, great narration and amazing artwork as well.

2. Quiver (2001):

Written by Kevin Smith and illustrated by Phil Hester, this great arc features Oliver's resurrection and the events revolving around it. This arc features a great supporting cast, including Batman, Black Canary, Arsenal, Hal Jordan and even Etrigan the Demon. "Quiver" is an excellent arc followed by all the other fantastic arcs of Green Arrow vol. III -"The Sounds of Violence", "The Archer's Quest", and so on.

3. Green Arrow: Year One (2007):

A six-issue long limited series written by Andy Diggle and illustrated by Jock, "Green Arrow: Year One" tells the official origin story of Green Arrow in the Post-Crisis/Pre-Flashpoint era, and the first Green Arrow arc that I personally read. It is obviously extremely recommended for beginners, because it doesn't only tell Green Arrow's origin story, it is also extremely well-written and illustrated.


1. The Kill Machine (2014):

This is the first arc of Jeff Lemire's run on Green Arrow in the New 52. While it isn't the first arc in the New 52 (it is the fourth arc, starting in issue #17), I don't particularly recommend the previous ones. The first one ("The Midas Touch") is no masterpiece but is still decent in my opinion and fun to read, whereas the second ("Triple Threat") and thirst ("Harrow") I didn't really enjoy at all. Anyway, "The Kill Machine" was written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Andrea Sorrentino. It tells of Oliver's encounter with the villain Komodo ,which forces him to explore his past and secrets revolving around his father, the island where he was stranded and first became Green Arrow, and much more. It is an absolutely fantastic read, followed by 2 even better reads in my opinion by the same creative team - "The Outsiders War" and "Broken". These three arcs by Lemire and Sorrentino has been collected into one bookby the way, which also features a couple of extra issues.

2. The Death and Life of Oliver Queen (2016):

Green Arrow vol. VI, which is his current ongoing run in DC Rebirth, starts with the arc titled "The Life and Death of Oliver Queen", written by Benjamin Percy and Illustrated by Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra. This arc introduces the Ninth Circle - an evil cabal with global influence that robs Oliver of his wealth and possessions. With nothing left to his name but his friends and allies, Green Arrow goes out to battle the Ninth Circle, protect the people from their sinister intentions reclaim what is his. This arc and the ones that follow it are very fun to read and I would definitely recommend them.

Why read Green Arrow?

1. Green Arrow has always been some sort of "underdog" in the DC Universe. He's got no superpowers, and doesn't use uber-tech (like Batman) that put him in the same bracket with most metahumans. A lot of times, Green Arrow's stories have this feeling of a man going over his own limits to prove himself which is, in my opinion, very compelling.

2. Many of his stories (mostly his vol. II stuff), which feature him going out against down-to-earth stuff such as organized crime, drug dealers and such, are a fun change from the usual stuff we see in comics. Since they have less action-packed scenes, with super-powered battles every other page, the stories themselves have a lot of depth and well-built plot lines. These kinds of stories are not easy to come by nowadays and I really like reading such things.

3. He's funny. Really, many of his jokes actually made me chuckle.

4. He's just extremely fun to read.

Battle threads of the week

Rebirth Superman vs 6 Tails Naruto

Rebirth Superman may be a combination of Post-Crisis/Pre-Flashpoint Superman and New 52 Superman, both of which have ridiculous feats in pretty much any category. However, when it comes to Rebirth DC comics, current Superman is well below both of those previous versions. Not only because he lacks as impressive feats, but because he has a ton of low-showings that make him look less impressive. So him fighting 6 tails Naruto (the one who fought Pain) should be an interesting match-up, if we exclude previous feats like the OP pointed out. Naruto can't go above 6 tails. No BFR,.

Dragon Ball: Universe 6 vs Universe 11 (minus Jiren)

The end of Dragon Ball Super is nearing with the ultimate climax to Tournament of Power arc, so I decided to add more Dragon Ball related battles. Here we have battle of universes. The universe with highest mortal level (not including the one that are not participating) and one of the universes with lowest mortal level, now erased. All Universe 6 fighters vs all Universe 11 fighters (no Jiren because he wrecks everybody). The exact same scenario like in Tournament of Power. It's just between these two universes this time.

Odin Force Thor vs Shaman Nate Grey vs Classic Doctor Strange

An all out battle between Transcendent tier characters that might cause time paradoxes, make stars go nova, shatter planets, open black holes and so on. Odin Force Thor (I assume he can't use Old King Thor, All Black, Rune King and Reigning feats, although I'm not sure about the last one), Shaman Nate Grey (child of Scott Summers and Jean Grey from alternate reality, not Cable), and Classic Doctor Strange with all of his artifacts. If that wasn't crazy enough, all of them fight with no morals.

Darkseid vs Thanos

You know, we from the Daily Debater, or at least I (can't speak for everyone), like when we see something new. Pretty rarely do you see threads like Superman vs Thor here that are not different in one way or another. But sometimes, you just gotta go with the classic and predictable stuff. It may not be new, but it is functional, at least in a way that is required here. This thread is obviously pretty old, and it gets bumped over and over like most threads with popular match-ups. This is one of those Thanos vs Darkseid threads that is now full of arguments that may interest you. On top of it, this is Pre-Crisis Darkseid.

CaVs of the week

Superman vs Thor

It doesn't get any bigger than this, probably the most debated DC vs Marvel battle, here we have another take on that age old battle but with New 52 Superman instead. With @sirspidey01 debating for the God of Thunder against @maalik debating for the man of steel. This probably a battle you have seen in the past, but these are 2 new deabters going at so you may get a fresh look at an old debate.

Atom Eve vs Super Skrull

A unique battle with two characters most of us are familiar with. Atom Eve is being represented by none other than @sirfizzwhizzagainst @boschepg who is debating for Kl'rt the Super Skrull. Two high mid tiers going at it. These are also two character that you don't see often in CaVs so it will be a good chance too all of their feats and get a good grasp of what they can really do

Black Panther and Jonathan Joestar vs Batman and Iron Fist

A 2 on 2 cav that has characters from Marvel, DC and Jojo. With Black Panther and Jonathan Joestar being repented by @blackspidey2099 and @gearsecond659 respectively against Batman and Iron Fist being repped by @causeimbatman and @all-father. 4 powerful street tier characters. Three of who we all know and have seen in the past but Jonathan is sort of wild card so this cav is an chance to see how he compares to established street characters.

Respect Thread(s) of the Week

Invincible-verse Respect Threads

For readers of Image Comics, you may all be quite familiar with Robert Kirkman's long running comic book series, Invincible, (If not, you should totally check it out. it's really good) which lasted for more than a decade under the same writer. Just a few weeks ago, said series has finally ended on a glorious note and to celebrate the occasion, long time ComicVine member, @sirfizzwhizz, has churned out some respect threads for some of the Invincible-verse's most popular characters, specifically Invincible, Atom Eve, Robot& Tech Jacket. Hopefully, these threads could consider other viners to check out the Invincible-verse titles.

Humans of the Battle Forum: @cosmicallyaware1

- Tell us a bit of who you are outside of CV. Who is CosmicallyAware1 exactly?

Well, that's an interesting and complex question. First off let me state that Comics in general have played a huge part in my life. I began reading comics at the tender age of 5 years old. My mom bought them for me to get me interested in reading. And I have avidly been reading and collecting them my entire life, up to my present age of 40 (easy on the old man jokes now guys). I feel that's relevant to say, because in essence of the question............CA1 (what a lot of users refer to me as) is the epitome of a comic book fanboy exactly.

Other than that............I'm a devout Dad of my 5 year old son. I'm also the Executive Chef of a kitchen in an Drug & Alcohol In-Patient Rehabilitation Center. I went to the Culinary School of America (CIA lol) in upstate NY. I took a 8 year hiatus from the Culinary world to work in Administration/Management in the Rehabilitation field. Due to stress and other extenuating factors in the position, I recently moved back to my roots and am cheffing it up again. Life is grand.

I also am a big fan of Art in general, love getting Tattoo's (have quite a bit of Ink on my body), lifting weights, and prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse.

- How did you get into comic books (Western stuff like DC, Marvel etc. or Eastern stuff like manga, anime etc.) and when did you start out here in CV? How do you feel about the debating community in general?

I jumped the gun and partially answered that first part already. I broadened my "Comic horizons" at an early age by going to Flea Markets and Antique shops strangely enough and finding boxes of older comics. That was when I was introduced to gems suck as old Gold Key characters (Solar, Turok, Magnus) and Archie/MLJ characters (The Shield, Fly, Mighty Crusaders, Comet, Black Hood, etc) to name a few. I was introduced to anime at a relatively early age by the cartoon shows Ronin Warriors, Tranzor Z (Mazinger Z), and Robotech, and fell in love. The first Anime "Movie" that really blew my mind that I can remember is the classic Akira. I have to be honest and say I never really became a fan of Manga (printed form) at all. Too much of a Western Comic traditionalist I guess.

I started out here on the 'Vine in February of 2012 (wow, 6 years strong). I accidentally stumbled onto the site, and immediately created an account. It's been love since day 1 for me here on the site.

The very first thing I checked out on the Vine was the Battles Forum, and was immediately drawn into it like a moth to a flame. For me it's a natural affinity (I was on the Debate Team in High School). I was astounded to see people having similar discussions about characters that I had been having on my own outside the Vine for years.

As far as the the debating community in general.........it has drastically changed since I began on the Vine. It used to be largely comic based and the synergy was much different. Nowadays it's become much broader, encompassing manga/anime and live action proprieties almost more than comic based. It is what it is, and it's a good or bad thing depending on whom you ask. I have my personal opinions on it (i'm a traditionalist), but they are kind of irrelevant. I think it's cool just to see users excited about a topic, have healthy traffic on the site, and have people passionate about debating. I do feel there a lot of "younger" debaters that need to learn a little class and respect, but hopefully that comes in time.

- Do you have any particular favorite characters? How about comic book/manga writers and artists?

Oh my. That's dangerous territory, as the list is quite a long one hahaha. Those that know me well here on the Vine are aware of what most of my fav's are but allow me to inform others.

1. Some of (but not all, would be too long) CA1's favorite characters:

  • Marvel: Cosmic Marvel (Galactus & Heralds, Adam Warlock, Mar-vell, Thanos & Eternals, Super Skrull, etc), Thor, Avengers, FF, X Family, Spidey Family & Foes, Alpha Flight, What if? stories,......dammit basically everything. I do especially LOVE brick characters such as Colossus, Wonder Man, Captain Britain, Thing, Juggernaut, Hulk (particularly Grey incarnation)
  • DC: JSA (love me some Alan Scott & Dr.Fate), LSH (huge Legion fan), GL Corps, Firestorm, SHAZAM & Black Adam, Etrigan
  • Independent: Luther Strode, Planetary, Authority, Hellboy, All Valiant (Solar in all incarnations as well: Gold Key, Dynamite, Dark Horse, etc) , Invincible, Astounding Wolf Man, Savage Dragon
  • Other (mainstream Literature based): Huge fan of Dark Tower series by Stephen King (gotta love Mid-World and Roland Deschain), Forgotten Realms novels featuring Drizzt Do'Urden, and old Doc Savage novels.

. Writers/Artists. This is tough, because once again the list is incredibly long. A lot for me are specific for Era's and points in history as opposed to overall (such as Claremont during his Uncanny run for example). Some of the most notable ones I guess would be:

  • Writers: Geoff Johns (his work on DC is simply some of the best stuff I've ever read, hands down), DnA (Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning), Jason Aaron, Michael Avon Oeming, Jonathan Hickman, Warren Ellis, and simply a tons of others, the list is looong!
  • Artists: I've always been an art guy. Good quality illustration on a book for me used to mean more than the writing (i know, young and foolish), and I used to draw/copy pictures from books quite often in my younger days. Here's some of my favored Artists (but like with the writers list.....not all, too many to list ha)

1.) "Classic Artists". These guys are some of my all time favorites, and I'll give a brief reasoning on why for those interested enough to know.....

  • John Byrne : His pencils on books such as Uncanny X-Men and FF were quintessential to me in my youth. One of the greats IMO. Still pore over his covers to this day.
  • George Perez : THE. MAN. PERIOD. His work on Avengers alone back in the day was phenomenal. And when he penciled JLA/Avengers crossover?! pfffft, can't touch the man.
  • John Romita Sr. : His rendition and pencils on Spidey were more iconic that any others IMO
  • Art Adams :My ultimate Cover and pin-up artist, especially in regards to Uncanny X-Men. Those covers he did for Classic X-Men in the 80's were pure gold.
  • Alan Davis : His rendition on Captain Britain makes me feel that no other artist should ever draw the character. Also his initial work on Excalibur.
  • Ron Lim :His legendary run penciling Silver Surfer was my favorite. He really defined the look and feel for Norrin on that book IMO.

2.) "Modern Artists". These guys are more current and in the mainstream now.

Andrea Divito, Greg Capullo, John Cassaday, Greg Land, Jim Caliafore, Mike McKone, Terry Dodson, Ed McGuiness, Frank Cho, Salvador Larroca, Ethan Van Sciver, Joe Madureira, Mike Deodato, Adam Hughes, Doug Mahnke, Steve McNiven, Chris Bachalo, Stuart Immonen,

3.) And can't forget to mention these guys....

  • Jim Lee : What can I say? It's Jim Friggin Lee!!! Anyone that read comics in the 90's should love his work. Especially in regards to X-Men and Wolverine.
  • Alex Ross :Simply one of the best artists that can portray realism. His depictions were some of the first that actually brought the characters to life and made them look real. I'm dying to get an original piece of his to frame and put in my man cave at home.
  • Joe Quesdada : I simply love his pencils. The man has skills. His X-O Manowar back in the day? His Daredevil? His love and incorporation of Art Nouveau in his work and covers? sheer genius.....

-What do you think is your reputation in the Battle Forums and what is the highlight of your time as a debater here in CV?

Interesting. Quite self-analytical. Well, currently I think that since my hiatus and new founded return..........quite a few Viners may be unfamiliar with my debating prowess and the such. The users that have been here awhile threw out some great heartfelt "welcomes" upon my return, so that's pretty cool. I've been told my 'reputation" (by other Viners) is one of being respectful and polite in debates while making solid arguments. One of the first debaters that caught my eye when I first began was Esquire, whom was "the gentleman's debater". I strove to emulate that type of presence and aura of posting. I see being respectful and eloquent as important as being knowledgeable and detail oriented. Also one of my reputations is that of putting strong emphasis on structure and aesthetics in constructing posts. Uber important to me.

As far as the highlight as a debater on the Vine? Aside from the joy I get from continued participation in CaV's (love 'em), would have to be two things:

  1. Participating in a CaV with one of the Mods (Vance Astro) (and I've been trying to get a few of the others to agree for years, particularly God Spawn. No luck)
  2. Being inducted into the debaters H.O.F. Was huge for me.

- Lastly, Any advice or shout outs you'd like to share with other fellow debaters?


First off............some healthy advice for fellow and/or newer debaters.

The power of respectfulness and manners knows no bounds. Be polite in threads and debating. There's no need to be rude or offensive. Just present the facts and be thorough, leave emotions and foul mannerisms out of the equation. Remember what Harry Hart says in the Kingsmen? "Manners maketh Man." Truer words have never been spoken.

Secondarily I cannot stress the importance of formatting and Aesthetics when producing posts. A structurally sound posting element with the correct placement (and size) of scans/images and using proper headers/fonts in conjunction with strategic bullet points and the such is essential. A good post should flow the readers eye through the post effortlessly and in a way that the reader wants to continue reading. If anyone needs help or has questions on the matter, they may feel free to PM me!!!

And lastly..........for shout outs. There are quite a few viners I respect the hell out of here (you know who you are) and I look up to. I'm gunna drop just a handful of names (and apologize to the rest of my mates for not doing so, just want to keep this short and sweet).

notably: @wyldsong@esquire@sirfizwhiz@lvenger@tparks@higorm@killemall@sovereign91001@thetruebarryallen@veshark


No Caption Provided

and with that............

Have a great day everyone. Cheers!

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Really enjoyable to read @cosmicallyaware1's "interview," it's always enjoyable to read about someone more in-depth, especially a fellow old, old man. And his points about debating are so right on.

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@owie said:

Really enjoyable to read @cosmicallyaware1's "interview," it's always enjoyable to read about someone more in-depth, especially a fellow old, old man. And his points about debating are so right on.

awww thanks man. Means a lot. and yep.............old as dirt hahaha......

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First time being featured, thanks!

Great issue by the way.

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Another great issue, loved the interview and seeing something about GA that wasn't on the CW.

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@kevd4wg said:

Another great issue, loved the interview and seeing something about GA that wasn't on the CW.

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@kevd4wg said:

Another great issue, loved the interview and seeing something about GA that wasn't on the CW.

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@lvenger: 1st article installment coming up bro. Hope I do you all proud!

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Issue #53

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Comic News

The Incredibles to get another mini series

To coincide with the upcoming release of Incredibles 2, Dark Horse is releasing a graphic novel and 3 issue mini series. Going off the artwork below, it does seem that while the artwork is clean, it's style definitely shows its focus towards a more younger reader. But for fans of the movies, it's more material for you!

Charlies Angels to get a new comic series

Looking at a return to the classic days of the TV series (even bringing back the original characters), it's looking at a return right to the fun and silly vibes that the original show brought us, instead of something darker or more mature, like a lot of things are now., For people with an interest in the series, or even older fans who are looking for a nostalgia trip, there's a reason to check this out.

A return to the Matrix?!

For those of you who haven't heard, Zak Penn wants the Matrix series to return, and it's already begun development. Penn, who co-wrote the upcoming Ready Player One, looks to wanting to expand the series even more and create a possible franchise. What are your thoughts on this?

Dragon Ball Super film teaser trailer!

For those of you who are Dragon Ball fans, the first teaser for the upcoming movie is released and boy do those transitions look smooth. The Hype Train has left the station with this one!

Loading Video...

Character of the Week // Cosmic's Showcase // Herald of Galactus; FIRELORD!- (Written by @cosmicallyaware1)

No Caption Provided

Quick Bio & Character History

Name before becoming a Herald: Pyreus Kril

Planet of Origin: Xandar (home of the Nova Corps) Tranta system, Andromeda Galaxy

First Appearance: Thor #225 (1974)

Origin Story in Full: Thor #306 (1981)

  • Origin in a Nutshell

Pyreus Kril grew up on Xander, homeworld of the Nova Corps. he had no fasmily to speak of and worked hard until he was accepted into the elite and illustrious Nova Corps. Enter Nova Corps commander Gabriel Lan. Pyreus graduated from the Corps Academy after time, and accepted a post with Gabriel on a scouting mission on a ship called the "Way-Opener".

Years went by on the mission, and eventually they come across an unknown ship of apparent great power and intrigue. Gabriel becomes abducted from the mysterious ship. Pyreus is placed in charge after Gabriel's abduction and sets forth to find his lost teammate/friend/captain. Pyreus has a strong suspicion that the infamous world devourer known as Galactus is responsible for the abduction and begins pursuit, against the wishes of command from Xandar.

In the course of searching, Pyreus and his crew land on a nearly destroyed planet and find a clue. They hear a tale of Galactus and his herald, the Air-Walker. As luck would have it (or fate), the crew and their ship become entrapped by Galactus shortly after, leading to the destruction of the ship. Pyreus alone is brought before Galactus and he reveals that he is aware (that Cosmic Awareness!) of why Pyreus has been searching for him. He proposes that Pyreus become his new Herald, and to empower him to serve his master's ambitions. He tells Pyreus of Gabriel Lan becoming the Air-Walker and also what had befallen him. Pyreus agrees to the offer, Galactus tranforms him into his Herald, and wipes his memories clean to better serve him.

No Caption Provided
  • Brief History

Well. There have been many Heralds of Galactus, and granted none have been as popular and well known as the Silver Surfer (or as powerful IMO). However the Firelord had quite a bit of popularity in the late 70's up until now. It could be said he was one of the best "poster child" Heralds outside of Surfer, and resonated with fans of the Fantastic Four's Human Torch. He initially started his appearances in issues of the Mighty Thor, challenging Thor & Hercules alike. In their first clash, Firelord fought Thor & Hercules combined. It's noteworthy that he overpowered them both and the Asgardian and Olympian could not edge a victory over the Cosmically powered herald of Galactus, But it is revealed that he is not there simply to fight, but for assistance in defeating Ego the living Planet for his master. They band together, and with the help of Galactus....dispatch Ego into deep space.....a story for another time. Soon after that....Firelord sought to be free of the burdens that Galactus's Herald commands. With the help of Thor, he obtains that when Thor presents the Destroyer as a replacement for Firelord as a Herald.

After this, Firelord was lost and held no purpose without the direction from Galactus He drifted albeit and had random encounters in the Marvel Universe 1st off his most notable affair was his altercations with Thor, and it stemmed from Thor's battles with the previous herald Air Walker. After that Firelord had encounters with The X-Men, Spider-Man, and the Avengers..

No Caption Provided

Eventually Firelord found his way back into contact with other Heralds of Galactus. He had a brief relationship with Herald Nova (Frankie Raye) until her demise, the conflict with Silver Surfer, and the participation alongside Surfer and other former Heralds against the deranged Herald Morg in a great story arc.

After that, quite some time elapsed until we encounter the former Herald Firelord again. Next, it's in the acclaimed Annihilation series. In fact, with Red Shift and Stardust at his side (both former Heralds of Galactus), he didn’t perish as most had assumed. In fact, after the Annihilation Wave was defeated, Firelord sought revenge for the destruction of the Xandar. He sought revenge by hunting down the remaining forces of Annihilus known as the Centurions, as this brought him self peace.

Statistics & Abilities

As many beings inbuded with "The Power Cosmic" by Galactus......Firelord has unique and specific abilities. Each Herald created by Galactus has different and unique abilities. On the flip side, there are similarities between each beings powersets.

Firelord was given a portion of the power cosmic (like others)and has the power to control the powers cosmic energy in the form of stellar fire, making him equal to a miniature sun in theory. Akin to a star, Firelord can project any form of energy possessed by a star such as intense heat, light in ALL it's forms (although this hasn't been fuuly shown/explored ), gravity, radio waves and charged particles. He can fly under his own power at light speed (and on panel statements of Faster than Light speeds and travel times)and can even travel through hyperspace. Firelord has superhuman strength (Marvel class 100..meaning along the lines of Thor and Hercules), god-like stamina and is nearly invulnerable. He can clearly survive for any amount of time needed in the vacuum of space without food, water, or air.

Firelord uses a five foot long staff that acts as a balancing agent when he flies, and he can also channel his fire blasts through it. The ends of the staff are permanently burning with cosmic fire as long as Firelord stays in contact with it.

Recommended Reading

Thor vol 1, #225-228 (traveled to Earth in search of Thor, battled alongside Galactus, Thor and Hercules battle against Ego: the Living Planet, released from Herald-staus when Odinson offers The Destroyer as a subsidiary herald, 1974)

Thor vol 1, #234 (Firelord aided the Thunder god against the forces of Loki, 1975)

Thor vol 1, #306 Origin Story in full (fought Thor to avenge Gabriele the Air-Walker, buried Air-Walker’s remnants near Xandar, 1981)

Amazing Spider-Man #269-270 (sadly battled Spider-Man, 1985)

Uncanny X-Men #105 (fought Pheonix)

Avengers Annual #18(fought Quasar, 1989),

Silver Surfer Vol 3 #19. #52. and then Silver Surfer Vol 3, #71-75 (helped Silver Surfer and all former heralds combat Morg, Firelord took over as herald along with Air-Walker, 1992),

Silver Surfer: Annihilation #2-4 (Firelord and other heralds battle the Annihilation Wave, 2006),

Annihilation (Main Series) #1-6(Firelord joined the United Front against Annihilus, 2006), Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #2 (Firelord hunted down the remaining Centurions so he can have his revenge on the forces of Annihilus, 2007)

Battle threads of the week

Blade vs. Captain America

Two street levelers with superhuman stats. Half a vampire vs the first super soldier. Blade vs Captain America. It's cool seeing threads with Blade. He is probably one of the most underrated comic book characters ever (not power-wise but due to lack of attention). Not much else to be said. It was bumped like few hours ago. I would like to see some more arguments for Blade.

Wonder Woman vs. Spider-man (H2H)

Wait wait wait WAIT! Stats are equalized to Peter's level, at least when it comes to strength, speed and durability. Agility and other stuff like that remain the same. Standard version for both of them (so I assume it's Pre-Flashpoint Diana and 616 Spider-man with no amps). No weapons/equipment and both are in-character but determined to win. Win by KO. This thread was made a year and a half ago but it got bumped recently. Is Diana more skilled than Batman? Or will Peter's unique fighting style prove to me too much for her?

Nova Prime & Quasar vs. Vulcan & Gladiator

2 vs 2 fight between Marvel's Cosmic Heroes. Marvel's versions of the Green Lanterns fighting against the Shi'Ar emperors. Nova Prime (Richard Rider) and Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) versus Vulcan (Gabriel Summers) and Gladiator (Kallak). Each team has it's own brick and it's own energy manipulator. Some of those characters already fought and the outcome was never clear. Should be interesting, especially because the topic seems a bit controversial.

Saitama vs. Marvel Bricks

Saitama or One Punch Man vs Marvel Bricks (not actual bricks, if by that you mean an actual powerhouse). The parody Manga/Anime character who one-shots everybody will face the Thing, Namor and Colossus. These characters are arguably on the same level of power and strength. Saitama is allowed only Anime feats and is Morals ON while the Team is Morals OFF.

MCU T'Challa vs. CW Oliver Queen

In case you think this is incredibly one-sided, think again. T'Challa is depowered, just like during his fight with M'Baku and his first fight with Erik Killmonger. The encounter is random and they have no prior knowledge. They are morals on and Oliver will kill only if there is no other choice, and T'Challa wins only through KO, submission or incapacitation. T'Challa has the same equipment he used against M'Baku, while Oliver's equipment varies between rounds (he won't have his armor). Yes, there are three rounds. During round 1, Oliver is unarmed, but he can disarm T'Challa if he can. During round two, he will have two swords but only Pre-Al Sal-him training feats apply. During round 3, he is allowed to use his Season 1 bow and he has only two arrows (regular/standard). However, all other feats from all Seasons apply.

MCU Revengers vs. DCEU Steppenwolf

A high tier lie action fight that was made to early (like most of them). The entire protagonist cast from Thor: Ragnarok that faced Hela, versus a CGI final boss the main villain of the Justice League movie. Thor, Hulk, Loki and Valkyrie versus Steppenwolf. Everybody is in-character and they have standard equipment. The thread was posted 4 months ago and it was pretty active, but it was bumped like a day ago.

CaV's of the week

There haven't been any new cavs with 2 posts in them yet. There were quite of few made but yet to have posts.

Get to posting at least 2 posts if you want your CaV featured on Daily Debator!!!

Respect thread of the week: The Shadow

This weeks repsect thread was written by @sirfizzwhizz and is on one of the older fictional characters: The Shadow. This respect thread primarily focuses on Dynamites publishing of the character, which began in 2012. This series has good formatting, awesome feats and even the artwork for the character is badass. While The Shadow may not seem that simple on paper, there's more to him then meets the eye. Another well done respect thread, by someone who's no stranger to the game.

Humans of the Battle Forum @allfather

For this issue's interviewee, TDD went for a relatively new member of the community (less than a year of being a member of the site). Said interviewee has a variety of interests from Marvel and DC, from street levelers to high tier powerhouses, when it comes to debating in the Battle Forums. You may know this particular viner as


- Tell us a bit of who you are outside of CV. Who is All-Father (Talking about you, not Odin) exactly?

I'm from the Middle East, live in the Gulf to be specific. I'm 20 years old studying Information Systems, currently in my second year.

How did you get into comic books (Western stuff like DC, Marvel etc. or Eastern stuff like manga, anime etc.) and when did you start out here in CV? How do you feel about the debating community in general?

About 6 years, after i finished watching Batman The Animated Series (twice), i became obsessed with Batman, i wanted to know more about the character and where he came from. I joined CV around 10 months ago or so. It's a community I've come to like, met some nice people and some annoying ones, overall a great place.

Do you have any particular favorite characters?

  • Hal Jordan
  • Batman
  • Daredevil
  • Wolverine

How about comic book/manga writers and artists?

  • Frank Miller, mainly for his work on both Batman and Daredevil.
  • Brian Micheal Bendis, at least before he started writing the way he does now. His run on Daredevil is phenomenal
  • Geoff Johns, mainly for his work on Green Lantern
  • Paul Dini for his work on Detective Comics
  • Mark Millar, no need for explanation there.

As for Artists

  • Jim Lee
  • Alex Ross
  • Gary Frank
  • George Perez

What do you think is your reputation in the Battle Forums and what is the highlight of your time as a debater here in CV?

I'd say my reputation is decent, haven't really been here long enough to have specific debate that will always come to my mind.

- Lastly, Any advice or shout outs you'd like to share with other fellow debaters?

Jardinain2, i had my first debate with him, didn't exactly end well for me.

@the_red_viper, I had my first CaV with him, lost by quite a large margin. Hope to beat him in other CaVs

@causeimbatman, even tho I don't always agree with what he says, he's one of the few Batman debaters I've seen who employ logic in their arguments for him and don't employ fanboyism.

Cosmic's Feature- The Infinity Education part 1

Greetings Comic Vine Community!. I had been hoping to do this Article in 1 section. However it's too complicated as I have come to realize, so shall break it down in segments, one each week. Mayhap that shall make it more appealing to the reader? we shall see,,,,hopefully the content holds your collective interest well enough. without further adieu

Let's start on the education shall we? I selected this content due to the upcoming Marvel movie: Infinity War. This ties into the history of certain items/elements from the movie, in relation to it's printed comic book form roots. Just a little back story from the comics to educate those that don't have this information.

Now, bear in mind..................this shall be presented in segments.

Here's the first....

Cosmic Marvel Feature: The Infinity Gems/Stones.

These items of power have been shrouded in mystery in the Marvel Universe. They have been showcased many times, most notable in the acclaimed Infinity Gauntlet series from the 1990's (and the upcoming Marvel's Infinity War cinematic movie) However the past and history on these items goes back substantially further. We are graciously presented with the opportunity to educate you fine readers. And we shall!

No Caption Provided

Article Content Outline // Contextual Breakdown

  1. History & Evolution // Brief Synopsis
  2. Notable Beaerers recapped // Gem ability breakdown, "what do they do"?
  3. Let's talk about Thanos a bit
  4. The MCU & evolution to Infinity Stones
  5. Conclusion & Recommended Reading List

Article Content Outline / Section 1. / Contextual Breakdown

  • History & Evolution

History is slightly more lacking than evolution, honestly. There were gaps in the appearances of said items in the Marvel Universe and then after a certain event of popularity (can you guess? It will be covered later on), there was quite more frequency of the Gems. Before the 1990's the gems were existent......albeit in a stagnant state of existence. These were items that have been in existence since the 1970's.

Who knew? Some did. Most notably Adam Warlock, whom possessed the Soul Gem

Enter Adam Warlock // High Evolutionary

No Caption Provided

Before being referred to as theInfinity Gems, these artifacts were known as the Soul Gems The first soul gem was showcased on the forehead of Adam Warlock which was bestowed to him by the High Evolutionary.

No Caption Provided

In Marvel Premiere #1 (which came out in April 1972, written by Roy Thomas and penciled by Gil Kane),we are first introduced to the newly christened Adam Warlock (who in the issue evolved from the being simply known as "Him"). The High Evolutionary graciously bestows Warlock with the "Soul Gem". It's not disclosed on how the High Evolutionary came into possession of the Gem, or any information at the time of other Gems. It would be a following issue of the Marvel Premiere series and two more issues into Adam Warlock's titular title before the item is officially stated as the Soul Gem.

Adam Warlock utilized the Soul Gem extensively, and it was an integral part of the character and his stories over the years in the 70's throgh the 90's.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The next big Chapter in the history of the Gems, once again is involving Adam Warlock and the induction of the being known as Thanos to the Soul Gem. In the following 2 issues:

Avengers Annual (vol 1.) #7

Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 (which follow each other consecutively)

It really begins with Thanos and his twisted desire to impress his love interest Mistress Death (he has strange tastes guys, but most of us are already aware of this..), Thanos gathers a small army of nasty bad-guy/evil aliens and begins an extensive offensive assault on Titan (planet of Thano's birth and home to the Eternals race) that kills millions of his race. Lusting for and desiring universal power in the form of the Cosmic Cube, Thanos travels to Earth to obtain the item of power.

The story is classic Marvel at it's finest although a bit simply and campy (which was par for the course at the time), and featured the emergence of quite a bit of what we see now in regards to 'Cosmic' Marvel. It is rich in groundbreaking history and I strongly suggest that the issues themselves be read for the content in it's entirety. In a brief re-cap here for educational purposes....

Thanos, after searching finds the Cosmic Cube and secondarily rouses his Lover: Mistress Death by doing so. He got part of his wish and obtained her attention.

Possesion of the cube was short lived however. After using the cube to become omnipotent Thanos decided to get rid of it, possibly failing to see any further need from the artifact.

The infamous Captain Mar-vell enters the picture due to Thanos capturing the Kree "Diety" Kronos (whom also created Drax the Destroyer, ironically enough to destroy Thanos....but that's a story for another time..). Mar-vell bands together with the Avengers, and with the assistance of Titan's Ai, ISAAC they manage to achieve victory over Thanos.

No Caption Provided

Next part of the chapter begins with Thanos banding together with the ever popular cosmic character of the time......Adam Warlock whom was locked in conflict with his evil doppelganger counter part, the Magus.

Thanos's assistance is revealed to be devious and selfish in nature (shocker there huh?), as his intentions were to once again appease Death's desires once again (he's slightly obsessed). Through subterfuge and patience, he is able to drain Adam Warlock of the power of his Soul Gem and uses this to obtain the energies of the remaining Infinity Gems (still not called that in the books however, and it is never fully explained how he accomplishes this). Thanos then uses this to create a large 'mock' version of an Infinity Gem with the intention and purpose of a planetary scale destructive weapon.

No Caption Provided

Adam Warlock enlists the aid of the Avengers along with the Kree Captain-Mar-vell to battle Thanos. Ultimately they fail in their objective. and it appears that Thanos slays Adam Warlock. Thanos is resurged in his endeavors and manages to imprison the Avengers in captivity thru stasis.

The unlikely duo of The Thing from the Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man are recruited by Master Order and Lord Chaos (I chalk it up to the popularity of the two characters at the time) to go to the Avengers aid and thwart Thano's plans. They take the venture to space, board Thanos's ship and begin battling the hordes of Thano's minions. As this is occuring, Adam Warlock's soul in collaborating with Pip and Gamora inside the serene world of the Soul Gem.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

As Spidey and The Thing are fighting the minions, Thanos enters the fray himself. The battle leads into where Thanos has the Avengers in captivity and Spider-Man is able to let the heroes loose! This leads to one of the greatest battles seen in regards to Thanos thus far as he and the iconic Avengers team face off (this is where quite a few scans come from that we see in Thanos threads on the battles board!). However, Thanos gains the upper hand as the combined might of the Avengers fall short of stopping the powerful Titan. Ultimately it takes Spidey freeing Adam Warlock's soul from the Soul Gem to end the battle. Adam Warlock, freed from the Gem appears in spirit form and transforms Thanos into a stone statue rendering him inert.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

It's notable to mention the relevance of Adam's feat and a testament to the power he was wielding at the time as no other character was able to defeat Thanos. Or we could say it was some strange plot device.........you decide!

This would be the last appearance of Thanos for quite some time in the Marvel Universe (aside from in the legendary 'Death of Captain Marvel' Graphic Novel, where Thanos spirit appears at the end and ushers Mar-vell's soul into the domain of Thanos's beloved Mistress Death).

The next time we encounter Thanos is highlighted in next week's chapter of the continuing Article as it is quite lengthy and essential to the Infinity Gems mythos. Stay tuned true believers (quoting the legendary Stan Lee there)!

Next Weeks edition:

The Thanos Quest // Pivitol Event in the 616 Marvel U // Education Seminar

Thanos Quest, fullblown info on Gems finally, Elders of Universe and Thano's takover which leads into...

The Infinity Gauntlet // The Infinity Watch

The title says it all folks.........

Re-capping Notable bearers and Noteworthy Instances that may have been missed

A breakdown on who have wielded the Gems, and instances surrounding the possesion

  1. Soul Gem: Adam Warlock, Thanos (Infinity Crusade), In-Betweener (pre quest), Invisible Woman (EarthX)
  2. Reality gem: Thanos, Iron Man (alternate reality)
  3. Time gem: Gamora, Gardener
  4. Space Gem: Runner,Pip the troll
  5. Power gem: Champion of the Universe, Drax, the Destroyer, Thor, Titania, She Hulk, the Hood
  6. Mind Gem: Moondragon is probably the only notable wielder, aside from Grandmaster's possesion

*it will also notable that the Magus held all of the gems as well. It will be discussed as well The Illuminati member's bearing and usage as applicable.

*Secondary notation: In Marvel Team Up #53-55 (1976-77), the cosmic character known as The Stranger showcases an unnamed Infinity Gem (it is never revealed which Gem it is)

And that's all gang!!! See you next week!

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Thank you very much for the kind words and accolades my man.....means a lot coming from you.

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Issue #54

No Caption Provided


Comic News

Death of Superman movie voice cast released

Coming to DVD this summer, the latest film the DC's animated universe takes its name from the iconic 1992 storyline "The death of superman". Returning voice actors include Jerry O Connel as Superman & Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor. Interestingly enough Patrick Fabian is set to voice Cyborg Superman, who didn't appear until the follow up storyline "reign of the Supermen", so it's looking like the animated film won't be a cut and dry adaption of the story line.

Darkseid to join the Justice League? HOLY JOLLY GEE WHIZ, BATMAN!

No, you did not misread that. It's looking like, that come July, the personification of evil in DC is teaming up with some of it's heroes. Teaming up with Starfire, Cyborg, Jessica Cruz and Azrael, this is sure to cause some rather interesting interactions between the characters. Will you be checking it out?

New Green Arrow creative team announced

Following Green Arrow annual #2, the team of Julie Benson and Shawna Benson will take over the writing on DC's Emerald Archer. Their first regular series run will start with Green Arrow 43. The creative duo has also written Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, so if anyone wants to get a taste of their writings before the annual release date, pick up an issue. In the link, you can find some of the artwork that Javier Fernandez as well as cover artist Alex Maleev will be bringng fans this coming summer.

Character of the weel: Polaris (written by @lord_spectrum)

Polaris, the Mistress of Magnetism

No Caption Provided

I'll let you on a little secret, Alex. You always thought...between Magneto and me...i was the weakest. But you are going to want to rethink that. - X-Men Blue #9

Real NameLorna Dane
Created byArnold Drake & Jim Steranko

First Appearance

X-Men #49, "Who Dares Defy... the Demi-Men", (1968)

Powers & Abilities

Mastery over one of 4 Fundamental Forces of the universe - Electromagnetism, which grants Polaris vast exotic powers, most prominently being showcased in form of manipulation of metallic and non-metallic objects, energy manipulation, force-fields, magnetic constructs, electromagnetic senses and many other vast abilities, but aside from her mutant abilities she also possess genius level intellect and has expertise in Geophysics, and has earned a Master's degree in that area of study.

Current Status
  • Alive
  • Part of Magneto's X-Men Blue team



Lorna Dane is a child born from the affair of Erik Lensherr/Max Eisenhardt also known Magneto and Suzanna Dane, Suzanna's husband later learned about this affair and confronted her, while they were in airplane. Upsetted by their confrontation yound Lorna who in effort to make them stop fighting accidentally caused to manifest her immense mutant abilities, which caused an electromagnetic burst that destroyed the plane, which as accident killed her parents. Young Lorna's abilities allowed her to survive the crash till she was found by Mastermind and Magneto, who had detected her by the magnetic pulse she caused. Magneto believed that she was not ready for the mutant life ahead of her or the life he could offer her, thus he had Mastermind use his illusionary powers to manipulate Lorna's memories of that day, leaving her to believe that her parents died in a plane crash when she was an infant. Lorna was raised by her parents relatives, and grew up thinking that they are her real parents until they told her the truth was informed of the truth many years later. Lorna's foster parents had feared it would cause her extreme stress and trauma if they told her before.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9
X-Factor #243

Many years passed since that accident, now Lorna Dane was living a life of a simple student, till she was abducted by Magneto Robot, who pretended to be her real father and Mesmero, who artifically unlocked her hidden mutant abilities and lieing to her and trying to use her for his own benefits and purposes, but the X-Men came to help, and together with the truth revealed Lorna alongside X-Men fights and defeates Mesmero, and thus starts a new leaf in Lorna's life as one of the superheroines of Marvel Universe.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7
X-Men #50
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
X-Men #52

Over the course of the years, she has been part of many teams, from X-Men to X-Factor and more, of course there were dark times for Lorna as well, for she has inherited a trait for her father, Magneto, which has affected her life from the moment she gained her powers, as with great power comes great insanity, as her magnetic power was affecting the electric impulses of her brain, which has lead her playing a certain anti-villain role from time to time, but with times passing she has managed to overcome her own weaknessess and doubts.


Notable Powers & Feats

Polaris's abilities may be mostly unknown, but over the course years she has performed feats, showcasing her as a real force to be reckoned.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Doc Samson #4 (1996)
  • Tanks radiation which could have killed the gamma mosnter and Doc Samson, both of whom are highly resistant to these type of specific attacks.
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
X-Factor #256, Fantastic Force #3 (2009)
  • 1-2: Tanks a blast from Mephisto in his own realm.
  • Tanks a blast from Phoenix Force Jean
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
X-Men #243
  • Tanks an explosion, which knocked out the X-Men team.
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
X-Men Prime V1 #1
  • No sells a blast from Post-Upgrade Havok, a being who can harm even the likes of the Hulk, Gladiator and etc.


Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
X-Factor #114, X-Factor #128
  • Just like her father, has ability to manipulate iron in blood.
Uncanny X-Men #422
Uncanny X-Men #422
  • Can reverse the blood flow.
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Fantastic Force #3
  • Can turn metal into dust form and straight up put them into lungs.


X-Factor #252
X-Factor #252
  • Takes control of Pluto's Demonic sword.
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Uncanny X-Men #443
  • Precise control over metal.


Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
X-Men Unlimited V1 #6
  • Under Sauron's control, has advantage in fight against Jean Grey.
X-Men #52
X-Men #52
  • Easily defeats Mesmero and Magneto Robot, the same beings who were giving X-Men team a run for their own money.
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6
X-Men Legacy #255-256
  • Stalemates Magneto, then after the fight helps him fix the ship by manipulating metal on molecular and atomic level.
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Uncanny X-Men - Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire TPB
  • Arguably the only person to defeat Vulcan with such ease.
Uncanny X-Men - Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire TPB
Uncanny X-Men - Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire TPB
  • Holds Gladiator for certain period of time, till he breaks free due to the metal not being durable enough to hold him.
X-Men - Emperor Vulcan #3
X-Men - Emperor Vulcan #3
  • Holds Phoenix Force/Echo Rachel in place.
X-Factor #243
X-Factor #243
  • Nearly kills Monet by Force Choking her ala Darth Vader style.
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
X-Factor #105
  • Nearly kills Havok by a Magnetic TK crush.
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Wonder Man V1 #14
  • Holds Adam Warlock in statis, he escapes only thanks to the Soul Gem.


Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Giant Size X-Men #1 (1975)
  • Negates the gravity of the entire island by hitting the core of Earth with a blast.


Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
Uncanny X-Men #431, X-Factor #82, Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #69
  • Absorbs Sentinel's Energy
  • 2-3: Takes control of Havok's cosmic energy blast
  • Manipulates and contains mysitcal energies of The Strange, a being of pure magic created by Doctor Strange, was powerful enough to the point his fellow allies thought that this being was actually the Doctor himself.
X-Men - Emperor Vulcan #1
X-Men - Emperor Vulcan #1
  • Makes the spaceshit invisible to the point Shi'ar can't detect them right under their noses.
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
X-Factor #122
  • Creates a magnetic energy fist construct.


Recommended Reading

While Polaris herself didn't have a solo run, but even still there is decent amount of material to read about her

  • X-Men #49 - 52 & X-Factor #243 - Origin
  • Giant Size X-Men #1 (1975)
  • Uncanny X-Men #219-222, #239, #249-250 - also known as Malice era
  • X-Factor #87, #104-105, #243-245, #250-256
  • All-New X-Factor #14-15
  • Doc Samson #1 & #4
  • Magneto: Dark Seduction #1-4
  • Uncanny X-Men #425-434, #442-443 - The Dark days of Polaris
  • Uncanny X-Men #475-486 or Uncanny X-Men - Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire TPB
  • X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1-5 (mostly #1, #4, #5)
  • X-Men Legacy #254-258
  • Magneto V3 20-21

Battle threads of the week

DCEU Superman vs. Colossus

DCEU Superman vs Marvel's Mid Tiers have become a common trend on the battle forum, and here we have one that is better than most in my opinion. DCEU Superman vs Earth-616 Colossus (I assume it's an adult version). Both are morals OFF and speed blitz is allowed. The thread was made two months after the release of the movie, so Clark has his Justice League feats. Can he beat/BFR Colossus? Find out.

Darkseid runs the Teambusting Gauntlet

Darkseid's status as a Teambuster Tier has been relatively questionable by a ton of users. Mostly due to his showing that puts him more on Superman's level than someone like Thanos. His showing from New 52 does appear to be more noticeable with actually fighting the entire Justice League team, but some still think that Pre-Flashpoint version is superior. So, what happened when you give him all of his feats (Pre and Post Flashpoint)? Can he live up to the standards of a Teambuster by clearing this Teambusting gauntlet?

Annihilators vs. Superboy Prime

Now we have an extremely powerful super hero team versus a guy who people actually view as a Teambuster. The Annihilators, the strongest heroes in the galaxy versus Superboy Prime, the embodiment of temper tantrum. The team is composed of all standard members plus Nova Prime (or Ikon, depending on what roster you are referring to). All of these are pretty well established characters that have been used on the battle forum to death. Just click on the thread already.

Could a grizzly bear stomp a full grown silverback gorilla?

Ok, this is a more different type of a battle forum thread. It's not about fictional characters but wild animals. So I figured, why not include it here? We never actually had these types of threads before. The title is pretty self explanatory, and the thread is over 80 posts long, which is pretty decent given the fact that we are not talking about fictional characters.

Battle of the Week: Superman vs. The Hulk (again, but different versions)

No Caption Provided

Yes, it's true ladies and gentlemen. Another fight between DC's and Marvel's number 1 powerhouses is now being used as a match-up for current/on-going Battle of the Week. However, don't pass on this one. It's pretty obvious that those versions are not your regular Superman and the Hulk. Oh no, this is Superman from Earth-22 (from Mark Waid's Kingdom Come story) and Green Scar Hulk reaching the pinnacle of his power and going World Breaker (from Greg Pak's Heart of the Monster story). Both of these characters have vastly limited number of appearances and feats compared to their regular versions/ incarnations, yet it does not change the fact that both of them are much more powerful than New Earth Superman and Savage Hulk. Since Superman vs Hulk debate has been done to death, using way more powerful and less familiar versions of the characters should be interesting enough.

CaVs of the week

TMNT vs Resisdent Evil Survivors

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles battle against the Resident evil survivors. With the former being debated @tparks and the latter by @the_hajduk. A comic vs game cav is fairly rare however we are seeing teams from two very popular franchises face off here And with two great deabters as well this should be one worth reading.

Atom Eve vs Super Skrull

Atom debated by @sirfizzwhizz takes on Super Skrull debated by @boschepg. Atom eve is a powerful Heroin from the Skybound Universe and the wife of Invincible. The Skybound universe has gotten very popular over the years and now their most powerful heroin takes on one of the Marvel's most dangerous cosmic Villains. Super Skrull posses the abilities of all the Fantastic Four so he will be a difficult foe to take on.

Rock Lee vs Killua

An all Shonen battle between Rock Lee represented by @gearsecond659 against Killua being represented by @streak619. Two popular characters from two popular manga franchises. Rock Lee may have been sidelined in shippuden but back when he was a kid he was one of the strongest fighter in Chunin exam. Here is coming up against a skilled and powerful assassin from the Zoldyck Family.

Naruto vs Father

A CaV that spawned out of a debate on whether calcs are valid or not. Father from the Full Metal Alchemist Manga fights Naruto Uzumaki who is limited to pure physicals. With @oldkingthanos representing the latter and @asgardianbrony representing the former. In most cases this would be a mismatch but Naruto is limited to just physicals which could make this a lot closer than one might first think.

Jiren and Goku vs Herald Team

Jiren and Ultra Instinct Goku take on a team of heralds made up of Silver Surfer, Iceman, Death Seed Sentry and Captain Atom. With the duo being represented by @hittheassasin against the Herald team being repped by @cryomodeste. Dragon Ball super has come to a end for now. With Jiren and Goku being the final big fight of the show. Here however we see them teaming up against a team of powerful heralds.

Batman vs Daredevil

The Dark Knight represented by @causeimbatman takes on the Man without fear being represented by @all-father. Batman vs Daredevil is one of the biggest Marvel vs DC battle there is when it comes to street tier. Both skilled peak humans in their own right. Though it may seem a little one sided at the beginning anything can happen in a cav as the debaters are just as importatn and with both of them displaying great knowledge on their characters, you think is one to watch.

Gon vs Naruto

@gearsecond659 is in his second cav this week this time reppresent for the Hunter X Hunter against the Naruto characters as he debates for the HXh's main protagonist Gon against the @maalik representing Naruto as a kid. The two protagonists face off and while Naruto has gotten far stronger than before, his Kid version can still provide for Gon. Both have an array of abilities and techniques at their disposal to make this a good fight.

Respect thread of the week: Eternal Warrior

This thread is for Valiants Eternal Warrior, written by Ugivemethelulz . This lays out feats quite well, formatting is decent. And it does a good job portraying how good classic Eternal Warrior was. For fans of Valiant, who want to see some of the roots of it's heroes, this is a good thread to check out.

Humans of the Battle Forum: @higorm

For this week's HOTBF interviewee we went for another veteran Hall of Famer member (we know you readers love the shit out of those interviews). He's a renowned debater for Captain America characters, especially for Winter Soldier. He's also known for having an intense rivalry with a particular viner who has 59 wins and 2 tournaments ... War with Words? Generally, he seems to be a really chill dude and has got a lot of things going for him for readers to check out his stuff.

- Tell us a bit of who you are outside of the forums. Who is Higorm exactly?

I'm a family guy (but not like the animated sitcom), who likes the simple things in life, love my kids (2 boys and one little princess), my wife and my dog "bob", he's a dachshund (Teckel). I try to enjoy life, live the moment and set good examples for my children, I use to say that being a father is hard, being the best one is even harder.

I live in Brazil, but I'm not a BIG fan of soccer or carnaval. Love coffee and I LOVE food, pizza, burguers, sushi, you name it! Also fan of reality shows like MasterChef, we got the brazilian version, which is great.

- How did you get into comic books (Western stuff like DC, Marvel etc. or Eastern stuff like manga, anime etc.) and when did you start out here in CV? How do you feel about the debating community in general?

My first contact with comics was when I found one of my dad's old comics "Tex", from there I start to look for more and eventually discover a newsstand where I begin to buy marvel comics and also dc titles (mostly batman).

It goes back to 2011 when I first joined Comic Vine. I was looking for a place where I could practice my english (reading and writing) and at the same time learn more about comics, it was the perfect combination and I've been coming back here since then.

Honestly I'm not as active as I used to be, but I believe that for some time the old timers (guys like the_creator, buckshot, static_shock, vance_astro and others) prepared the ground for the rest of us, other guys like Morpheus_, K4tzm4n, Erik, Dane continue the proccess always bringing something new to the battle board, from there it's just a matter of phases and cycles, sometimes good and sometimes not so much. As time goes by it tends to get boring but i've seen that there's an avid new generation to bring us back on track.

- Do you have any particular favorite characters? How about comic book/manga writers and artists? Any reasons why that you'd like to share?

As many should already know at this point my favorite character is the Winter Soldier. I also like very much Agent Venom, Jean Paul Valley, Ninjak, Batman, Black Canary, Kang, Majestic, among others (check my lists :P)

Ed Brubaker is my favorite, the guy knows how to dose action and explanation in the same issue.

As for artists, more recent it would be J. H. Williams III, Terry and Rachel Dodson, Phil Noto.

Not very fan of manga.

-What do you think is your reputation in the Battle Forums and what is the highlight of your time as a debater here in CV? Would you consider it to be your crowning achievement in the site?

I believe I frist got a reputation for my formatting style, aside from that this vote from TTBA can explain better:

"I don't know how I got in before Higor, especially since Higor is one of the users who helped me get to where I am today. Back when I was a brand new user he created the Debaters Rating Thread and gave me some of the most useful advice as I tried to get better and better. He gave me great feedback in each of my debates and I think that's the sign of a great debater. His own matches are also incredibly fun to read and he's just a great user who makes these forums a cooler place to be."

or this summed up one from Pierpat:

"Great tactician, clean and correct language, honest debater. What else could you ask?"

Aside from that I've always tried to be creative and respectful in my debates, using differente characters and strategies to win tournaments. As for highlight it can't be other than my nomination to the Hall of Fame, I mean, to be recognized as a solid debater, but not only that, since the HOF isn't just about winning CaV's or tournaments, it's about endorsing the values we want to see more of on our forum, and that's what i've always tried to do since I got here. I got many epic debates in this site and I thank for every single user who helped me shape the knowledge I possess today.

- Lastly, Any advice you'd like to offer and shout outs you'd like to share with other fellow debaters?

JUST HAVE FUN! I mean, this isn't a race, you don't actually compete with others, you compete with yourself, if you are good enough people will see it in you, recognition will come naturally. Despite all this we should remember this is a place we meet people, make friends and gain more knowledge on our favorite characters.