The Avengers 2019 full powered vs godzilla

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@nwgzsjuwhm96y2: Also we need to consider that Big-G weighs 100 000 tons. And can sprint around 400km/h, as seen on KOTM.

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@nwgzsjuwhm96y2: The nuke didn't hurt him because it's what makes him stronger. He was owned by the bomb which removes oxygen in KOM.

There is magic in the MCU, it's just some things considered magic were later revealed to be infinity stones. We even see Odin whispering an enchantment into Mjolnir when he strips Thor of his power. Not exactly tech.

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Strange BFRs, then Carol MFTL penetrates Godzilla with an asteroid. If that does not work Godzilla stomps the entire MCU.

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Anyone that isn't thor or Carol gets incinerated by Burning Gojiras presence.

They get nuked by his pulse.

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@smoothsanta: Radiation is what makes him stronger. Nukes also have extremely strong shockwaves which he has to and does tank. Like you said yourself the other one was a bomb that removed oxygen ie a hax weapon designed to kill any Earthly creature.

In Thor movies Asgardian magic was heavily implied to be just super advanced science. Not like it matters anyway since mjolnir would just break if it was under such extreme stress.

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@nwgzsjuwhm96y2: How is it implied? So Mjolnir constantly returning to Thor is magnets and not magic? Hela reviving her army of the dead is all a ruze and they were just laying there pretending to be dead the entire time?

There's nothing to suggest immense pressure alone would destroy Mjolnir.

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Eventually I expect to say Wanda Solos

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NLF....really? Everyone knows the lore around it Mjolnir, It doesn't go off strength it goes off who is worthy. Mjolnir also doesn't have feats that say it wouldn't shatter if it hit a pillow, but we all assume it won't.

Why would lightning not do any damage when artillery seems to hurt Godzilla?

Kind of an amusing thought, but can you prove Godzilla isn't worthy?

He is a warrior that is hundreds of millions of years old. He inspires loyalty in his subjects as seen when the other kaiju bow to him after he kills Ghidorah and proves himself the alpha. He isn't needlessly aggressive and only hunts and kills threats to his dominion. He doesn't seem to take pleasure in his destruction the way King Ghidorah did. In fact Godzilla saved the Earth from Ghidorah who was very consciously choosing to use his authority as alpha to exterminate all life on Earth. Godzilla, with the same authority, chose to coexist with humanity.

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“All of that for a drop of blood” ~ Godzilla

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@metaljimmor: I'm guessing it comes down to who Odin deems worthy, and I'll bet if Odin saw Godzilla, all he'd see is a big ass lizard.

Sure he has notable feats of being Worthy, but no one knows specifically which trait it is. For all we know Odin just wants someone who can chug a pint in under ten seconds to wield the hammer.

To answer your question no I can't answer if Godzilla is worthy, however I'd assume not.

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@smoothsanta: Science advanced enough can seem like magic.

And there is nothing to suggest Hela used some kinda magic to break it instead of just physical force like the visuals suggest. Mjolnir doesnt have the feats to take such high force anyway.