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How the heck did I get 2 spots? In any case, nice stuff.

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Dope stuff

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Thanks for the mention guys, I appreciate it. That second CAV post is my proudest debating work to date tbh.

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Where's the respect threads?

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@subline said:

Where's the respect threads?

It's not a consistent part of the Debater.

Besides, if they did have one with every issue, I'd likely take up about 90% of the showings, and that would likely get old after a while.

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It's not a consistent part of the Debater.

Besides, if they did have one with every issue, I'd likely take up about 90% of the showings, and that would likely get old after a while.

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Issue #75

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Please excuse us as we're a bit behind schedule in posting this edition.

Comic News

Mike Deodato leaving Marvel Comics soon

Longtime Marvel artist, Mike Deodato has confirmed in a tweet on March 3rd that he will be leaving Marvel Comics after the conclusion of Savage Avengers. Some of Deodato's best known works include Journey Into Mystery, Old Man Logan, and Mighty Thor volume 1. You can read the full tweet in the article linked below. Deodato also hints at what he wants to accomplish after leaving Marvel.

Provided and written by @vertigo-

Battles of the week

Silver Surfer vs. Hal Jordan & Thor

For this week's first Comic Battle thread, we have a thread made by skywalker95, a user who's been posting some relatively decent threads these past few months. Here we have everybody's favorite Herald, Silver Surfer, fighting a DC and a Marvel powerhouse who most people agree can't beat him 1v1, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and Thor. Thread was posted 2 days ago and is currently 80 posts long. Thor is Worthy, Hal is allowed Post-Crisis/New 52/Rebirth feats and Surfer is Post-Annihilation. All of them are bloodlusted and fight to kill.

Jean Grey vs. Professor X

Second comic battle for this week is a fight between two so called strongest telepaths and some of the most popular X-Men characters ever, Jean Grey. In case you have no interest in reading the OP, know that these are comic versions of the characters. OP included a movie pick for visuals only. Thread is posted as a poll, with Jean Grey as first option, Charles as the second option, and "too close to call" as the third. There are over 110 votes so far and more than half of them currently go to Jean. Most of the arguments on the other hand, support Xavier over Jean.

DCEU Nam-Ek vs. MCU Hulk

Third battle this week is a Live Action battle, between DCEU and MCU character. Nam-Ek and Hulk to be exact. With so many Superman threads saying he stomps, it might be better to include another Kryptonian with less abilities and less impressive feats. Unlike Faora who was more of a fast fighter, Nam-Ek was more of a tank, more suited to fight the Hulk. Is this a better match-up than against Superman? Or will Nam-Ek be stomped, either due to inferior power or his helmet being crushed? Hulk is only allowed feats from first 2 Avengers movies and both are bloodlusted. This is a 2 year old thread that got bumped multiple times, including recently, and is now on it's fourth page.

Anakin Skywalker vs. Darth Caedus

Last thread for this week will be a Star Wars thread. The battle between Grandfather and grandson. Anakin Skywalker. The most powerful Force Sensitive in history. Hero of the Clone Wars and Jedi Knight later turned into Sith Lord Darth Vader, faces his daughter's and Han Solo's son, Jacen Solo, now Sith Lord, Darth Caedus (not to be confused with Disney Canon/New Trilogy character Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, this is New Jedi Order character from Expanded Universe/Legends). A lot of people argue that Caedus surpassed his grandfather Darth Vader. But, Vader was a shadow of what Anakin Skywalker was when it comes to potential in the force. Can he beat his grandfather's more potentially powerful version from Revenge of the Sith? Anakin is composite. First round is with lightsabers only. Second round is where everything is allowed.

Provided and written by @krleavenger

CaVs of the Week

Galan the Truth (King Guiness) vs Ulquiorra Cifer (Shirso)

Some intense anime action that is already getting positive comments. We’ve got Galan the Truth from Nanatsu no Taizai and Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach. It’s only part-way through, but the posts are hugely in-depth with some nicely-complex counters. A great debate to learn about these characters.

Chimeroid (Etrigan) vs Darthjhawk (Adam Warlock)

A whole suite of All-Star CAVs has been sweeping the Vine, and they promise to be great. Most of them are only in the beginning stages, but of those that have gotten off at least a couple of posts, I had to choose this one simply because Chimeroid did most of his defense of Etrigan in poem form! Meanwhile Darthjhawk gave a great intro to the always-mysterious Adam Warlock. Two very formidable beings whose supernal powers are wide-ranging and always-evolving—this should be a great match.

Write, Write, Demon and Savior, and create a debate that we can Savor!

Megamind (Defiant_Will) vs Wizard (Juiceboks)

Two super-genius masters of malevolence (ok, one is reformed) measure up against each other in a megalomaniacial match! I love to see debaters take under-used and goofy characters and show us why we should take them seriously. I was in a CAV against the Wingless Wizard a while ago and I’ll never underestimate him again. If you want to see why, this thread will teach you to fear his mastery of gravity—while Megamind will soon have you worrying about his dreaded Brainbots.

Elminster (floopay) vs. Eragon (the_red_viper)

A great theme—two magic-users known largely from novels. Elminster Aumar from Forgotten Realms, and Eragon from the Inheritance Cycle. I’m not directly familiar with either of these characters, but these two experienced debaters have already drawn me in, with good writing and good will. This debate will obviously end up being mostly text instead of images, and it will be fun to see how they navigate that challenge.

Provided and written by @owie

Best Stuff in Comics This Week

Best Old Man Fight

Batman Beyond #29
Batman Beyond #29

If there's one rivalry between hero and villain that surpasses all others, it's between Batman and the Joker. We've seen a few iterations of the old Bruce Wayne and Joker, most notably in the comic as well as the animated movie of The Dark Knight Returns. In this comic we get to see them square off once again, with the all the chips on the table. While it's not the most flashy or epic battle, the history of the two characters speaks more than words can surmise. It's definitely worth checking out.

Best Dimension Hopping Shenanigans

The Terrifics #13
The Terrifics #13

The multiverse is one of the coolest creations for comic book writers, allowing them to have multiple incarnations of characters to tell amazing stories, to create all sorts of crises, or even just to let some hero get killed that can never die in the standard continuity. It's always fun to have adventures to these other dimensions, and we'll likely soon get to see some more of that with some other universe action in the current Superman run. With that said, as Mister Terrific and his dead wife from a different universe run from a powerful enemy, they run through some interesting places. Can you name all of the stories from these worlds?

Best Worst Parenting

The Amazing Spiderman #16
The Amazing Spiderman #16
The Amazing Spiderman #16
The Amazing Spiderman #16

Kraven the Hunter is what you may call a narcissistic man. He didn't think his family was good enough to carry on his name, so he just cloned himself a couple dozen times, then told them to go hunt and prove themselves the greatest hunter. It's only natural then that this crazed killer would have a son that kills all of his other sons in order to prove himself worthy, and based on Kraven's reaction, you can tell that he had some struggles raising these children properly...

Best Arm to Take

High Level #1
High Level #1

Some people are left-handed. Some people are right-handed. Of course, we all have different things we do with these arms, and that's personal business, unless someone tries to cut it off. So always keep in mind that you should ask before cutting off any hands, because you never know what they might be using it for.

Provided and written by @jacthripper


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Thanks for keeping me tagged.