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-Random Encounter

-Neither Team knows about the other team's roster or abilities

-Morals on

-Fight takes place in NYC (it's abandoned)

-Feats from the Avengers and all tie in films allowed for Avengers

-Feats from the Justice League:War movie allowed for the JL

-Fighters start off 200 feet apart


-Captain America

-Iron Man



-Black Widow


Justice League:



-Wonder Woman

-The Flash

-Green Lantern

Who wins??

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Flash solos

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Justice League stomp I mean seriously the Avengers have 4 basically non factors and the JL only have one so basically it's Thor and Hulk who gets bfr pretty quickly vs the rest of the JL except for Batman

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Even as newbs the JL wins without much trouble. Superman alone was a frackin' tank in JL:War and will dominate Thor. Flash takes down all humans, Wonder Woman cuts Iron Man in half since she operated under very..laxed morals, Hulk is the only problem, and once Diana or Clark finishes their fight, they'll take him down.

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... well, it's about that time for another one of these.

JLA wins, again.

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THIS SOME OL BS, JL WIns, this is a Spite

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Justice League

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The League wins, the league always wins lol.

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This really comes down to Wally and Hal being the deciding factor.

Thor would face off vs Superman which really could go either way despite what diehard Supe fans will say. But it will be a super long battle.

Hulk will most likely take out Wonder women but not quickly.

Iron Man has no way to really beat Hal or penetrate his constructs which will lead to his defeat.

Batman is gonna get rocked by Cap

But Wally will quickly take out Hawkeye and Black Widow, than Cap.

Which allows Hal and Wally to aide Supes and Wonder women vs hulk and Thor, leaving it as JLA win. If Avengers had Quicksilver and Quasar instead of Hawkeye and Black Widow it would be a real fight!

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Wonder Woman alone, shakes the Avengers up.

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Are cyborg and shazam left off the league roster for a reason?

Vic could solo via boom tube from motherbox tech

If they must be left out, league still stomps, just not as severely without Vic or Billy

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Wonder Woman alone, shakes the Avengers up.

Hulk alone will stomp her.

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MoS Superman can solos the AoU Avengers.

Animated League stomps

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Batman solos.

He's Batman.

Seriously though, JL stomps.

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Supes Solos

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JL is way too strong compared to the Avengers; most of them are just superhuman, which against people from the JL are completely non-factors.

Just Flash can speed blitz 'em all.

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Justice League casually stomps.

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Green Lantern Jobs.

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justice league for win.They all are god expect batman.I tony and cap black widow they dont even has a chance for.so remains only hulk and thor.there really strong but the only from dc that i see lossing are wonder woman batman and maybe the lantern.so remains in the beat way possible superman and flash.Actually theres a chance thor to beat supes cuz the magic(not very sure of it)but there is the flash.ohb yeah hulk probably supes will take him to space.So justice leaugue wins