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everyone kinda accepts that JLA is above X-Men as far as power so let me make it even since i know all characters involved

X-Man(mutant shaman)


Hope with(with everyone listed powers)












Wonder Woman


Martian Manhunter

Vixen(animal powers)

Black Canary

Green Arrow




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Collosus is empowered by Cytorak?

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@whydama said:

Collosus is empowered by Cytorak?

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Almost everyone is going to die at some point in the battle lol. I see it eventually coming down to Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter VS Colossonaut, Iceman, Magneto, and Northstar. I give it to team JLA mostly because of speed and Manhunters TP attacks which can take out alot of people here. As for Colossus I think the JLA will either have to BFR him or get the helmet off and TP attack him into submission.

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do yoou know what X-Man(shaman)can do? or did you see i put hope on there with everyones power?

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Team Justice FTW

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JLA after half of earth being destroyed 

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hrm, no Flash or Green Lantern?

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are those really the best X-men?

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you said that you'll make it even since you know the characters... then why is there magik and no zatanna, northstar and no Flash you got magneto and you got cyborg and you got 12 people on the x-mens team and ten on the jla wheres it even in all this even though supes, wonder woman,batman and the martian manhunter alone with out the flash and green lantern can beat any team in marvel and dc so far, have you ever heard of the Avengers Vs JLA? Thats totally evened out teams if your going to use the X-men at least make their defeat worth it.

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Xman solos

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the X-Men win this. You did a good job of depowering the JLA roster to make it even but in the end, Magik's soulsword should counteract WonderWoman or harm Superman and Magneto is TP resistant.

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not the best X-Men ever, there are quite a few good ones missing, Emma Frost, Jean Grey, etc

Shaman X-Man can almost solo here

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Even if you added the flash the xman still solos

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X-Man might solo.

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The Shaman tips this battle in the X-men's favor. He cannot be hurt by physical means and every will be catatonic from th JLA except the Martian

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@TheDarkLord_267 said:

Team Justice FTW
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JLA wins this.

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Without Green lantern and Flash this is pretty lopsided in the Xmens favor imo. Colossus is more than capable of keeping Supes and WW Busy. Nate should be too much for MM but for arguments sake lets say they cancel each other out. Iceman by himself is capable of handling the rest of the JL. People seem to be taking Magneto for granted in this fight and that is lol worthy. And The Xmen still have Storm Gambit and Northstar. Xmen should handle this dare I say rather easily. And if MM doesnt keep nate busy in a TP battle the Xmen stomp imo

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Xmen easy stomp

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The mutants win this one