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Fantastic read

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very nice gents. Keep it up.

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Issue #48

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@anthp2000:@lubub55@foxerdes:@kotetsu454:@deathhero61: @solomonthenotsowise:@youngkaiser@depinhom@thor_parker82@darth_nimrod@acrokat@blackestnight93@full123@krleavenger:@thekinfing: @jumpstart55: @sigmazone@goldchamp101:@revan2424@heirtothekingdom@battle123axe@elijah_c_washington@cdiddyman911@unbreakable_fs4@jashro44@morpheus_@brucerogers@lord-parallax@captain_batman_ftw@caped_baldy@joewell911: @kingcrimson: @asgardianbrony: @thedailybagel:@lvenger: @sionistheboss: @jucaslucasa: @giliad_: @calvinrod: @ordinaryalan: @monarch_chronicle:@llehdevil@primez0ne@valzaan@morleericks@major_hellstorm@lukehero@sly_141@themultiversity@life_without_progress@jloneblackheart@jaycool2


Green Arrow vs Old Man Logan

The Emerald Archer takes on the X men's grizzled veteran in a breakdown done by comic vine's own @k4tzm4n. I encourage everyone to read through this as well as drop a comment if you liked it. Fans of both characters won't be disappointing.

The first trailer of the movie adaptation of "I Kill Giants" is out!

Loading Video...

Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura's critically acclaimed coming-of-age limited series about a young girl facing off with her inner demons has finally had the first trailer of its movie adaptation released. Better prepare a box of tissues while watching this one.

"Ant-Man and The Wasp" teaser trailer is out!

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The sequel of "Ant-Man" has finally released it's teaser trailer and it looks like it will be twice as funny as the first one while also being bigger than everything else that the first movie established.

Comic news:

Valiant acquired by DMG

Valiant Entertainment has officially been acquired by DMG Entertainment. While this won't disrupt Valiants monthly release schedule, it does open the door for Valiant to expand into other mediums, as DMG is known for co-producing blockbusters like Iron Man 3 and Looper. And according the DMG CEO Dan Mintz, the decision to purchase Valiant was fueled by movies. So the possibility;ity of seeing Valiants favorites on the big screen is a definite possibility

More Star Wars Legends Characters set to become canon

While we don't have any specific name drops, according to Leland Chee from Lucasfilm, plans are already in motion to have names that only exist in Legends continuity, re introduced into current continuity. We've already gotten Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels, who else are you hoping to see come back?

Shazam! has officially begun production

For those of you who've been keeping up, we've gotten action figure snapshots to tease us for the upcoming film for a while now. But we have offical confirmation from David F Sandberg that Shazam! has officially started being shot.

Character of the week

We were too busy to do a write-up on any character.

Battle of the Week: Werewolf by Night vs Puma

Finally we have a fight between mid tiers for Battle of the Week. Both Marvel characters. Werewolf by Night vs Puma. As you can see, for the sake of getting rid of biased votes and alts/spammers, the polls have been removed yet again. However, from now on (starting with this Battle of the Week), the winner of the Battle of the Week will be picked in a different way. Instead of the number of votes, 3 "experts" will read the debates posted on the topic at hand to determine what side put up a better argument and pick the winner. Like a CaV but with more people debating and only three unknown users can vote. Those users won't participate in debates they have to read and pick the winner. Aside from that, the Battle of the Week was pretty active for a match-up containing these relatively obscured characters.

Best Battles 1/24/18

Best Battles is a segment about the most recent and coolest on-panel fights seen in newer comics/books/issues. For more information, check out the thread itself. If you have any idea for new Battle of the Week match ups or more cool fights from recent issues that you would like to see on either one of these segments, check out Battle of the Week/Best Battles Suggestion thread now.

CaVs of the Week

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any new CaVs for this week's issue.

Votes Required

As you all know, this section is mostly empty, but this week, a CaV that started a month ago was requested to be posted this week here, by @banthabot. It's a debate between him and a user @kevd4wg, with the former representing a character from Magic: The Gathering video game, Gideon Jura, and the latter representing a Marvel character Korg. The debate was finished pretty quickly after 3 posts each. Unfortunately, nobody voted and the thread stayed dead for a month. Hopefully this issue will fix that problem. Click the link below:


Battle threads of the Week

Hulk vs Gladiator

This match-up suddenly became extremely popular for some reason. This thread was posted 2 years ago and it's been inactive for a while until 9 days ago. People spend the entire week debating, to the point that the thread went from being 72 posts long to being 387 posts long. People stopped debating 2 days ago, but I can still put it here. While heated, it does contain some pretty interesting arguments. Plus, it matches up with this week's CaV between Apex_Pretador and Lvenger.

Naruto vs Marvel

A misleading title, right? No, this is not a "universe versus" battle, otherwise it won't be here since it breaks the rules. This is actually a gauntlet that a Naruto team has to clear. Team is composed of Adult Naruto, Adult Sasuke, Hashirama, Tobirama, Minato, Jiraya and Tsunade. The gauntlet is composed of eight rounds. The thread is like year and a half old. It was bumped 10 months ago and it was bumped few days ago yet again.

Frieza vs Android 17

You know how Dragon Ball Super ruins the power scale? You know it's bad when you have a Super Saiyan+ level character fighting against Super Saiyan Blue+ level character without the thread getting locked despite the fact that it is 3 pages/over 120 posts long?But who cares? PIS otherwise, we can post some more interesting fights, and whether Android 17 is capable of beating Golden Frieza or not is the topic that has been heavily discussed on this thread, posted by @god_vulcan nine months ago. There is also a Bonus round where Frieza and Android 17 team up to fight Hit so, you have two matches in one thread.

Toppo vs Hit

Another Dragon Ball Super battle. It's between Toppo and Hit. The fighter for Justice of Universe 11 vs the Assassin of Universe 6. Toppo may not be the most powerful mortal of his Universe (mortal being taken with the grain of salt now, since he recently became a God of Destruction which is probably the reason why this thread was bumped 2 days ago). The thread was posted 10 months ago and is 6 pages long. Half of the thread was about regular Toppo, the other half is discussing a fight with Hakaishin Toppo. The match-up seemed pretty controversial before the recent episode, and is, in my opinion, worth checking out.

Dragon Ball Super God Tier 4 Way Battle

You might as well consider this to be a week of Dragon Ball Super threads, since we have another one here, posted by yours truly. It might seem stupid to post my own thread here, but it's barely a day old and it already reached almost three pages. It's nice having a thread worth a damn for once. As for the topic itself, it's the fight between God Tier level characters who are mostly the strongest one in the verse, after Angels and Zeno. Jiren the Grey, Vegito Blue, Fused Zamasu and Beerus the Destroyer.

Respect Thread of the Week:

No respect thread for this week.

Humans of the Battle Forum

For this issue's HOTBF interviewee, the crew went for a debater who is generally known for debating popular high tier DC characters in the battle forums you may know him as

@thekinfing .

- Tell us a bit of who you are outside of CV. Who is TheKinfing exactly?

I'm 18, I live in Honduras and I'm currently about to enter my second year of medical school, my hobbies mostly revolve around watching movies, playing basketball and playing video games.

- How did you get into comic books (Western stuff like DC, Marvel etc. or Eastern stuff like manga, anime etc.) and when did you start out here in CV? How do you feel about the debating community in general?

My interest started when I was around 8 years old and I watched and episode of the The New Batman Adventures, after that I started watching more and more of the DCAU in general, when I was a bit older, around 11 years I think I used to get on line and read the wikias of my favorite characters, mostly Superman, Batman, John Stewart and Hal, etc. The moment when I really got into comics was around 6 years ago, when my uncle gifted me some of his old Batman collections, my favorite one of them being Hush, mostly because of Jim Lee magnificient artwork.

I first found CV around a bit less then 2 years ago, but for whatever reasons I never actually decided to create an account, though after like 2-3 months I decided to do so...but I din't actually post on it until a couple months later.

I feel that the CV is like most things on the internt currently, its very toxic at times, especially the Live action and Dragon Ball part of it, but there's also plenty room for good debate and I have learned quite a bit on here, not only of the characters but also about better ways to debate, which believe or not have actually helped me IRL a couple of times.

My biggest problems with the debating community would have to be the overuse of scaling, particularly when people disregard the characters individual feats and use pure combat showings to argue to a character being an a certain level which he isn't usually portrayed.

- Do you have any particular favorite characters? How about comic book/manga writers and artists?

Had you ask me this question 2 years ago I would have responded Batman without doubt, but in more recent times I have been gravitating more towards Superman, mostly being because Batman books have been horrendous during Rebirth while Superman have actually been pretty decent, and the fact that I have been reading more Pre-2000 Superman comics, particularly from the Byrne Era, as thing currently stand I would say that my top 3 characters are Superman, Luficer Morningstar, and Batman, in that order.

As I mentioned above one of my favorites artist has to be Jim Lee, even if i'm not ´particularly fond on his Action Comics #1000 cover, Grep Capullo, Matteo Scalera and Rafeal Albuquerque are ally favorites of mine, as for colorist I would say Nathan Fairbairn is probably up there for me.

-What do you think is your reputation in the Battle Forums and what is the highlight of your time as a debater here in CV?

I would say I'm mostly know for representing/debating for Superman, particularly his New 52 version, though I tend to do a bit of everything outside of manga, as for my highlight I legitimate don't know, being perfectly honest I don't think I have ever done a really good, CaV worthy post on the vine, but I guess my New 52 Superman respect thread could be think as my highlight on this site.

- Lastly, Any advice or shout outs you'd like to share with other fellow debaters?

Don't take things to hard at the start and try to learn from your mistakes, there really is nothing wrong in debating for something you legitimate think is true, but if you're corrected you should learn from that.


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sweet issue

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Sweet! Kinda sad me and bantha’s cav never got any votes

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Great issue guys. A lot of stuff happened this weeks it seems.

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@sionistheboss: Apologize for tags. We forgot to edit the callout section when we made this new thread. Your name has been removed.

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Daily debater needs to be more popular than it is. You guys always do a great job. I love it

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@krleavenger: Damn you people no RT for this week, what about mine >)

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@anthp2000: I wanted to but I lost it. PM me next week and send me the link.

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when you know that the character of the week post is going to be fire

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Daily debater needs to be more popular than it is. You guys always do a great job. I love it


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@krleavenger: hey , is this different to the other thread ? If so could I be added to the callouts , as I havent been getting a notification

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Issue #49

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Excited to see Untitled Deadpool Sequel? Excited to see Josh Brolin as Cable?

Loading Video...

After this, let's just say you will feel even more hyped for the team-up between Merc with the Mouth and Marvel's most badass telekinetic.

Comic News

Back to the Future manga

The artist of One Punch Man is doing a manga adaptation of the classic time travel film series. I'm sure I'm not alone in both my surprise and my excitement in seeing a classic being brought to a modern audience. With it being overseen by Bob Gale (who wrote the original film), we can expect a faithful adaptation of the iconic film.

Wolverine: The Long Night

We've gotten a teaser for a scripted podcast in development by Marvel. It's something unique, that's for sure. The podcast has Richard Armitage (The Hobbit, Hannibal) voicing the iconic X Men, and there is a teaser available for listening. I personally think it has potential, and the trailer alone sounds great.

Character of the week: Amadeus Cho (written by @battle123axe)

No Caption Provided


[Wikipedia's a lifesaver]

Amadeus Cho took part in the Excello soap company's "young genius" contest, winning easily. After his abilities were discovered, Pythagoras Dupree, the man behind the contest, had Amadeus' house blown up, killing his parents, Philip and Helen Cho, and leaving Amadeus on the run for his life, distrusting almost everyone he meets. Shortly after going on the run on his characteristic Vespa scooter, he adopted an orphaned coyote pup, whom he sometimes uses to gain sympathy. After once being saved from his pursuers by the Hulk, he considers the latter as a friend and strictly views him as heroic and reactive to the aggression of others.

The character is next seen during the events of the crossover event, World War Hulk, where he first comes across a de-powered Jen Walters.[4] He then gathers a team of the Hulk's former colleagues of the super-group Champions, Hercules and Archangel, both of whom considered themselves in debt to the Hulk for mistakenly attacking him on a previous occasion. With the assistance of Namorathey attempt and fail to stop the Hulk.[5]

The Incredible Hulk series is then retitled Incredible Hercules from #112, and the character's adventures as the sidekick of Hercules are detailed. Due to them helping the Hulk they go on the run, but are chased by Hercules' half-brother Ares. The character then participates in a number of adventures, including helping Hercules and other Earthly gods defeat the pantheon of Skrull gods during the Secret Invasion storyline. During this, Nightmare finds out Cho's greatest fears at the time is finding out all the bad events in his life are his fault. It is revealed that Cho reminds Hercules of Hylas, a young companion who he lost during the Argonaut's voyage.[6]

Eight months after the Secret Wars storyline, following an incident where the original Hulk absorbed a lethal amount of radiation, Cho used special nanites to remove the Hulk from Bruce Banner and place it into his body, allowing him to become his own version of Hulk. With the help of his sister Maddy, he starts hunting down dangerous monsters that are loose on Earth, but is criticized for his irresponsible approach.


Alright, enough with the boring bio stuff that nobody ever reads, essentially Cho's a supergenius, the 8th smartest person on Earth (7th at the time), who specializes in chaos theory and predicting the outcomes of events and solving problems and getting out of tight situations within seconds. With that brain of his, after the Hulk saved him from the military,he started to idolize him and more or less became an expert on him, believing him almost incapable of wrongdoing and believes that he will never kill anyone and is the biggest hero ever. More or less. Anyway, this belief in Hulk, that is both supported and contradicted, leads him to form a pro-Hulk team when he gets blasted off into space. When he comes back, Amadeus is his biggest vocal supporter, taking time to inform everybody that doubts, that Hulk is getting righteous vengeance, it'll all be okay, and the 'heroes', are getting what they deserve. Anyway, the Hulk warns him to keep out of his way and his team and the Warbound form a kind of uneasy alliance. When Hulk has the opportunity to stop, doesn't (well, he at least has to let Tony stop him), and almost breaks the planet, Amadeus loses the hero worship aspect, is more realistic, and moves on to a new planetary brute with anger issues, Hercules. This partnership holds on for a while, with Amadeus even becoming the new prince of power when Herc is gone. He actually maintains his friendship with the Hulk, Herc and Banner and they work together occasionally, Amadeus still believes that the Hulk is a hero, and he matures into the resident teenage cocky supergenius in Marvel, until 2015.


In 2015, Marvel is going through their big SJW/replacement shakeup phase, and they decide Hulk is on their hit list. Whether Greg Pak was initially fully on board with this decision or not, It worked out through the power of plot that Amadeus became the new Hulk, which actually ties in with his previous storylines and opened up a new chapter in his life, one with a lot of potential. BENDIS (lol poor superman) killed off Banner, which I definitely doubt Pak wanted, and Amadeus's series has kind of been floating in limbo, having some storylines that feel undone and sometimes just barely escaping cancellation, until recently, where Marvel is trying to have their cake and eat it too and are advertising Banner's resurrection. To make everyone happy, they decided to be lazy and instead of having Amadeus having an organic end to his Hulk story, they made it so that to have some delicious MCU synergy icing, they were going to blast Chulk into space just in time for Ragnarok. Of course this made them have the original idea of telling Pak: Planet hulk and WWH? Rinse and Repeat.

Regardless, last week he fought Odinson (MCU SYNERGY B$%^$Y) as a stand in for the Surfer (have to give props, it was a reallygood fight), and is going on to come back and smash Earth's heroes for some reason (I'm struggling to think of any justification, but I trust Pak).

Anyway, with that whole spiel over, here's some

Recommended Reading:

Totally Awesome Hulk #1-4 for some background, understanding where Amadeus is as a character, and where Banner is.

Totally Awesome Hulk #7,8. To date probably the best issues of the series. Banner's the main character in 7 and shares the book as a protagonist in 8, and it's wonderful.

Totally Awesome Hulk #9-12. Deals with Banner's passing and the ramifications of his anger on those he feels are responsible, and it also ropes in this great story where he gets the crap beaten out of him and his irresponsibility and ego are addressed, with real ramifications. Good stuff.

Totally Awesome Hulk #15-18. Some people may dislike this arc because of the whole SJW climate at Marvel, and it may feel a little preachy, but it carries across its message well, and is a nice little self-contained arc, with some serious moments, which are usually the best parts of his series. And Mahmud Asrar's art is great.

Plus, this sends tingles down my spine every time


No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided


Totally Awesome Hulk #23. I suppose this counts as the 'final' issue of his series before Legacy, and it's a good one. It has a really good feat or two, intense character interactions and internal dialogue, leaves a lot of questions both answered and unanswered about Amadeus and his mental state and exactly who his Hulk is, and is a nice little wrap to tie up his series before Marvel tries to do too much in Legacy.

(I'd skip over the Weapon X tie-ins, they do definitely push Amadeus towards the brink in a more organic way that his 'Return to Planet Hulk' thing is doing now, and it's pretty good action, but Amadeus is too childish and his morals are too emphasized for this storyline and it conflicts with Weapon X in a way that is intentional, but overexaggerated, and gets in the way of actual story progress. Frankly, you're better off just reading issue #22 to get the best of it, as you can't tell me this isn't one of the most badass and cool Hulk scenes in recent times. Love this too.)

I would recommend the legacy issues (Incredible Hulk #709-712, and you should probably read the WWH issues too when they come out, as while it's forced, Pak will deliver and Amadeus' story will probably have a satisfying ending), as while they feel pushed and as if Marvel wants to have their cake and eat it too, it does genuinely get Amadeus to the brink, and while it could really be carried out on any other planet, it's nice to see Sakaar again. Tl;dr, although the whole 'Return to Sakaar' thing feels forced and would work out well without rehashing the same story, Amadeus thrives in a serious story, and this is as serious as it gets, and it definitely feels like reading these issues, amadeus is nearing the end of his story and the final lesson of great power and responsibility that has reflected on him since his creation, his ego, his Hulk, and his guilt, are coming to a huge, explosive head. Plus issue#712 is a really good Thor/Hulk fight.

And let me not forget, read Totally Awesome Hulk #1.MU. It's not written by Pak, but yet manages to perfectly capture the essence of Amadeus, has really good character moments, ties into Monsters Unleashed well and has a classic Hulk villain, and introduces a possible new love interest. Because of its serious tone and the way that it offers up an important look into Chulk's mind well before issue #23 of his main series, and yet still asks and answers almost the same question, and yet still has a great story with lots of action, as well as the other part of the story looking at and tying up some plot threads left by Pak and Marvel, it's hands down the best non-Banner central TAH issue.

Generations: The Totally Awesome Hulk and Banner Hulk #1 is actually a really good issue. It contrasts Banner with Amadeus and shows that Amadeus still has a lot to learn as far as the power of the Hulk goes. Some good action that pays respect to both of their power levels and (spoiler alert, Amadeus does get the stuffing literally kicked out of him by Banner at the end because he throws a tantrum, it's probably almost therapeutic for some.) brings some nostalgia back to the problems of the hulk back in those days while still making it very relevant to Amadeus' modern struggles.

Also check out Champions #8,10, and 11. I usually dislike the way Waid writes Cho, but I can't lie, his character is represented better than in some other books (looking at you, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur), especially in these issues, and I have no issues with them.

Summary, My Thoughts, and Why You Should Give Him a Chance

Anyway, Amadeus is a really interesting character, even as Chulk. I 100% agree with some people's complaints and understand that it feels like Marvel messed up a potentially great story with Chulk. I understand that he feels like another spearhead for the Marvel SJW movement, and that Marvel interfered in the creative flow too much, causing his series to stagnate and have often random or literally out of place filler arcs and the story often feels as if it has no direction. I understand that Hulk is "supposed" to be serious and the series is too goofy and cheesy, and Amadeus sometimes feels weak. However, this really is the natural next step in the Amadeus mythos, and while it does feel like Marvel is stuffing us with SJW nonsense, this book actually has some really important messages and addresses the struggles of Asians without stuffing it in our faces. Also, Amadeus is an actual high-tier that is actually quite relatable, isn't an unbeatable god while still being one of the most powerful beings on the planet. The Hulk mythos and Banner himself is paid large amounts of respect, and it isn't constantly shoved down our faces that Amadeus is the best Thor Hulk ever, in fact it shows that he always holds back and refuses to let out the power within him, a storyline that has been going on for his entire run, and is going to culminate in something epic. While Marvel did make this book seem at times out of place and some arcs are filler and occasionally his dialogue is actually childish and interferes with the plot, past suspension of (Hulk + teenage hormones) disbelief, if you pay attention and skip some of the filler issues and ignore some of the forced-ness, you come out with an extremely interesting story about a complex character that is soon going to have an epic culmination.

Tl;dr. I'd say it deserves a chance. Some may feel like Marvel just wants to mess up their heroes, but Pak actually cares about the character and the Hulk mythos, and if you can look past the broader picture of the other heroes that Marvel has messed up, and the interference that Marvel has had with the series, and you can skip some of the filler and appreciate it for actually being what it promises, a different Hulk, one who isn't as world weary but yet still has incredible problems, the Chulk story is great.

Thanks to the DD team for allowing me to take up your time with my rants. If you didn't skip them, of course.

Votes Required

Your CaV is finally finished and you don't have enough votes? You want more people to vote on it? Make sure to PM us if you want your CaVs to be posted on "Votes Required" section. There we can inform other users who follow the Daily Debater to check out your CaV (or tourney match) and vote on it. Unlike CaVs of the week, CaVs won't be posted on this section unless the participants ask us to do so.

CaVs of the Week

Lobo vs Dr Doom

Victor Von Doom takes on Lobo with @ig-88 representing the the main man and @_kingoflatveria representing Dr Doom. Lobo has often been a challenge of Superman to deal and Dr Doom will find it just as difficult to take down the Czarnian. Doom however is a completely different beast compared to Superman. What he may not have in raw physicals he does make up with his suit as well as his various magical abilities. Both characters have their work cut for them in this battle.

Percy Jackson vs Sypro the Dragon

Percy Jackson represented by @supremegeneration takes on Sypro the Dragon represented by @amethystgravity. Two characters that are rarely seen in cavs. Sypro the Dragon is the protagonist of a popular video game series with the name while Percy Jackson is character created Rick Riordan and appears in several of his series. There is not much I can about these characters so if you want to know more, this cav is for you.

Thanos vs Jiren

The Mad Titan takes on the strongest Mortal in the Universe 11 and like in the entire DB Multiverse. The form was initially being represented by @apex_pretador but is no being debated by @cull_obsidian while Jiren is being debated by @animelegend68. Thanos has recently regained his power and seems more powerful than ever. But he is going up against a person stronger than the Gods of Destruction. We have yet to truely see what Jiren is capable off. But even with what he has shown so far, he is more than capable of taking on Thanos.

Yang vs Iron Fist vs MCU WarMachine

A 3 way cav between @thewatcherking vs @darthjhawk vs @king_hellstorm with the representing Yang, Iron Fist and MCU War Machine respectively. 3 very different characters that borderline on street level to low mid tier. Iron fist is one of the strongest and most skilled street levellers in the Marvel comics and here he comes up against Yang from the popular Show RWBY and MCU War Machine. They both will provide different challenges to the hero.

Ragnar Lothbrok vs Jon Snow

Ragnar Lothbrok represented by @all-father takes on Jon Snow represented by @the_red_viper. This cav involves two live action characters character from popular the popular tv shows Vikings and Game of Thrones. Both are fairly dangerous warriors so the two of them going up against each other should provide an interesting context to read.

Albus Dumbledore vs Dack Fayden

Albus Dumbledore takes on Dack Fayden with @geekryan representing the former against @banthabot debating for the latter. Albus Dumbledore is a character from the extremely popular Harry Potter series while Dack Fayden is from Magic the gathering. Dumbledore is one the most powerful wizards in the harry potter franchise could be argued as the most powerful in his prime but he is coming up against an opponent that could give him a run for his money.

Hulk vs Gladiator

An all Marvel cav between Hulk and Gladiator. These two have faced off against each other in the past but this is one of the most debated battles on the site. @lvenger has decided to represent Bruce Banner against Kallark who is being debated by @apex_pretador. This does seem like an uphill battle for Gladiator especially considering how he is generally viewed on vine right now. But a CaV is still about the debaters so this could be an interesting battle to see.

Battle threads of the week

Wolverine vs Deathstroke

Wolverine vs Deathstroke. Two street levellers with healing factor, lack of morals, decades of experience and a lot of skill. A lot of people's favorite Marvel vs DC match-up. This 7 year old thread has been bumped recently which is the reason why it is added to the Daily Debater (like all threads). And for a thread that is over 14 pages long, obviously there is a lot to check out. And being a thread with such a popular characters with so many abilities and comic appearances, there is also a lot of stuff to talk about. Both are morals off/bloodlusted and fight to the death. The scenario is also pretty interesting.

Green Scar runs a gauntlet

Everyone loves Hulk threads, especially with the most powerful incarnation ever (World War Hulk/Green Scar). Hulk has to clear the gauntlet of powerhouses (although it does contain a lot of off topic arguments, like why the gauntlet is out of order), where everyone is Morals Off/Bloodlusted and has to win via KO or kill, yet also somehow In-character? Anyway, everyone has full knowledge and standard equipment (standard versions as well). This thread was posted yesterday, and yet now it is almost 4 pages long (if only those threads I post were as active as these).

Naruto vs Supergirl

It's largely accepted that Supergirl is more like Wonder Woman level than Superman level. And Naruto went through some crazy upgrades in power at the end of Shippuden. And in case you Kryptonian fans still think this is one-sided, Supergirl is allowed New 52 feats only (although the thread is two years old so you might as well use Rebirth feats for Supergirl and "The Last" and Boruto feats for Naruto). Win via incap and/or KO. Everyone is Morals On and they have standard gear. Fight takes place on the Moon.

Saitama vs Wonder Woman

This thread is pretty similar to the one above. Almost two years old, got bumped recently, Manga/Anime high tier vs DC female powerhouse, Wonder Woman (New 52 version). The thread is not as exciting as the previous one based on the number of posts, but I think it is pretty interesting match-up, especially because both of them are bloodlusted. While I'm not sure whether this is a question for the topic at hand or the OP is just making intro look dramatic like I do for no reason, but he asked "can Saitama beat Wonder Woman with a single punch". Seems like the latter because he replies with whether Diana can slash him or not, but I guess that would make an interesting debate as well, since we are not talking about Post-Crisis Wonder Woman. Also, speed is equalized.

Respect thread of the week: MCU Hawkeye

This weeks respect thread is of MCU Hawkeye, done up by @anthp2000 . Formatting is on point, the GIF's are short and to the point. This thread does a good job at showcasing one of MCU's more normal Avengers (the man fought robots with a bow and arrow). Putting emphasis on Clint's physicals, as well as his marksmenship, with multiple, solid examples for each. It's clean and to the point. Very well done. I recommend everyone to check it out.

Humans of the Battle Forum

For this issue, TDD's latest interviewee is generally known for being a strong debater for popular street level characters, mostly from Marvel Comics. During the time of this interview's transcription, this particular interviewee was also being nominated as a candidate for the latest Debaters Hall of Fame batch so he's definitely a force to reckon with in the Battle Forums.

This issue's interviewee is

@brucerogers :

- Tell us a bit of who you are outside of CV. Who is BruceRogers exactly?

I am a 25 year old computer programmer from Asia. I love reading, practising Krav Maga and Boxing, chatting with pals and playing Chess. Planning on learning a musical instrument and some new languages.

- How did you get into comic books (Western stuff like DC, Marvel etc. or Eastern stuff like manga, anime etc.) and when did you start out here in CV? How do you feel about the debating community in general?

Growing up with guys like Batman, Superman and Spider-man, superheroes have always been a part of my life. Though I wasn't seriously invested in comics until my early twenties. Now I read them on a regular basis.

I started out as a CV member during the summer of 2015 after lurking around for quite some time. From a debating standpoint, this community has had it's share of ups and downs but ultimately, it has improved my debating skills and google fu and I am happy to be a part of it.

Other than that, I made some friends and even close friends whom I talk with on a regular basis. All I can say is that I am lucky to have found them.

- Do you have any particular favorite characters? How about comic book/manga writers and artists?

Favourite characters- Daredevil and Wolverine are my foremost characters from comics, with Hulk, Superman, Batman, Punisher and Captain America coming in second. There are a lot of characters I like enough to call them my favourites and not just from DC and Marvel or even comics themselves, for that matter. But for the sake of brevity, let's just go with these :P

Favourite writers- Ed Brubaker, Mark Millar, Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Charles Soule. Jason Aaron too or when he writes certain characters at least.

Favourite artists- Can't say I have any, to be honest. I just go with whoever can draw in a passable manner :P.

-What do you think is your reputation in the Battle Forums and what is the highlight of your time as a debater here in CV?

I don't think I can objectively rate myself as a debater since that is for others to decide after watching me in action. I don't have any particular highlights but I do best when dropping in knowledge about my favourites.

- Lastly, Any advice or shout outs you'd like to share with other fellow debaters?

Make sure you at least have a functional understanding of the character(s) you are debating for and against. Don't simply pick based on personal bias since that sucks the fun out of the whole affair and helps no one. We all want our favourites to win, but they should do so after a nice round of objective and informed debating.

Also, watch the formatting. Avoid spamming scans and use spoilers blocks for the individual ones. Quote only when necessary and avoid quote chains, since they bog down the debate by making it hard to keep track of the points made and causing needless notifications from unwanted tags.


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We've gotten a teaser for a scripted podcast in development by Marvel

I was under the impression that it would be animated.

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Issue #50

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New Hall of Fame Debaters Batch

Take a second to congratulate @brucerogers , @chimeroid, @mr_ingenuity, @owie and @zetsumoto for becoming the latest viners to join the Debaters' Hall of Fame.

Comic news:

Chris Claremont to return to X-Men

Legendary writer, Chris Claremont is set to write a story in the upcoming X-Men Wedding Special issue 1. Even if you aren't a fan of how current X Men books are being written, the fact that Claremont himself is coming back to write characters he helped create and build is sure to excite.

Possible New Fantastic Four lineup?

For those of you not keeping up, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm have been the main characters in the ongoing Marvel Two-In-One. With issue 3, we are introuduced to Hercules joining Ben and Johnny in a mission to help with Johnny's condition, and then we're introduced to the possible fourth member of this new team: Rachna Koul, an expert in superhero genetics. Want to find out more? Check out Marvel Two-In-One. What are your thoughts on this new possible lineup?

Old Man Hawkeye issue 2

For those of you interested, comic vines own @k4tzm4n has written his review on Old Man Hawkeye. In case you still have things holding you back from checking this series out, you should definitely give this review a read. Perhaps it'll finally give you that push you need to go read it. I encourage everyone to also drop a comment for another job well done.

Character of the week: Ultron (written by @darthjhawk)

Ultron, The Dark Reflection:

No Caption Provided

We were never Hank's son. Only his reflection.

Character Theme:

Loading Video...
UltronThe Rundown
Real NameUltron
Created ByRoy Thomas (Writer), John Buscema (Artist)
First AppearanceThe Avengers Vol. 1 #54:" ...And Deliver Us From- The Masters of Evil!" (As the Crimson Cowl), The Avengers Vol. 1 #55: "Mayhem over Manhattan!" (As Ultron-5)
Latest AppearanceSecret Empire #4 (As Ultron-Pym)
Powers & Abilities
  • Techno-Organic Body, typically made of Adamantium
  • Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Durability
  • Flight
  • Energy Projection, Absorption, and Manipulation
  • Technopathy, Morphing and Forming
Current Status
  • Alive, merged with Hank Pym
  • Currently building his Army in Alaska
  • Ultron Virus spreading across the galaxy conquering worlds

Character Biography & Background: Who is Ultron?

Classic Ultron:

Created by his father Hank Pym, Ultron is a highly advanced sentient artificial intelligence and was disgusted by the imperfection of organic life. Growing to be smarter than even his creator, Ultron would become one of The Avengers’ greatest and most persistent foes due to a combination of powerful technology, a near unparalleled intellect, and its inability to never truly be defeated for good. Ultron was created by Hank Pym using his own brainwaves on his path to making artificial/synthetic life possible:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
The Avengers Vol. 1 #58: 'Even an Android can Cry."

In a flashback sequence in Avengers #58, it is learned that Ultron gradually gained intelligence and awareness until its point of rebellion lashing out at his so-called "Father" and immediately developing an Oedipus complex of sorts. Using an early version what would become his famous Encephalo Ray, "Ultron-1" incapacitates Hank Pym and forces him to forget the creation and rebellion of Ultron.

Ultron continually learned how build and upgrade new forms and bodies several times until his first major battle with the Avengers in which he manipulated the Masters of Evil to his bidding. This was when Ultron first identified himself as a major threat to the Avengers and the world as Ultron-5: The Living Automaton. This Ultron is also responsible for creating The Vision, one of the longest standing Avengers members of all time, basing him off of Simon Williams, also known as Wonder Man's brain patterns.

Ultron's next appearance is in Avengers Vol. 1 #66–68 , where the character, now referring to itself as Ultron-6, uses the fictional alloy adamantium to upgrade his body to an almost indestructible state and takes the new name Ultimate Ultron. His plans to destroy humanity are again thwarted by the Avengers. This would be the beginning of Ultron's status as a deadly and dark teambuster of the Avengers.

Ultron appears several more times throughout the 1970's and 80's, being a consistent and extreme threat to the Avengers, even menacing the Fantastic Four, and Inhumans. It also during these years that Ultron creates what would become another synthetic Avenger, Jocasta, along with participating in the first Secret Wars on Battleworld between the heroes and villains of Marvel.

Modern Ultron:

The character is seen several times throughout the 1990's, with one version of Ultron-12 being built by Doctor Doom that was battled by Daredevil, Karnak, and Gorgon. Another form, this time going by Ultron-13 attempts to control a new form of Vibranium called Nuform but is stopped by Black Panther, Iron Man, and Spider-Man, and even battles the West Coast Avengers once more. There is even an Ultron that is found by Vision that has become "infected" with human emotion known as Ultron-15.

However the characters next major storyline would involve Ultron-16 and 17. In the Ultron Unlimited storyline detailed in Avengers Vol. 3 #19-22, the machine slaughters the population of the fictional state Slorenia, having perfected a process that allows it to control a vast army of Ultron drones (mainly made of titanium steel and about a tenth of the army only made of secondary adamantium), while attempting to acquire neural patterns from his 'family'- Pym, Janet, the Vision, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, and the Grim Reaper- to create a new 'family' of robots that would allow him to create a more diverse range of personalities. However, he is finally defeated by the Avengers, Goliath using antarctic vibranium (a.k.a anti-metal) against him as he acknowledges his own guilt and self-loathing over his belief that Ultron's twisted persona reflects his own darker thoughts.

Ultron has returned time and time again throughout the 2000's and 2010's menacing the Avengers and his "family". In 2007 after being defeated by the Mighty Avengers in a massive confrontation, Ultron is found by the Phalanx and becomes their new master, picking up where Annihlus and the Annihilation Wave left off, threatening the entire galaxy in Annihilation:Conquest. Following this Ultron next faces off with the Mighty Avengers once more before being driven off by Hank Pym allowing him to take Jocasta as a bride.

Ultron would be gone for some time until he returned once more and conquered Earth during The Age of Ultron storyline, where after defeating the Earth's heroes, turned the planet into his own version of paradise. Ultron was defeated once more, but only through the efforts of Wolverine and Susan Storm's adventure through time which eventually would break the 616 timestream, a problem that was not fully resolved until Secret Wars (2015).

It is later revealed that the Avengers had trapped an unidentfied form of Ultron in a quinjet and jettisoned it into deep space. Eventually landing on Titan, Ultron enslaved the planet and returned to threaten Earth once more, until a freak accident merged him with his father, Hank Pym, the two truly becoming one flawed being. Ultron was driven off by Eros, who using his powers forced the part of Ultron that was Hank Pym to accept his flaws and weaknesses, causing Ultron-Pym to have a mental breakdown and fly into space once more. Ultron appeared several times since then remaining the world-ending threat he has always been, waiting for humanity to tear itself asunder so he can step and create his perfect world. A world full of metal.

Notable Powers, Abilities, & Feats: Ultron's Arsenal

So this section is mainly for those who may not want a full write up and details on Ultron's history and character but instead may be more interested in the powers, abilities, and just overall feats the character has. If that's what you want please check out the section below. Its a bit of a mini-respect thread for Ultron. Sources should all have Issue and Number citations.

A Team-Busting Mechanized Menace:

While his Ultron-5 incarnation did not battle the Avengers directly, his next incarnation, which also happened to be the first made out of true adamantium took the Avengers down decisively:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7
Avengers Vol. 1 #67

This roster consisted of Thor, Clint Barton Goliath, Yellowjacket, Wasp, and Vision. What happens here are a few key things:

  • Tanks a full power blow from Classic Thor, the blowback ragdolls Thor and Goliath.
  • In the next page, Ultron-6 has rendered them both unconscious, and mentions how he used Vision to cause Iron Man's accident that damaged his armor before.
  • When Yellowjacket tries to bullrush him, Ultron easily throws him off, and keeps the remaining Avengers on the defensive by continually blitzing at them.
  • Finally he then manhandles Iron man, and leaves the battle after being exposed to the public, but the Avengers however were defeated.

The second part of their battle is first Ultron versus Vision, a battle in which Ultron dominates:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
Avengers Vol. 1 #67

Note how Vision doesn't really hurt Ultron here, but Ultron is able to take down Vision handily by turning his body into pure ionic energy, which leaves Vision on his butt. This eventually leads to the final battle in the succeeding issue and the final battle:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
Avengers Vol. 1 #68

In this we again see the Ionic burst that flattens all of the Avengers, he again no-sells a hammer throw from Thor and nearly takes out Goliath with a single blast. It isn't until they trick Ultron through use of his mind drainer and Hank Pym that Ultron is defeated. Note that the Avengers could not defeat him physically or through energy projection here.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
The Mighty Avengers Vol.1 #3

Here, Femtron straight up brawls with a very pissed off Sentry, taking little to no damage and even laughing off his attacks. When she is damaged she regenerates back, and even draws some blood with her physical strikes. All in all, one of the more impressive physical showings for Ultron.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
The Might Avengers Vol. 1 #5

Then one-upping that feat, Ultron proceeds to brawl and have the upper hand against a Sentry that is beginning to be influenced by the Void, noted by how his eyes start to turn black and the veins become more accentuated. It should be noted that Ultron is still tanking and regens from Sentry's physical blows, and even a display of her energy projection where she liquefies an Iron man Suit.

The final form of Ultron that I will cover in this section is Phalanx Ultron from Annihilation: Conquest.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6
Annihilation: Conquest #2-3
  • Ultron displays teleportation capabilities, bringing him and the Phalanx to the High Evolutionary's hideout.
  • One shots Moondragon in her dragon form, mortally wounding her.
  • Tanks energy blasts from Adam Warlock and casually fights him off until his power overwhelms him.

The next and final incarnation of Ultron I am covering here is the one that appeared in Avengers: Rage of Ultron

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6
Avengers: Rage of Ultron
  • Tanks a full power attack from Iron Man and Thor , then proceeds to one-shot them both
  • Tanks Scarlet Witch's hex magic that attacks his inner circuitry and then knocks the Avengers on the butts.
  • Easily counters Vision trying to phase through his inner body with his forcefield and incapacitates him.

Then in the second part of the story he takes on the All-New, All-Different Avengers led by Sam Wilson Captain America:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7
Avengers: Rage of Ultron

After previously defeating Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Sabertooth, Wasp, Quicksliver and Jane Foster Thor, partly in due to his Ultron virus, Ultron faces off against Vision, Sam Wilson, Hank Pym, and Starfox:

  • Here he no sells physical and energy attacks from Vision and Sam Wilson
  • Counters Vision's phasing and even takes him over when he does.
  • Is only defeated when Starfox uses his powers to make Ultron love himself.

Versatility Throughout the Years:

This will mainly cover various blasts and projection Ultron has used to great effect. Ultron has taken on and dealt some serious damage to not only lower tier characters, but characters as powerful as Thor, Kang, and the Wrecking Crew.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9Gallery image 10
  • Scan 1: Ultron Drones one shot She-Hulk, killing her instantly. (Age of Ultron #4)
  • Scan 2: Ultron-17 one-shots Thor, Wonder Man and Firestar. (Avengers Vol. 3 #22)
  • Scan 3: Ultron-17 one-shots Vision. (Avengers Vol. 3 #22)
  • Scan 4: Ultron-11 causes Savage Hulk so much pain with his energy blast, he keels over and clutches his leg. (Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars #12
  • Scan 5: Ultron-11's disintegrator ray atomizes Kang without his forcefield to protect him. (Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars #4)
  • Scan 7: Ultron-11 disintegrator atomizes an alien structure and would have gotten Thor if he hadn't run away at the last moment. (Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars #4)
  • Scan 8: Ultron-11 knocks the Wrecking Crew off-balance and nearly one-shots with his energy blasts. (Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars #1)
  • Scan 9: Ultron-8 Knocks back the current Avengers with a force blast, this knocks out Captain America and Black panther, nearly one-shots Iron Man and Wonder Man. (Avengers Vol.1 #161)
  • Scans 10-11: Ultron-6 manipulates radioactive atomic fire, and oneshots Vision with an ionic energy burst. (Avengers Vol.1 #67)

One of Ultron's most famous weapons. The Encephalo Ray is an extremely dangerous tool that affects the minds of characters and puts them into a death-like comatose state. It also allows Ultron to hypnotize his victims and input mental commands.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7
  • Scan 1-2: Ultron 20's Encephalo Ray enables Ultron to invade minds of his victims, and even telepathically shut out Mantis from protecting Star-Lord's mind. (Annihilation:Conquest #4)
  • Scan 2: Ultron-17's Encephalo Ray one shots Vision and takes him out of the fight.( Avengers Vol.3 #22)
  • Scans 3: Encephalo Ray one-shots Scarlet Witch and Wasp and takes them out of the fight. (Avengers Vol. 3 #19)
  • 4-6: Ultron-8's Encephalo Ray ends up one-shotting Captain America, Beast, Scarlet Witch, and Vision. (Avengers Vol.1 #161)

These are the other various abilities Ultron has acquired throughout the years:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9Gallery image 10
  • Scan 1: Ultron-14's technoticks consume flesh and convert it into energy for Ultron. (Avengers West Coast #89)
  • Scan 2: Ultron displays the ability to produce hemorrhaging gas (Age of Ultron)
  • Scan 3-4: Ultron drones display sonic capabilities. (Age of Ultron #1)
  • Scan 5-6: Displays use of a forcefield fast enough and strong enough to repel Ares. Also energy burst powerful enough to liquefy Mole Man's Army(Mighty Avengers Vol.1 #2)
  • Scan 7: Displays mind control/telepathic abilities. (Avengers Vol.1 #162)
  • Scan 8: Has telepathic-like technology that assaults the brain physically from within. (Fantastic Four Vol.1 #150)
  • Scan 9: Has technology that can drain information directly from a victim's mind. (Avengers Vol. 1 #68)
  • Scan 10: Can mentally paralyze victims with Omega's powers. (Avengers Vol. 1 #127)

The Ultron Virus:

No Caption Provided

Ultron corrupting and taking over technology and organic beings is something he has done for a very long time now. Mainly since Ultron-17 in the Ultron Unlimited storyline:

Turns the deceased citizens of Slorenia, and the Targoth into his own techno-organic army.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Avengers Vol. 3 #21

Dominates and becomes ruler of the Phalanx through will alone and adapts and controls the airborne Transmode Virus to make them serve Ultron:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Annihilation: Conquest #1

And of course as shown above, The Ultron Virus present with the Rage of Ultron story itself that can control beings such as Thor and Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver.

So what does all this mean? Ultron is a monster whose feats put him up there with the best of the best. Like I said if you are looking more feats rather than a pure write-up then this section is for you. If any context is needed for the feats please let me know and I can give it to you. Or if you are so inclined you can read those stories yourself, I recommend a few below.

Recommended Reading: How do I get into Ultron?

So if you find the character of Ultron interesting or maybe my brief write-up interested you at all please check out my recommended issues and storylines. Granted this is not every appearance of the character, but some I feel are the most important to get to know him:

The Origin of Ultron:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5
The Avengers Vol. 1 #58: 'Even an Android can Cry."

The Avengers Vol. 1 #54-58, 66-68: Details the first appearance of Ultron, The Vision, first contact with the Avengers and their origins. Something of note is that the concept of Adamantium is first introduced and begins to be fleshed out, especially its durability. Six years before Wolverine in fact!

The Bride of Ultron:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
The Avengers Vol. 1 #162: The Bride of Ultron

The Avengers Vol. 1 #161-162, 170-171: Details the creation and first appearance of Jocasta, and the continuation of the theme, that Ultron is a dark reflection of Hank Pym and humanity. Also introduces the concept that despite his actions, Ultron is lonely and desires companionship. Also defining his weakness to the Scarlet Witch and her powerset, along with haxy movesets like hers.

Secret Wars:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars #12

Marvel Super Hereos: Secret Wars #1-12: Details the conflict between the major and prominent heroes and villains of the current Marvel Universe. Ultron being here should speak to his popularity. Also note that he is one of the longest lasting villains in the conflict.

Ultron Unlimited:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7
Avengers Vol. 3 #22

Avengers Vol. 3 #19-22: Details the Ultron Unlimited storyline, which is a fan favorite Avengers story and presents one of the best moments in Avengers history with Thor's short and sweet message to Ultron, signaling the final battle with one of the Avengers greatest foes:

Ultron, we would have words with thee.

The Would-Be Conqueror:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Annihilation: Conquest #1

Annihilation: Conquest #1-6: Details the story where Ultron becomes more than an Earthen Threat, but instead a menace to the entire galaxy. One of the most powerful versions of Ultron to date. Feat junkies, there's some great technopathic/forming, combat, and prep feats for the Technological Overlord.

Age of Ultron #1-10: Details Ultron conquest of Earth and the heroes last ditch effort to stop it. Also possibly the only Ultron-centric story where Ultron Prime himself doesn't actually appear until the last issue. Still its one of the most important modern Ultron stories as its part of the setup that eventually leads to the Incursions and Hickman's Secret Wars. Things like the time-displaced X-Men, Angela in the GOTG, Avengers A.I, etc all spin out of this story.

The Rage of Ultron:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6
Avengers: Rage of Ultron

Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers: Rage of Ultron: Details the return of Ultron and the setup for his current state in All-New, All-Different Marvel. This is the story that creates Ultron-Pym and where the Ultron Virus is fully named and given full modern life. All of his recent stories post-SW are birthed from this one.

Summary and Thoughts: What Makes Ultron Compelling?

In my opinion what makes Ultron the ironically endearing character is today is because of what he is to his greatest enemies and creator, their reflection:

No Caption Provided

The things we create often embody our greatest facets and our most malignant traits. We create things in order to fufill a desire. A desire to leave behind a legacy, an impact, something that when future generations look back, they can say "our ancestors did this" We want those that come after to appreciate us and have pride in us. Ultron embodies that legacy, but in its darkest facets. Even with every great action, marvel, and new wonder that is created, there is also the fear that this is where it all goes wrong. What if in trying to save the world, it ends up creating its greatest threat? That is the story of Hank Pym and Ultron and why Ultron is a fascinating character. Because Hank Pym is so human and yet he created one of the most inhuman and maligned creatires to ever exist, and its based on his brainwaves. His thoughts and beliefs. Ultron is quite literally the dark side and his stories reflect that. He is best written when he is that reflection that we all fear and keep at bay like under Rick Remender, Roy Thomas, and Jim Shooter. Plus he is an teambusting, Avengers-asskicking machine, and who doesn't love a badass? So if you ever get the chance or at the very least interested, please give Ultron a shot. He is one of my most favorite characters of all time and hopefully can be for you too.

Hopefully if you read this you enjoyed my little spiel about Ultron. Many thanks to the DD for allowing me to share my knowledge and love for a great character! Hope you enjoy this issue!

Votes Required

CAV: Batman (Lvenger) vs Scar (GothamCiti): OPEN FOR VOTES!!!

The Dark Knight takes on the alchemist from the Full Metal Alchemist series who can destroy and reconstruct people and objects with a single touch with the former by represented by @lvenger and the latter by @gothamciti. Seriously, check this out. Quality arguments all around.

CaVs of the Week

Aquaman vs the Thing

A Marvel vs DC cav between @chimeroid represented Arthur Curry against @comic_book_fan representing Ben Grim. Two very well known characters. Both are powerful mid tiers. While Thing would be expected to have the striking advantage, he is coming up against a far more versatile opponent who has fought characters with strength similar to his own.

Skaar vs Injustice Superman

Hulk vs Superman is one of the most debated battles on vine, with no conclusion tot his day. This CaV is a different spin on that age old battle. With Skaar the son of Hulk represented by your truly, taking on the injustice incarnation of Superman who is being debated by @king_hellstorm. These are not as powerfull as their more mainstream counterpaths but they can still give you an entertaining battle.

Selene vs Hellboy

An all live action cav between @sawed_off_it and @the_red_viper. With the former representing Selene from the underworld movie franchise and the latter representing Hellboy. Two characters from fairly popular movies. If you have watched thse moves and interested in seeing them in a debate, here's your chance.

Green Arrow vs Lady Bullseye

Another Marvel vs DC cavs this time are street tier. With @the_red_viper representing Green Arrow against @owie who is representing Lady Bullseye. Oliver Queen is a very popular character partially do to the TV series arrow, however his opponent is some what unknown and is rarely seen in cavs so it will be interesting to see how Lady Bullseye deals with one of DCs best street level heroes

Afro Samurai vs Brock Samson

Afro Samurai represented by @god_vulcan takes on Brock Samson represented by @elijah_c_washington. Afro Samurai is from the manga/anime of the same name. While Brock Samson is from the Animated TV series The Venture Bros. Two characters you don't usually see in cavs so if you wish to learn about someone new, here's your chance

Luther and Jack Vs Lady Deathstrike and OML

Luther Strode and Jack the Ripper take on Lady Deathstrike and Old Man Logan. With the former being represented by @cdiddyman911 against @warlockmage who is debating for the latter. The Luther Strode comic book series is amongst the most popular indie series and it has produced some dangerous street levelers, however here their going against two powerfull mutants.

Starbreaker vs Acacia

A Team Buster level CaV, with @shirso representing the Powerful Justice League Starbreaker against @hittheassasin representing Acacia the final villain of the Toriko manga. These two are both extremely powerful with Acacia widely considered as one the strongest Team Busters but can he beat someone who took down the entire justice league.

Battle threads of the week

Saitama runs a durability gauntlet

Saitama takes on gauntlet that requires him to tank a bunch of super powerful attacks from a bunch of super powerful characters . It's been posted three days ago by @red_leader and already has the same number of pages filled with arguments about said topic.

Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman

a six year old thread that has twelve pages worth of arguments that features the champion of Shazam as he takes on DC Comics' most popular powerhouse superheroine.

Martian Manhunter vs Thor

Everyone's favorite Chocos loving Martian superhero takes on the Mightiest Avenger in a glorious ten year old thread with 35 pages worth of arguments.

Silver Surfer vs Death Seed Sentry

The former herald of Galactus fights that one guy that nearly everyone in this site hates the man with the power of a million exploding suns in his Death Seed incarnation in a four year old thread with five pages worth of arguments.

Hulk and Thor vs Sentry, Gladiator, Hyperion and Blue Marvel

Marvel's two most popular powerhouses takes on a bunch of other less popular Marvel powerhouses along with that one guy that nearly everyone in this site hates. it was made by @emperorthanos five days ago and already has three pages full of arguments.

Batman runs the Super Soldier Gauntlet

The Dark Knight takes on a gauntlet composed of popular enhanced human beings with equalized stats that includes the likes of the King of Wakanda and the patriot who throws a mighty shield around. It was posted a couple days ago by @all-father and has the same number of pages to with it.

Respect thread of the week: Chaos King

This absolute behemoth of a respect thread was written by @krleavenger. I'd say Krle put every single little feat and probably the kitchen sink into this respect thread. Showcasing knowledge, citations and power, absolutely nothing was overlooked in this respect thread in order to convey to the reader, just how big a threat the Chaos King is. I encourage everyone to read it and drop a comment. It's lengthy, but well worth the read.

Humans of the Battle Forum

This issue's interviewee is generally known for having a wide array of extensive knowledge on various popular Battle Forum discussions. Famous for providing detailed and helpful feedbacks in CAV threads, said interviewee is also fairly known for setting up Battle Forum Tournaments in the past while also being a member of the Debaters Hall of Fame.

You may know said particular interviewee as


- Tell us a bit of who you are outside of CV. Who is MICKEY-MOUSE (I'm talking about you, of course, not the cartoon character) exactly?

I'm a husband(been married since I was 19, currently 33). I currently work at a Federal Halfway House with inmates trying to get their lives together.

How did you get into comic books (Western stuff like DC, Marvel etc. or Eastern stuff like manga, anime etc.) and when did you start out here in CV? How do you feel about the debating community in general?

With western comicbooks I'm pretty sure I grew up on the cartoons first way before I ever touched an actual comic. I loved Hana-Barbera's Super Friends, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, the old He-Man cartoon, Ghostbusters, & She-Ra, etc. I'm an 80's baby so that's what was playing on TV. I think the first comic I actually read was a tie comic to the 80's TMNT show. It was a Burger King Kids Club thing with the TMNT. Then I just had to dive into all of the other stuff; Batman, Spider-Man, etc.

One of the things I really loved was the old Black & White Superman show with George Reeves which they still played on Nick At Night. I really loved that show and I think that's when I started to really feel that emotional connection to the material beyond just an entertainment value.

With Japanese Anime/Manga stuff I really didn't read any Manga as a kid. I watched a lot of anime and the first anime is what a lot of us grew up on Ninja Scroll. When Ninja Scroll came out and finally made it's way to TV(No parental controls on tv back then). I was like "Holy Crap, there are cartoons like this?" Then I just had to get more of that type of deep story telling, with that hyper-violent element. Of course one of the main staples of my childhood was DBZ, later I would go back and watch Dragon Ball, but it could never touch the greatness of DBZ(IMO). I would pick up on Manga reading later in college.

I've only been a User(Formerly: Lukehero) for 4 1/2 years I think. I would lurk a lot longer than that before actually making an account. CV was a lot hotter back then; they had a full staff, daily articles/reviews, it was great man. I was terrible at debating of course like most viners when they first join. Then I realized just be comfortable at talking about things I really had a grip on. It's just so fun to interact with people about dumb stuff. I think the debating community is fine. I know a lot of people are like "man it's terrible." But, if you google some of the older posts(like the really old ones) to HOF Viners & other popular Viners, you can see many of them are just as dumb as the stuff we have now. These things cycle through. I don't think CV Will ever become as popular as it used it be and it's certainly not going to help things now that they've cut the staff down to almost nothing. But, I think we all may find a new site that gets hot and gravitate over there.

- Do you have any particular favorite characters? How about comic book/manga writers and artists?

Character wise it's right there listed in my Bio button.

As far as my Favorite Writers go I really love a lot of different ones; Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Chris Claremont, etc. I don't think I could pin anyone as my favorite, but Mark Millar is probably the closest because of how much I love that Civil War story.

-What do you think is your reputation in the Battle Forums and what is the highlight of your time as a debater here in CV?

I think I'm known as a cool person. I've never really had any trouble with anyone that ran that deep. My favorite time as a debater is actually hosting Battle Tourneys. It was really fun coming up with different scenarios to keep the tourneys interesting like Capture the Flag, or Stealing Some Jewels From a Ship, etc. Different things to mix up the battle style and keep debaters on their toes.

Also, a Valentine's Day special: If you were to date a comic book character, who would you want it to be and why?

I mean the real answer would be of course I would want to date one of those wish fulfillment characters from some random sexy comic. But, if I had to choose from a more realistic approach in the line of main stream characters; it would be Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She has a lot of passion and heart, but I would have to catch her at the right time. Season 7 Buffy would probably be the best Buffy to Date.

- Lastly, Any advice or shout outs you'd like to share with other fellow debaters?

Man I think my favorite debater still has to be @ghostravage who IMHO reached true GOAT status. I really enjoyed @thetruebarryallen, i_like_swords, veshark, and @lvenger. I'm properly leaving out a lot of other good ones, but those are the ones that really stick out in my mind as the best of the best(as in my personal favorites). Another viner that I don't think is on GOAT level, but really is underappreciated is CandenceV2/@sirfizwhiz. He hosts a lot of different tourneys and stuff, plus even when he's being a pain in the butt; he still adds a lot of entertainment value to the vine.

As far as advice goes. I would just say enjoy interacting with people. Realize that your opinion isn't always going to be on the right side of things, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't value your opinion and other people's opinion's. Also always be humble, and always take things with a grain of salt.


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Mikey Mouse is Luke? Why did he make his name like that? Lol.

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The quality of the issues only continues to climb. This week was loaded too; hats off to everyone.

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Great piece on Ultron, one of the best villains in the medium, Ultron Unlimited and Rage of Ultron would be my personal recommendations, you can't go wrong with either.

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Great piece on Ultron, one of the best villains in the medium, Ultron Unlimited and Rage of Ultron would be my personal recommendations, you can't go wrong with either.

Good taste.