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Meeting Melvin the Monster

As I shook Melvin's hand, a woman behind us let out a squeal before fumbling a basket of fruit. At first, she was tense and afraid, but as we both began helping her collect her wears from off the ground, she appeared to slowly ease her guard. When we finished, she simply thanked us and bid as a farewell.

Still, even with his inhuman physiology, I could still tell from his body language, that it had dampened his mood a bit.

"If you think you're big and scary, you should see my girlfriend (@alphaelli) when she's angry. She, uh... turns into quite the monster... Heh..." I chuckled, before pushing some rather traumatizing experiences into the back of my mind.

"So, did you see any items you are interested in?" I asked, before giving a quick glance at each of the vendors surrounding us. (@thetruebarryallen)

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Melvin glanced around the marketplace at the various armors and devices.

Then he shrugged and looked down at himself.

"I don't think they have my size." he replied. "To be honest, I'm more interested in scrap and raw materials than most of the things the vendors here have, unless it carries some kind of magic. Plus, I don't have any money and if I were to steal something, it wouldn't be in broad daylight, and I'd have to have good cause beyond simply wanting it."

"Right now I'm just trying to leave an impression to make scouting easier after our assignments. Fairly soon I'll probably head to the tavern, perhaps have a drink and see if I can't gather some preliminary information before heading to the castle."

"How about yourself, what's your fancy?"

Thanks for reading,


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(OOC: Apologies for not making my post rather neat. Just been too preoccupied and caught a bug).

Addie smiles on as she reads over her options. The eight armed and amphibious creature intrigued her but she was enthralled by the "Dwarf Giant"; she selects said being to examine further.

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@thetruebarryallen (I guess I'll wait for you to explain if there was anything noteworthy in the market)

"I've always been pretty good at card tricks. Wouldn't it be cool if I could have a magic deck of cards, that I can throw at people in fights? I haven't the slightest clue where I would find something like that though." @floopay

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A bullet buzzed past Jack's head as he ducked to the side finding cover behind a stone statue. He called out to (@sonsofalchemy) Ringo. "A bottle of homemade cider says I take out more Nazi's than you".

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"You know I don't drink alcohol...right?"

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Post 2

Billy was utterly dumbfounded at the technology that surrounded him , how it seemingly transported him and everyone else to a different a world full of fighting. "Hitler?" thought Billy. "Who in gods name was that?". So lost in thought that Billy didn't notice when of classmates started to speak up and try to coordinate everyone, stepping up as a leader. He addressed Billy but with his mind distracted Billy gave a simple response. This fellow suggested a Win 70, a gun that seemed familiar to the rifles back home. But Billy preferred his revolvers more fun to be had with them. And besides with his little "gods gift" range wasn't an issue at all. His task was simple cover his classmates behinds. "Easy enough, I've been in plenty of shoot outs this is just an overgrown one". With his classmates advancing Billy fires off his shots using his god given gift we guides his bullets to the intended targets and stopping any stray bullet from hitting his classmates.

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@thetruebarryallen: OOC - Is there going to be a presentation on the exhibit I chose, or do I have to ask questions? I'm not really sure how this works...

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Post #2 : First Day Of Class

Al and Abe's first night at the academy was a fun time spending it with their new found friends, of course they couldn't enjoy it as much as the others due to the fact they wouldn't let Al get drunk despite doing it before in his own world, and even worse so that Abe would steal sips every now and then and was virtually the drunkest lizard in all dimensions that Night. Al did like the prizes he won and put them in his drawer in the room completly unrecognized much to Al's dismay.

Due to coming "home" a bit late his mostly missed speaking to his roommates and along with Abe slumped into his bed as the pair drifted into a land of sleep curled up in such a way that it was obvious the duo were literally thick as thieves.


Al woke up a bit late barley realizing he was 5 minutes from being late to class, this realization caused him to shout and wake up the sleeping dragon on his stomach also causing him to fall on the ground, the inconvenience earned short growls coming from the floor where Abe landed but it was quickly ignored by Al he he grabbed the him by his tail and quickly got "half dressed" in his laid back attire, which defiantly got him looks in the hallways ranging from weird out looks and kind of charming looks from the females and even some males from around his age.

He rushed to class running through the Halls to the dismay of some staff with a sly taunting of a bronze dragon nonchalantly flying beside him looking forward so the boy would know where he was going... of course this also came with a bit of sarcasm as the two had a conversation over the course of them running through the halls.

" Yeah, Yeah I know If I ran around naked like you we wouldn't be in this situation and for the last time these are not Pajamas!"Al scoffed at Abe's remark that only he could understand

Abe sighed mid flight and realized they were coming up to the class as he began to land on Al's shoulder as they barley made into class, albeit being the last one there as he notices most if not all his classmates are already sitting down waiting from attention from their teach as Al quietly sneaks to his desk.

Ms. Kennedy began to speak mentioning a great battle that Armstrong's battle in the past against Evil whatever that really meant. Al raised his hand when asked if he would like to go as Abe simply stared blankly grooming himself. After a bit more discussion the duo found themselves with he other students and traveling to the past in a instant.

Kennedy warns the students that she would rather they stay here with her but.... Al had other plans and was going to explore just a teensy bit. I mean The academy was the first time in his life where he's lived outside of his Sand fortress of a city and now to smell and feel the grass beneath his feet and the lushness of the forest through Abe's eyes he couldn't past this up.

Al could feel Abe glaring at him even without scrying through him and promised they wouldn't go far and even convinced Abe that he's never seen anything like it as well and this could be a great experience for both of them.

The Two confirmed that it wouldn't be to dangerous to head out as again due to Al's blindness and Abe being a bit daft at his job when not too interested the pair bumped into Barney ( @giliad_) who they previously spent some of the night with talking to Keimusho (@gilgameshthepimptoendallpimps) who Al didn't recognize despite apparently being roommates.

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I bought a chrome book so I'm back in action, RIP old laptop. An advancement will happen tomorrow to move along the missions you've chosen.

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Ikol stepped out of the teleporter, overwhelmed with the amazing sights of technology around him. He zoned out of Professor Victor's introduction, his mind rapidly moving through the possibilities. What to visit, who to talk to, what mischief to cause?? Soon, an exhibit featuring a form of support system technology, or more specifically, a ring that could create hard light holographic emissions based on the user's thoughts caught his eye - his current illusion tech was good, but not that good. Imagine what he could pull off with solid illusions! Raptured, he made his way towards that exhibit.

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"You gotta be s&%$ me", he mumbled under his breath. "Alright, whoever wins owes the other a favor."

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OOC: I'll go with The eight armed, Octoucroun: Organ: nervous system/brainstem. But in RP that previous post is what George says/asks before deciding.

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@higherpower: Joseph (Sting) is a little brash, and somewhat of a narcissist. His skill template is Norman Osborn thus I view him talking like Osborn to others, though at the age of 15. I tend to stay IC with everyone so how you take it is up to you, lol


No Caption Provided

Sting vented as he was furious of the bump (@patriotbear) by some eager student, accidental or not. As he fumed with rage he heard a voice appear. Sting's eyes still focused on his assailant (lol) as they slowly shifted to the source of the voice. Try not to snap he thought. Calm. Reasonable.

(to Highpower) "What is your favorite thing to make?"

What kind of question was that, he thought to himself. Calm. Reasonable. This person is not a threat.

"Technology is an advancement of the short comings of an individual. Anything that masks those short comings is welcomed," he growled still angered by the incident. "If I could make some manners I would and graciously hand it out in abundance."

Sting finally fixed on the source of the voice. "What do you want from me?" He heard the presentation begin. Was this kid going to babble to him during the entire presentation? Dear God, please annoy someone else.

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@thetruebarryallen: I’ll have to half-Arf say I’ll go to support tech, too busy to make a decent post, I’ll have something better next time. Sorry.

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Advancement Will Occur Tonight at 10PM (I have to run auditions for an improv group) so get your post(s) finished by 8PM. Failure to post will result in me moving your character for you!

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@thetruebarryallen:Nyra was surrounded by all manner of strange technology. For the first time ever she almost felt overwhelmed by what she saw... What is this? No. That's wrong. She can't feel overwhelmed. These gadgets are hardly out of her level of expertise. Please, she can build any and all of these things with ease, right? With these thoughts, she forcefully evicted her feeling of doubt. Only lesser beings should have those emotions, she has evolved far past that. Now what was she supposed to do? Find an exhibit? The Support systems exhibit seem interesting enough.

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Jane gets into her first class, not quite knowing anyone around her. As usual she comes rather late. She looks for people to group up with her, and asks around anyone she meets. Too lazy to choose as she literally knows absolutely nobody here, she asks the coach to choose for her.

Of course in a mannerly way in which it reflects the attitude of growing up in the confines of a wealthy family, albeit not so much of a family. At the very the least she got to learn that from her maids and butlers.

"Excuse me, Sir. Could you please put me in with a vacant group or pair. Preferably someone nice around here who isn't in the slightest bit.. well... odd".

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"You're on. Get ready to scoop my litter box."

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Advancement II | Enter a New Day

June heads to his first session all up and ready to start the day, he got up a little early in advance in ensure that he wouldn't be late and to make some good first impressions. Wanting to meet new people shortly looks for people to work with. He was filed with boy joy and a bit off nervousness.

"Man, I sure hope I can make a good first impression of my first day"

He enters the world of the mystic, the classroom filed with all sorts of wizardry, potions all around and incantation drawings on the walls. He couldn't get enough of it. June walks up to the teacher and asks him.

"My name is June Lancaster and I'm here to learn the art of magic, I'm ready to face any challenges that may come before me"

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Post 3

Solomon took the professor's words to heart aiming build tech that would advance his home centuries overnight. As the class strolled through the portal Solomon pushed his T-Sphere to his face creating a T-Mask. This way he can record everything will using the EM spectrum to get instant schematics for the tech he is about to see.

Solomon stepped through the portal and took in the sight. There were holograms that he assumed were hard light, a hundred of drone flying above everyone's head, and people in mechs (or could they be cyborgs). Solomon figured support system tech would be the best place to start on the foundation of his AI project.

Building an is a huge task but a task Solomon would not shy away from after coming to this school and finding out things he would have never thought possible. The first step was finding hardware that could house this AI given its intended use of solving humanity's problems. Supercomputers back home needed entier buildings devoted to their needs but that's not what solomon wanted. He wanted something he can tinker with in his dorm so he planed on asking around and seeing if there are any desktop size supercomputers. It didn't have to be top of the line just something that can match a human's intelligence.

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The Third Advancement

Previously at the Armstrong Academy....

  • The Arrival of the Freshman Class: They signed up for classes, met their peers and faculty, and got their roommate assignments.
  • The First Night: While some headed to bed early to rest up for the next day others had a bit of fun, particularly those who joined in on the card game in the boys dormitory.
  • First Day of Classes: Syllabus day is for traditional schools, here at Armstrong Academy the students leap right into the action. This was shown in full force with the class assignments given to each student on their first day, some of them traveling with Merlin to aid King Arthur, others venturing to an intergalactic science fair where the greatest technological minds from throughout the world gathered to share their creations with one another. Only time will tell what each assignment has in store for the students.

...now that you're caught up, lets begin, shall we?

Anatomy & Physiology - Honey, I Shrunk the Class!

The students didn't know how to react to Arabrelle's direct approach to learning, shrinking her class so they could explore the insides of microscopic lifeforms?


When several students began asking questions she silenced them.

Arabelle XZ: The best way to learn is through doing. None of your professors will intentionally put you in harms way without some sort of backup.

While it wasn't exactly reassuring it was the only answer she would give. Which meant it was time for the students to choose their exploration path.

The Octoucroun (George Upshaw, AJ Jennings, Sid Furious)

Not much was known about the Octoucroun except for the fact that they have multiple limbs and exist in high pressure vacuums outside of the outer-rim, a popular location for mining colonies to set up. It is thought that the Octoucroun feeds on dense metals; utilizing a highly corrosive enzyme that allows them to do so.

A handful of students thought this would be the journey of a lifetime, and so they were minimized and sent inside, all courtesy of Arabelle and one of the lab's many scientific instruments.

Once inside they were amazed with what they saw.

AJ: Oh my gosh, we're INSIDE something right now!

Sid: I didn't expect it to be this.. beautiful. If that makes sense.

AJ: Me neither! This is amazing!

The inside of the creature was indeed a marvelous sight. A metallic coat covered it's interior, a byproduct of all the minerals it digested in it's lifetime. They had landed near the creatures brain-stem, now a massive pillar that held the dome-shaped organ. It wasn't long however until a flashing light erupted from the brain, somehow it was still transmitting signals.

Using their radios they called into Arabelle.

Sid: Professor, there seems to be some sort of activity here.

Arabelle: Activity?

AJ: There was a big flash!

Arabelle: Oh dear.

Sid: What is it...?

Arabelle: It appears that this particular Octoucroun was the host of a necrotic virus that is seen throughout the outer-rim. I was unable to detect it due to it's size, but it means that the anti-bodies inside of the creature may have been turned into hosts for the virus. Please, be on your guard. I cannot return you to full size at this time or else you'd suffer terrible effects, shrinking and growing that rapidly is quite the strain on the body.

Sid: So what do we do?

Arabelle: My advice is to climb the brain stem and destroy the brain. Due to the metallic interior of the creature you will have to find the weak spot directly atop the brain. Just be careful not to--

At this moment the students heard a terrible screech, like nails on a chalkboard.

Arabelle: Oh dear. That would be the anti-bodies. You need to defend yourselves. I can try and provide help from outside the--

The radio cut off, something, or someone is interfering with the signal.

As you look around you spot 10 creatures. Each of them sparkling with electricity.

No Caption Provided

Their stats are as follows:

  • Body: Static Shock
  • Mind: N/A
  • Power: Wolverine's Healing Factor / Static Shock's Electricity (only on contact) / Telepathic Mind Link
  • Gear: N/A

As they surround you Sid lets out a ferocious cry.


It stuns the creatures for a short period, then they begin to venture forth again, their bodies cackling with electrical energies.

Like Arabelle said, you must destroy the brain. Climb the brain stem and find the weak point. Good luck.

Objective: Destroy the brain to eliminate the virus' control over the deceased creature.

The Dwarf Giant (Addie Sterling, Christopher Miller, Frankie Stein)

It seemed like a contradiction; a dwarf giant. A microscopic giant? What in the world....

Well, it was interesting enough to catch the attention of Addie, Christopher and Frankie, and so they found themselves inside the stomach of a dwarf giant. The first thing they noticed was the smell; but they didn't just smell it, they also felt and tasted the smell. It was thick and heavy, it seemed to weigh down upon their bodies, slowing their movements.

Seemingly resistant to some of the effects was Frankie.

Frankie: I've seen worse at home. Trust me. Some of Dr. Franks creations are OUT THERE to say the least.

Christopher: I've never seen a smell before. Oh my god, I'm gagging. This is disgusting, please get us OUT OF HERE!

He screams it into the radio but receives no response.

Christopher: Hello? Arabelle?! CAN YOU HEAR ME!? HELLO!

Frankie: Must be some sort of interference.

Christopher: So you're saying we're STUCK here? Oh my god. Oh my GOD.

Christopher begins to pace around the stomach, occasionally screaming, then, the stomach screams back. A low, groan that shakes the stomach and everything inside, shifting it's contents around. In doing so a large mass is unearthed in the center of the stomach, bobbing atop the stomach acids.

It moves, slow lifting itself from where it had been resting, then, it turns towards you.

No Caption Provided

It's stats are as follows:

  • Body: Clayface
  • Mind: N/A
  • Power: Xenomorph Acid Blood / Reptile's Acid Projection
  • Gear: N/A

It seems pissed. The goal, survive until Arabelle can reestablish contact.

Objective: Survive until the radio begins working again. Try to locate the creature's weakness by working together and using a variety of abilities at once!

Biology - The Failures of Charlies Darwin

The students in Hugo Klein's biology class were having quite a field trip on their first day of class, having traveled to the Galapagos Islands under the command of their professor, Hugo Klein, in order to retrieve a series of failed experiments done by Charles Darwin.

Apparently he had attempted to force evolution on many of the creatures there which resulted in a horrific mutation in many of the species, altering their genetic code and turning them into feral monstrosities. Klein, wanting to inform his students about the dangers of evolution (when forced, by idiots) requires them to retrieve the creatures alive so they can bring them back to the school and reverse the process.

The students paired off into groups to accomplish their goal, a team made up of Ryan Colt, Misty Morrows and V all decided to head to the caves while AJ Jennings and P.H.I.L. went deeper into the jungle.

The Caves (Ryan Colt, Misty Morrows, V)

The walk took them quite some time and the humidity of the island made the trek quite treacherous. Along the way they discussed how they were going to apprehend the creature, very much relying on Misty's organic webbing to hold it in place until they could subdue it.

When they arrived at the cave they took a short break, regaining lost energy and working on a game plan. Once they'd finished resting they headed inside. The cave seemed pretty normal, until they got further inside when they saw several large nests made up of various brush and branches. Suddenly they heard the pounding sound of wings, flapping furiously behind them.

A nesting ground. Home to 10 different birds who've been mutated into some horrific monstrosity.

No Caption Provided

Their stats are as follows:

  • Body: Birdbrain / Angel
  • Mind: Birdbrain
  • Power: Angel's Flight
  • Gear: Angel's Techno-Organic Wings / Adamantium Coated Talons

Remember, you may not kill them, as Hugo wants them all ALIVE. KO'ing them is fine.

Objective: Apprehend these birds!

Chemistry - It Came From Beneath the Greenhouse

Ylonda Shrike had informed the class about the two tunnels that led underneath the greenhouse, waiting inside was something, or someone who had been snatching ingredients used to make a variety of dangerous (and sometimes helpful) chemical compounds.

The class decided to split up, one half going to the North Tunnel, the other half going to the South Tunnel.

Eugene and Kip went to the North while Emily and AJ went to the south. Both BADASS and Satan didn't move to a tunnel.

Ylonda looked at them, wondering if they were going to make a move.

Objective: Make a post, lol.

Combat / Firearms / Melee Weapons - Operation: Punch Hitler

These three classes met at The Forge, a simulation arena that can create whatever the imagination can muster, and more. They were briefed on their mission, they would be sent into a WWII era battlefield and their missions were to stop the Axis forces and to punch Hitler, or kick him, honestly, just give him a good hit.

They were given special instructions; the melee weapons class couldn't use firearms to fight enemies, neither could the combat class, which is where the firearms class came in, their job, provide fire support while the melee class deals the up close an personal attacks alongside the combat class, the tactical leaders of the group.

When the simulation began one of the students, Jack Twain, took the position of commander, stating his ideas for a strategy, most of the other listened while Saga and her roommate, Barda, decided to go on a stealth mission of their own.

So, what can do you? (Jack Twain to EVERYONE)

Before jumping into action it was time to figure out what everyone was capable of. The best way to do that, ask.

Jack: So, what can the rest of you do?

He needed to know in order to maximize their combat potential, and honestly, they all were so wrapped up in the excitement of classes during the first day that nobody really bothered to ask about powers.

Archimedes spoke up first, and others followed.

Archimedes: My mind processes things really fast, but if I do it too much without resting I can overwhelm myself and it knocks me out. I also built a force-field projector, it's only a personal one right now, but it will likely be very useful in the upcoming battle.

Buddy: I have been programmed with all sorts of skills for combat and domestic use. I also have access to two different energy sources to utilize in combat.

As he says this fire erupts from one of his arms while his other cackles with electricity.

Buddy: I am here to help!

Napoleon: Well, partner, you know I'm a good shot but my gun here, well, let's just say if I hit ye' with it the sight ain't pretty. Tends to make ye' look like me, no flesh, no muscle, just bones. I also got some real good eyes, I know it sounds silly, yer' lookin' at holes here, no eyes inside, but I have some kin'a special vision. I don't questin' it.

Z: You saw what I could do.

He summons his guns again and fires at a nearby wall. It begins to freeze over instantly.

Z: Might not be ballistics coming from these guns but they hurt. Trust me.

Hope smiles when it comes around to him and, instead of saying anything, he concentrates and his fists begin to glow, radiating some sort of mystical energy.

Hope: I provide balance.

Enigmatic, okay.

Harrison: I like that, balance. Heck, I'll provide balance too, by using my bat here to smash in these Nazi skulls.

Jack looked at him, narrowed his eyes, and chuckled.

Jack: So you've just got the bat?

Harrison: It's all I need. My power allows me to bring everyone down to my level, none of those fancy powers to help them fight. Don't know if these German's got any powers like us, but if they do, I'll sap em!

With everyone accounted for it was time to create a plan.

Yankee Team (Jack Twain, Ringo James, AJ Jennings)

Yankee team was made up of Jack, a quiet individual named Ringo James, and two of the AJ's, one from combat class and one from melee weapons.

Their objective was to head to point Alpha and relieve the pressure on the allied troops there, perhaps obtaining intel on the battlefield ahead.

Once they were finished at Alpha they were to head to Bravo to meet up with the Zealot team.

The first step, a combined assault to leave their own base. The firearms class, designated Foxtrot, would be providing suppressing fire for the other two classes, allowing them to navigate the battlefield without fear of getting downed by a sharpshooter. The class was effective, their weapons tearing through the German forces.

AJ: This is JUST like laser-tag!

Buddy: I am here to help!

Some of the class screamed, others laughed, Napoleon had a grin plastered on his face, or maybe he just always looks like that because of his skeletal form.

With the provided support Yankee team made it to point Alpha. When they arrived they saw a small squad of Allied soldiers huddled up outside the courtyard. Jack called to them and introduced his squad.

Jack: Attention! We're you're reinforcements. Got a whole squad of sharpshooters and CQB fighters here to storm the courtyard, you got anything for us?

Sgt Buzzsaw: Christ, you're all just kids, but that shouldn't come as a surprise...

He looks around at his own squadron.

Sgt Buzzsaw: ...alright. The situation is FUBAR right now. Look, we knew the Germans were doing something to their soldiers, but we didn't know what. Turns out they were turnin' em into freaks that can't feel pain. Their very own war machines. Our standard soldiers couldn't do much of anything to them, we had to retreat. Tried calling in a tank or two but our comms went down. If you want to run in there, be my guest, we're sticking right here until we can call in some heavy fire.

Jack smiled at him.

Jack: Sir, we are the heavy fire.

Yankee Squad did some recon from their post near point Alpha. They could see 15 regular sized soldiers and three men who could only be described as an absolute unit, whatever the Germans did to them, it was effective.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

Their stats are as follows:

Unit 1A

  • Body: Ultimate Captain America
  • Skill: Ultimate Captain America
  • Power: Bishop's Energy Absorption
  • Gear: Enclave Power Armor (Fallout Series) / Power Fist (Fallout Series)

Unit 1B

  • Body: Black Panther
  • Skill: Widowmaker / Deadshot
  • Power: Captain Boomerang II's Super-Speed Bursts
  • Gear: Widowmaker's Sniper Rifle

Unit 1C

  • Body: Kingpin
  • Skill: Cable
  • Power: Wolverine's Healing Factor / Generic Earthbending
  • Gear: Minigun

Basic Units (15)

  • Body: Nick Fury
  • Skill: Nick Fury / Caustic
  • Power: N/A
  • Gear: MP40 / Nox Gas Grenades

How will you proceed?

Objective: Combat the forces at Alpha or come up with a different plan of action.

Stealth Assault (Saga & Barda)

Deciding to avoid a heads on approach Saga and Barda ran through the battlefield without engaging, doing so stealthily, creeping through the enemy ranks. They eventually made it to the Castle (near point Bravo) where Saga, for a brief moment, thought she had lost Barda before she reappeared, a dead German in her fist.

Barda: This one thought he could get the drop on me, I crushed his rib-cage with a kick.

She tosses him aside.

From your current position you can see the Yankee and Zealot teams at point A. You managed to avoid the forces they are about to face. You can press on into the Castle (B) and try to continue avoiding foes, attempt to help your friends fight at point A, or a third option of you making an alternative.

Objective: Aid team members, continue stealth mission, or, other.

Engineering - Intergalactic Science Fair

The students in the Engineering class were lucky enough to gain access to the intergalactic science fair. A merging of the worlds greatest minds all in one place, showing of their creations that will change how the world works, forever.

It was overwhelming for some of the students, while others venture off to explore whatever they could as quickly as possible. There were four different exhibits: Support System Technology, Robotics, Vehicles, Offensive Armaments.

Support Systems (The Entire Engineering Class)

It appeared that the support systems exhibit was drawing the most attention from the class, and they all headed over to look at the various exhibits.

The support systems exhibits contained a variety of inventions; including, but not limited to:

  • Nanites that could replace lost or damaged tissue.
  • A variety of prosthetic limbs and organs.
  • Personal computers to integrate with technological devices.

However; before any of the students could get too invested in any one exhibit a cry broke out, then many cries, then an entire riot. There wasn't any time to figure out exactly what was going on before 15 robots appeared, each one with glowing red eyes, repeating the same phrase.


No Caption Provided

Their stats are as follows:

  • Body: T-800
  • Skill: T-800
  • Power: Cyclops Optic Blasts
  • Gear: Gibralter's Bubble Shield (APEX Legends) / Soldier 76's Plasma Rifle

As the robots approach you notice a handful of engineers and convention go-oers hiding behind some exhibits. One of them was shouting something about a mech-suit he saw in the Robotics Department.

Regardless, there isn't much time to think. These robots are cutting down civilians and Victor is nowhere to be seen, it's time to act, or hide.

Objective: Find a way to put down these rogue robotics!

History - A Blast from the Past

Kennedy took a hands on approach when teaching her students, as an archival bot (with a few upgrades) she was able to transport the entire class through time. The best way to learn about history was to experience it, right?

When they were all ready they gathered around and held hands, then, suddenly, the world began to shift around them. Hundreds of years flew by in an instant, those linked with Kennedy watching as walls were built then fell, then trees sprouted from the ground beneath them, it happened so fast it was hard to follow exactly what was happening.

When they woke they were in a forest clearing. Kennedy instructed them to stick nearby to witness history, but others decided they'd go make some history of their own.

The Clearing (AJ Jennings, Bardock)

The clearing was nice and calm and Kennedy informed the students to focus on a fixed point, claiming that history will happen before their eyes.

They waited, staying silent, watching. Hey, trust the teacher, right?

Objective: Make a post.

The Forest (Barney, Alathur, Keimusho, Fluffy)

Now, field trips are fun, but having a chaperone the entire time isn't really THAT exciting, so a few students decided to venture off into the forest.

First it was Barney, then Keimusho, then Fluffy, and finally, Al.

The group of students made their way through the thick brush until they found a hole in the ground. It was large enough for them to fit through.

Before any of them went inside Keimusho mentioned that he'd picked up something strange when investigating the terrain, some sort of darker energy. This could be the source.

Objective: Explore the forest further, venture into the hole, go back to Kennedy, or other.

Magic - A Quest for Camelot; The False Sword of King Arthur

Merlin was a lover of the theatrics and the first day of class was a perfect chance to indulge in this habit. Having received a message from a friend on Earth (3) he informed the class they'd be taking a trip. Then, with a flourish of his hands, the world demateralized around them, rematerializing on Earth (3) in the center of Camelot.

Merlin: Follow me, class, to the castle. I have a friend I want you all to meet.

His instructions were clear, but there was so much going on in this town. A sprawling marketplace, an uproarious tavern, and then, the castle Camelot itself, home to King Arthur, the ruling body on Earth (3).

As Merlin ventured forth the class followed him, though not everyone.

The Castle (Amane, Nora Jaspers, AJ Jennings, Nate Banner, Junichiro)

Several students followed Merlin immediately to the castle. Once inside they made their way to Arthur grand throne room; banners hung from the ceiling, each representing various kingdoms under Arthur's rule, each one given to a member of his round table.

Merlin made his way to the throne, where, sitting in a slump, was Arthur. He appeared weak and frail. This was the Arthur of legend...?

Arthur: Merlin... it is good... to see you... friend.

Merlin: Oh Arthur. You're looking worse than I am these days.

Arthur: Now is not.... the time... for...

Merlin: Come now, Arthur. There is always time for humor. Now, your sword--

Arthur: Taken.... replaced with.... a fake..... cursed.

Merlin: The work of...?

Arthur: Morgan.

Merlin: Of course.

The two looked at one another before Merlin broke the silence.

Merlin: Alright, class. We're going to travel to the town of Misthilian. I have a friend there who may be able to point us in the right direction, let us go.

And so the class joined Merlin, storming out of the castle with purpose, on their way to Misthilian.

Objective: Get to Misthilian.

The Marketplace & Taven (Melvin Smith, Jack Liddel, Jokul)

The marketplace was busy with activity, vendors peddling their wares, guardsmen on the watch for thieves, performers singing and dancing on the street. It was the place to be in Camelot.

One student, Melvin Smith, began aiding the townsfolk, fearing for a second that his form may startle them before realizing that many of them were used to creatures of myth and magic. Another, Jack, observed the creature, while also looking over market stalls. His eyes stopped when he saw a pack of tarot cards, unattended by the stalls vendor.

(You may take the cards)

Eventually he began a conversation with Melvin and the two talked about armor and weaponry, their goals here, and what they hoped to accomplish while in Camelot.

Melvin made his way to the tavern eventually to aid the barkeep, another student, Jokul, followed him in. He watched as Melvin attempted to get a drink in return for helping the man, but the barkeep kept his gaze on the creature.

Bartender: You someone I don't recognize, and I recognize everyone.

Melvin: I, well, uh--

Bartender: You want some work? I got a job that needs doin' but I can't have any of the locals here workin on it. You look strong, want to take out some friends of mine?

(If Jack followed Melvin into the tavern he also hears this, as does Jokul, the quest will be open to all three of you should you choose to take it. Otherwise, you go into the castle and join Merlin and the rest of the class, learning nothing about the area around you from those inside the tavern, except that the forces here seem to be rooted in magic.)

Objective: Accept the barkeeps mission or go with Merlin.

Physical Education - K'Graak's Pet Playtime

K'Graak waited for his students in the pit, a stadium arena that was based off of the old gladitorial arenas from the Roman era. He felt at home here, in fact, this was very much like his home, but he stopped thinking about it when the students arrived.

K'Graak: Today we play with pets. My friends. They like fun and fighting. We give it to them, no? Class get into groups. Play with them in groups.

And so the groups began to form, each group not knowing what they would have to face.

Group One (Moose Blackfinger, Arthur Blackfyre, Trevor Alton)

The members of group one quickly formed together, Trevor taking the position as the group leader and organizing themselves. Their group seemed strong, Moose was a bit aggressive, but maybe that'd be good in what was to come.

They were sent to a sub-chamber in the Pit where they would be playing K'Graak's pet, Sally. Inside the chamber they saw nothing, the heavy door shut behind them and the group seemed puzzled.

After a moment the ground shook.

K'Graak: Have fun with Sally. Heheheh.

The ground continued to shake until suddenly, Sally emerged.

No Caption Provided

It's stats are as follows:

  • Body: Hellboy
  • Mind: N/A
  • Power: Wolverine's Regeneration
  • Gear: Adamantium Claws / Adamantium Plating (Head & Back)

Objective: KO or incapacitate Sally.

Group Two (Brandon Jaspers, Jane Liddel)

Jane asked to be put with someone and so K'Graak put her with Brandon.

Brandon: Hey there, I'm Brandon! I'm a bit nervous for this, but you look strong so we're gonna do great!

Brandon and Jane were brought to a sub-chamber that housed K'Graak's pet, Gorb.

K'Graak: Gorb have many eyes. Gorb like looking at you. It best not to look back at Gorb.

A slithering sound could be heard from deeper in the chamber; weaving in and out of the stone pillars that were littered throughout.

No Caption Provided

It's stats are as follows:

  • Body: Tombstone
  • Mind: Gorgon
  • Power: Gorgon's Stone Stare
  • Gear: Adamantium Talons

Objective: KO or incapacitate Gorb.

Group Three (AJ Jennings, Jim Allen)

AJ and Jim were the remaining duo and thus they were paired together to play with Tinn, K'Graak's final pet. Their subchamber was a round dome with high walls on each side.

K'Graak: Tinn likes to crawl on walls. Be careful for Tinn. He is pointy.

Then out of the corner of her eye she spotted something.

AJ: He's over there, on the left side!

The two turned and saw Tinn....

No Caption Provided

It's stats are as follows:

  • Body: Creeper
  • Mind: Creeper
  • Power: Marrow's Bone Manipulation
  • Gear: Wolverine's Adamantium Skeleton

Objective: KO or incapacitate Tinn.

Post Suggestions

Hey all,

I love the RP posts you guys are doing, but sometimes it's tough to follow because conversations happen on multiple pages, they don't always happen in order, etc.

From this point on, please include a tl;dr at the bottom of your RP posts at what you're hoping to accomplish. I feel like some of you may feel cheated if I don't respond properly or understand what you were going for, so just for ease of communication, if you do a lot of RP stuff, just include what happened in a short summary at the bottom.


Battle Style

So, I've given some of you foes! To fight these foes work with your partner, if your partner is me, I'll provide some stuff, just let me know what your plan is and the NPC can follow it to the best of their in-character motivations.

We don't need a lengthy debate post (this isn't a CAV) just a bit of what you're trying to do to defeat your foe and how you think your skills stack against them.

If I feel your plan is good and would work, then you'll likely win the fight. If you're vastly outmatched and your plan is... well... bogus you'll suffer a loss. Doesn't mean you'll die, just means you'll suffer a consequence, though sometimes the consequence is death.

Next Advancement

The next Advancement will occur on Wednesday, February 27th.

Some of you didn't post this advancement. If you fail to post again then your character will be removed.

Scenario Tags

Scenario Player Tag:

Go get em!

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Lurking in the back, watching warily, knife in hand, I hear the following conversation.

Bartender: You someone I don't recognize, and I recognize everyone.

Melvin: I, well, uh--

Bartender: You want some work? I got a job that needs doin' but I can't have any of the locals here workin on it. You look strong, want to take out some friends of mine?

I wasn't going to lie. This sound like sketchy business. Big monster guy walks in, and the bartender immediately wants him to do his dirty work? It sounded a lot like the assignments the Winter Queen had given me back in the day. It would be too easy to go kill some folks and come back for the reward, and I almost leapt to the bar on instinct. Then again, I didn't want the others to see whether I would take the quest or not. For the moment it seemed that they hadn't noticed me, so I would wait to see what they would do. If the monster agreed, I would definitely have to accompany them, just to see what kind of monster it really was, and if it didn't go, I could always use the rewards for myself. The pang of guilt for being totally ok with murdering something faded quickly and was replaced by the comfort that everything happened for a reason. It was merely fate that I would be here, and if I took the job, the resulting casualties would simply be fate as well. And so I listened intently without watching with my eyes, to see what my classmates would say.

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@thetruebarryallen: Awfully convenient. It's like some sort of deity deliberately placed those tarot cards there, just so I could take them! I suppose I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth....

The Tavern:

I've accepted my fair share of sketchy jobs, but I was always a thief. Never an assassin. That's not to say I have never killed before, but that was neither here nor there.

Nonetheless, the offer did peak my interest, and the bartender does seem like a useful person to have as an ally. I suppose, at the very least, I could hear what he has to say. Who knows, maybe these "friends" of his actually have it coming? If not, I could always double cross him in some way.

This does beg the question though... how will Melvin react? He seems way too soft for this line of work. If he knows I am interested, would he turn his back on me? After-all, we did only just meet.

It seemed I wasn't the only one with a peaked interest. The silver hair'd boy, Jokul, was a little hard to miss. I could tell he was trying to hide his presence, but unfortunately for him, his appearance stuck out like a sore thumb. He tried to pretend he wasn't listening to the bartender's offer, but I could tell he was interested. He seemed to react, first with a sense of excitement, followed by a certain level of calmness, as if he had found a renewed sense of purpose...

It was a bit creepy. I could tell right now, this kid would either be a close ally or a dangerous enemy.

Perception Check:

Gambit is capable of noticing a professional thief sneaking into Xavier mansion, while in the middle of a practice match in the danger room:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

When Mr. Sinister shape-shifted into Laura, he was able to tell it was an imposter:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

In general, he's a thief, con-artist, and skilled actor. So yea, he should be able to notice Jokul's presence and overall behavior.


  • I take the Tarot Cards (PM me their properties please)
  • I follow Melvin into the bar and listen in on the barkeep's offer, but hide my interest.
  • I also notice Jokul's shifty behavior in the back.

@floopay: @jacthripper:

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The Castle (Amane, Nora Jaspers, AJ Jennings, Nate Banner, Junichiro)

Several students followed Merlin immediately to the castle. Once inside they made their way to Arthur grand throne room; banners hung from the ceiling, each representing various kingdoms under Arthur's rule, each one given to a member of his round table.

Merlin made his way to the throne, where, sitting in a slump, was Arthur. He appeared weak and frail. This was the Arthur of legend...?

Arthur: Merlin... it is good... to see you... friend.

Merlin: Oh Arthur. You're looking worse than I am these days.

Arthur: Now is not.... the time... for...

Merlin: Come now, Arthur. There is always time for humor. Now, your sword--

Arthur: Taken.... replaced with.... a fake..... cursed.

Merlin: The work of...?

Arthur: Morgan.

Merlin: Of course.

The two looked at one another before Merlin broke the silence.

Merlin: Alright, class. We're going to travel to the town of Misthilian. I have a friend there who may be able to point us in the right direction, let us go.

And so the class joined Merlin, storming out of the castle with purpose, on their way to Misthilian.

Objective: Get to Misthilian.

Amane was in awe of the castle. She had never seen anything like it before. While Amane was able to keep her composure, most of the other students looked like kids in candy stores, their amazement plastered all over their faces.

Amane followed around, observing the castle and the guards as they made their way to the throne.

King Arthur, a man of legend, was very underwhelming. He seemed old, tired, drained. Cursed.

Once Merlin determined the issue of the fake Excalibur and that their next move would be to go to Misthilian, Amane grew excited. She was eager to see where this would lead. She wanted to see the great Merlin in action. She was hoping that her particular power set would come in handy to the mission; she also wanted an opportunity to show Merlin and the other students how powerful she truly was.

And if she could be involved in a battle against Morgan Le Fay, even better.

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Bring on The Beast! (Ebony and Ivory Duet)

Loading Video...

Jim saw Tinn and cursed himself "dammit Jim what did you get yourself into now?" he dodged some thrown projectiles from the monster

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Wildcats 2006

Grifter can bullet time so there's no reason for him to struggle with any of the thrown projectiles (the monster is another story as Creeper is stupid fast)

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

there are other instances of him "he could be bullet timing, but it might not be bullet timing" however when you take all 3 feats into consideration he can probably bullet time, or at the very least come very close to bullet timing. more than fast enough to dodge thrown projectiles

Grifter can also keep up with people like Zealot and Midnighter.

Jim started shouting "AJ i need you to run distraction, my coils here can restrain and shock the beast" Jim continued "all you have to do is keep the beast looking at you and not at me" Jim took off trying to get behind the monster.

Jim watched AJ grab some of the projectiles that were shot at him and throw them back at the monster with surprising accuracy. Jim wanted to ask her why she wasn't using her duplicates but Jim had to remain quiet to the monster would stay focused on AJ. Tinn was unfortunately quite fast and good at climbing on the walls... Jim would have to pull him down off of the wall before Tinn stabbed AJ

Jim waited until the perfect moment and unleashed his coils, he wrapped one coil around the monsters neck and one coil around the creatures chest to restrict the arms. He then pulled down with all his strength while sending a shock through the coils

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Backlash's skills give my character quite the skill with coils as Backlash himself is used to utilizing Psionic Tendrils very similar to Constrictors Coils in nature.

and he does use his tendrils to restrain opponents similar to the way i am now

No Caption Provided

and Constrictors coils can also shock strong enough to cause Hulk some damage

funny thing about Adamantium... its conductive.

Jim told AJ "cover your ears" and he unleashed his sonic cry at the monster. Unfortunately Jim lost control of his sonic scream and did a massive AoE scream

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
as you can see Banshee can get affect a large distance with his AoE screams
No Caption Provided

and if Banshee can briefly KO/Stop Wolverine. He can stop Tinn

when Jim was finally able to stop he looked around and saw what happened, what he had done. his voice croaked "i definitely didn't mean for that to happen" keeping his coils wrapped tight around Tinn in case the combined shock and sonic attack didn't KO him, or worse. He went to check on AJ she probably couldn't hear him after what happened but he still felt bad. "AJ hey can you hear me? are you ok? "


  1. Jim and AJ dodged the first projectiles fired by Tinn before he jumped on the walls
  2. AJ distracted Tinn while Jim got into position to wrap his coils around Tinn and bring the monster down from the walls
  3. Jim then shocked Tinn and Used his sonic scream, unfortunately Jim lost control of his scream and did a massive AoE instead.
  4. Jim kept his coils around the monster and realized the mistake he made. He then went to check on AJ to see if she was ok.
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@thetruebarryallen: Saga recoiled back as Barda suddenly approached her with a corpse of one of the soldiers in hand. Barda unceremoniously dropped the corpse on the ground, and at that moment, Saga's curiosity took over leading her to nudge the corpse with her foot. Huh. Is this a weird hologram of some sort? Or maybe an android? Saga thought. Looking up, Saga flashed her newfound friend an encouraging smile.

"Quick thinking, Barda," Saga said as she scanned the area, "I think we're halfway there. Let's keep going."

Saga hesitantly began running again to the destination, the target's location, with a more controlled mind and a constant eye on Barda. She continued at her usual fast pace though as that had apparently worked out super well before.


Going to continue the sneaking mission to kick Hitler in the shins. She'll head toward where Team 2 were supposed to be.

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Without a word Olivia leapt into action, her mind racing. Save as many as you can, focus, this is what you want to do...save people. She charged the nearest robot, utilizing her dexterity to dodge a blast of red energy from its eyes. No invisibility, I need to get as many of their attention possible to let people clear out. She closed the distance in a blink, passing right through some form of energy shielding the android erected. She would need to draw them away from the fleeing crowd. The robot swung it's arm at her, but she was too quick, it's movements were slow and clumsy in comparison to hers. She ducked below the swipe easily, racing to another robot some ten feet away as the one behind her followed in pursuit. Swiveling her hips to barely miss another eye blast she brought the other leg around with a whip-like kick to the android’s chest. The shiny metallic frame was sent flying straight backwards into the robot giving chase, sprawling them both upon the floor.

Adam Jensen has augmentations that give him superhuman speed and allow him bullet-time reactions.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Snake-Eyes has shown easily skilled enough to dodge lasers and deflect bullets, without augmentations.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Olivia switched her sight mode to x-ray vision, diagnosing the machine’s component parts and identifying weaknesses with Cortana’s help. She darted in front of a third machine, garnering its attention. The others quickly got up from the floor, spamming beams of concussive energy her way. “Get back!" She called to the few stragglers still in the area.

Cortana: “The scans suggest that you could disable the androids by critically damaging the power fuel cells located deep in the chest. Easiest point of ingress is under the ribcage and up through the chest cavity.”

“Thanks”, she muttered. “Initiate a remote hack, I need you to take control, turn them against each other. Think you can do that?”

Cortana has been shown capable of hacking advanced civilizations technology, such as that of the Covenant and Forerunners. We saw that the Resistance who are far less technologically advanced could hack Terminators in Salvation and the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Cortana: “Of course, it should pose-”

“Just do it already, lives are at stake.” She rushed toward the third robot, dodging a series of plasma blasts from its rifle and landing a flying knee that sent the android crashing through a holographic projection table.

Cortana: “Already began the process. Should have control momentarily.”

“Alright, map out immediate targets.” Five robots lit up in her optical display, each with a numerical designation. Spatial analysis complete. “Turn one on two and four on five. I’ll take number three myself.”

With that the furthest machine away suddenly thrust its powerful fist up through its partner’s chest, coming up from under the ribcage . Originating from a friendly system the blow was completely unanticipated, leaving the unit bewildered at the betrayal. The power cells were almost immediately crushed bringing the robot to a grinding halt before it could calculate the source of the treachery. The fourth and fifth robots were locked in combat, trading metal crunching blows that send their forms crashing through the exhibit.

Cortana: “Impressive, they are adapting to my hack. We are going to lose control in seconds.”

“Use a concussive blast to put down four and five, I’ll take care of one before we lose control.”

Cyclops' blasts can definitely cut through T-800s given the effect they have on Sentinels and tanks..

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Cortana: “Be careful, you’re not going to do anyone any good if you’re dead.”

“Ya, I got it.” Olivia flipped backwards avoiding a deadly blow from the third android and vaulting back to robot one’s position as it let loose a series of ruby red beams that cut through the other machines.

Cortana: “I’m losing it.”

Olivia ducked low and rotated 180 degrees, reaching her arm up through the robot’s weakest armor with tremendous force, piercing the power cell and causing the machine to slump over with a slowing whir. She tossed it to the side just in time to be grazed by an optic blast from the remaining android sending her sprawling. She rolled behind a desk, but the robot unleashed another blast, tearing through the piece of furniture like a matchstick.

Adam Jensen strength easily tears through steel reinforced concrete.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Even in a human body Snake-Eyes knew how to apply force with great skill to crush stone statues with his blows.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Cortana: “Only superficial damage registered, systems are still functioning.”

“Gee, thanks I couldn’t tell.”


  1. Olivia drew the attention of as many as she could to minimize civilian deaths. (5)
  2. She identified their weakest points.
  3. Cortana hacked two of the robots and set them against each other.
  4. Olivia is still fighting the last robot and has been hit, but the damage is only superficial.
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Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Everyone's got a gimmick these days, don't they? Arfuna asked himself as all hell broke loose. It was meant to be a simple day, really. First day of class, go to the science fair. Meet some people. Look at the support systems. The nanites caught his eye. He was going to ask a question about them, but the moment he did that, all hell broke loose. He could've had a good time, but noooooo, killer robots always have to come somewhere. Professor better have some answers when we're done here.

First he had to assess his situation. That meant he had to find cover to think. Scouring around, he hid behind some tables. Only then did he give himself time to think: Robots. Metal. Obviously bulletproof. No matter, Arfuna thought in the midst of things. These aren't bullets anyways... should at least sting. He didn't know what his classmates were doing, he was done waiting around.

His first combat step was to go invisible.

I grabbed Spider-Man's stealth suit, but Kaine's is the exact same one, so if needed I'll use feats from it too. Anyways, here you can see that he's invisible (top right panel, he takes out two guys). Black Cat can see him because he gave her special goggles. Here we see that infrared can't see him and that the suit works by thinking about it.

Let's just hope it's enough to fool these guys. Hasn't failed me before. With that, Arfuna was free to further assess the situation. These weren't just presumably bulletproof robots... they seemed to have shields too. Not permanent, but enough to say that they'd be a problem. Filling these guys with bullets from a distance wasn't going to cut it. He had to bide his time. Wait for those shields to go down, then fill the robots... with darkness.

Since I need to pull out all the stops here, I'll just go straight forward. With Wesley's gun skills, I'll be able to fill these guys up with bullets the moment their shields go down.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Three bullets? Six flies without wings. This is the first ever time he's so much as held a gun.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Without even looking, Wesley walks into a police precinct and shoots perfect headshots every time.

Of course, he has more impressive feats, but at the moment he's completely invisible to the Terminators so there's no need for that. What there is a need for, however, is guns. Luckily, the Darkness can make it's own Darkness Guns, which don't require ammo, but merely his connection to the Darkness. The one on the left is a slow, but incredibly powerful hand cannon. The one on the right is a rapid-fire SMG. Because his suit bends waves around it, as in light, it basically means he'll be able to fire indefinitely.

From here the only other worry is him getting accidentally hit.

Titan's Curse
Titan's Curse

Percy Jackson's body doesn't just afford me the ability to deflect a bullet after it is fired, but also the ability to blitz another skeleton soldier before it can fire. He should also be even faster than Wesley, who happens to literally be a regular human:

Piper rolled to the edge of the road and looked back, dazed and horrified, as Percy and Jason crossed swords, gold against bronze. Sparks flew. Their blades blurred-strike and parry-and the pavement trembled. The first exchange only lasted a second, but Piper couldn't believe the speed of their sword fighting.

Mark of Athena
FTE combat is nothing new to Percy. Here he crosses blurred blades with Jason Grace, and exchange at least one set of strikes and parries in a literal second. Piper (the one watching) even emphasizes the speed at which they're sword fighting. Piper herself can make decently accurate shots atop a horse with superspeed. With Percy's body, Arfuna should be capable of tearing down a couple robots with ease, especially with the bigger gun on the left. Since I obviously likely can't take them all out solo, teammates better do some work.


  • Go invisible
  • Shoot the robots with darkness ammo, especially the heavy type on my left hand that should blast through them
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You look like I need a drink

Jack’s keen eyes surveyed the enemy units, his mind finishing a series of complex calculations almost instantly. Feeling a bit nervous he turned to the allied forces huddled around him. “Does anyone have a drink around here? Damn, I just got thirsty.” He rubbed his jaw and looked about for a reply, but all he could see was blank faces unsure what to make of his request.

“Y...you’re just a kid” one of the soldiers finally replied confused.

The carefree expression drained from his face, a more serious tone bubbling up from below. “This kid...” He tilted his head for a split second before correcting himself, “these kids are the ones about to save your asses”, he gestured to his teammates. “ We get you out of here safe and sound I expect you all to buy me a round”, he teased switching again to a lighter tone. He found himself stuck for just a fraction of a second upon the idea of whether simulation beer tasted as good as the real thing.

“You get me out of here alive and I’ll name my son after you”, another soldier volunteered.

Jack placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled. “I’ll just stick with a round at the bar if it’s all the same to you.”

The sound of a faint whistle broke his banter as it grew to an ear-piercing wail. KABOOM, a mortal shell shook the bones of everyone in the small group. “Alright, we are going to need more help than I thought, he bit the corner of his lip. “You guys have radio communications with the base back there?” @thetruebarryallen He gestured in the direction of the base where Foxtrot was still waiting.

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@thetruebarryallen: @giliad_@stormshadow_x

What started out as a duo of Keimusho and Barney soon turned into a squadron of 4 other students, each of whom Keimusho would like to know about, especially considering that one of them happened to be his roommate, but alas, he figured this wasn't the time, as the closer they got to the energy source, the tighter the grip it had on the boy's unyielding attention. Eventually the power source led Keimusho to a strange hole in the ground, the Seismic Sense all but confirming this is where the power source is coming from, so the only logical thing is to turn around to the others and say with certainty yet sincerity.

"Well, this tunnel seems to be where the energy spikes are coming from? I guess we're going this way, assuming you want to." He waits on their response, the boy seemingly knowing that only he knows where the energy is coming from, and as such he must take charge of the operation, even if one of them has seemingly vanished into the hole, ahead of them (if Keimusho's Seismic Sense is anything to go by).

Only the first day of class and Keimusho's already leading a group of students. It appears that this semester will be quite interesting.

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Ringo listened as Jack babbled on incessantly. How could he possibly always have so much to say?

He was torn in his appraisal of Jack; a natural leader perhaps, but a prisoner to his base desires. Still, his decisions so far had made good tactical sense, and so Ringo had little cause to question them. If he slipped up Ringo could always assume command and lead his squad to victory. As it was Ringo didn’t care much so long as they won the battle and he got a shot at glory. Whichever choice gave the greatest chance at victory, no matter how slight, would be his course of action. It was for this reason he held nothing against Barda and Saga for bailing on the team. Their talents were of better use elsewhere, and so they believed that gave them the greatest chance at victory. Still, he hoped to beat them to the prize. He wasn't one to come in second place.

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Max's usual nervous demeanor steeled as he saw the threat in front of him. He quickly placed a hand behind him to stop AJ from taking a step forward. "AJ keep behind me. I don't care if you are a clone or the original if I can keep somebody safe that it's front of me I will," He said as a shield and large boomerang materialized in his hands. He hid behind the shield and protected himself and AJ as he watched for the pattern in the shields. "AJ I'm about to create a diversion use the chance to get help or something. Maybe even go get that mech suit those guys were talking about," Max said as he finally figured out the pattern on the shields. He gripped the boomerang in his hand and imagined the formulas and trajectories he needed in his mind then threw it to hit the robots right when the shields go down and give AJ a chance to escape.

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Sting heard the screams first, which instantly caught his attention. It was then he was caught in the stampede of convention goers running away from something - something that probably needed his attention. After a few sneers under his breath he saw the robots begin to shoot. There were others acting in their own ways. He took cover as he noticed the shields which the robots possessed, which would be a problem. He noticed the shield fluctuate its energy signature from the attacks.


Having possessing Ultiamte Hawkeye's vision, Sting possesses telescopic vision to see the robots energy shields ripple as he formulates a strategy

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Stings hands glowed as he prepared a volley of energy bombs appear from nowhere. He wanted to test the strength integrity or duration. And with a thought his bombs where off to bring down the shields. Sting is also part Norman Osborn so he intellectually smart but also throws bombs due to Osborne's time as Green Goblyn.


things go boom around Boom Boom.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

The bombs began to hit the shields on by one, each controlled to go off at different strength and duration


able to blow up robots to a small detonation to repel a person

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

able to go off on contact or timed detention

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

The shields eventually fell either by the bombardment of bombs or just hitting a weak point - frankly Sting didn't care, the robots protection was down. With a thought, he sent out another volley of bombs which honed into each of their targets.


incase anyone didn't know, Boom Boom can send and direct her bombs and recall them at will. It isn't just a throw and 3-2-1 count. She has been able to manipulate direction mid-way through the original X-Force series, which was in the 90s. Sting can actually send it with distance cuz he has the Vision of Hawkeye and the intelligence of Osborne

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

first scan directing them mentally during early X-Force (90s)

last two her doing her best Krillin imitation, able to destroy multiple robots and car


@patriotbear (though we had to show how each could take down the scenario, since you ended the scene with a hit and one robot left, I figured we could merge here)

The robot was now a broken shell among the floor as Sting approached the others as the shields were down. (@supremegeneration ) @higherpower

"Are you alright?" Sting asked as he approached. His faced turned red as he could feel his blood pressure rise. "Hey!" He screamed as he noticed the face. "You are the person who bumped me at the presentation. No wonder you got hit, you think you can do everything by yourself." Sting began to mumble some other obscenities at the chances of the situation had unfolded. "Has anyone seen the Professor?"

TL, Dr:

  • take down the shields
  • take down the robots
  • not get hit since he fired from a distance. I have speed dodge reaction feats but figured I didn't need them here since I fired from distance
  • form the "team" to investigate the source of the robots
  • didn't use Hobgoblin yet

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Ah see, I fucking knew it, god damn dumb ass students, and that six armed cryptic idiot bitch! First one to jump off the bridge is your uncle. George thought, maneuvering around the alien virus cells as they attacked.

"Hey when we get out of here, remind me to say, I told you so!" He yelled kicking at the base of a large protruding piece of the now deceased creatures metallic hide, while bending from the top and snapping it off into a rudimentary battering instrument. Wrapping the end in a torn off piece of AJ's outfit, that'd left her midriff exposed.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

She'd narrowly escaped the sting of one creature, during the first rush but her clothes caught on a jagged piece of the creatures metallic flesh. Making her outfit appear as a new age ripped fashion item.

"Nice pipes you've got there, Sid was it, yeah."

Listen, stun theses fuckers one more time for me, and I'm going to bash there fucking heads in. He said. "Little miss, you got any gear or weapons on you, support Sid. Or sit there and look pretty;" he said giving her a wink.

It was a beautiful, if chaotic melody of "funk" and "rock and roll"; the blaring riffs from Sid echoing through the dead space. AJ running interference as the creatures turned toward Sid, but she laid down her fair share of damage too. But George, George was playing one sick drum line. With no mind, the creatures movements and attacks were predictable, linear, and pattern following.

Loading Video...

Well god damn guys, we'd make a hell of a group George said as the commotion died down. But I don't think we're done yet, they're coming back. As he turned to see the spores healing themselves. Reaching into one of his bags pockets he threw an Incendiary Grenade into the pile setting them ablaze. Crippling them further, if but only temporarily.

As a group they rushed toward the domed cavity housing the larger brain matter.

"Weak spot, the last thing Arabelle said was to destroy the brain we needed to find the weak spot." George placed his hand along the creatures body activating his powers, he collected some surface memories about the creatures defensive antibodies, recalling their losing battle against the deadly Virus. As its dead defenders awoke now turned into its attackers, a scene straight out of the zombie apocalypse.

Probing deeper, he saw the viruses initial entry point into the brain, and the tragic pulsing of neural chemical signals, discernable even if the create was alien. An SOS message rapidly firing for the more anti-bodies, but in vain. This entry was the weak point.

A small crack in the metallic outer shell. George rushed to the place, he placed a few Incendiary Grenade into the hole. Dentation and the last few fleshly pieces of the creatures gray matter eviscerated in the blaze.

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I'm going to write this assuming the T-Sphere ability to turn into a T-Mask gives solomon those feats also.

Post 4

The alarm in Solomons head goes off as if he were on a mission which let him know someone was about to die. Ignoring his instinct to get clear of the danger Solomon darted towards the danger. Although Solomon wasn't fast enough to stop shots from ringing out and the crowd screaming in terror while running for their lives. This is where his acrobatic skills came in handy as Solomon needed to maneuver pass the stampeding crowd. That's when he came face to face with the threat Solomons initial strat seeing them for the first time was to draw their attention as the crowd moved to safety. Something he would normally do on a mission as he didn't need to dodge every bullet just keep the pace to avoid their aim. But he quickly realized his T-Sphere/T-Mask made it so the Robots couldn't see him. That afforded him half a second more to plan, switching his vision to infrared Solomon looked for the Robots battery knowing exactly where to attack and instantly disable them. That also meant no surprise reactivations as they would be completely out of power. He raced to the closet robots moving through their shield and aiming for their battery. Depending on how durable they are he would need a weapon to destroy it. But he didn't have too look far to see one since they robots came with their own weapons he could easily take.

Peter's Spider Sense

Basic explanation.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Used in combat.

Blinded with webbing facing a foe with similar stats uses spider sense and "way of the spider".

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Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

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Gotta keep moving. Olivia somersaulted out of the way of the incoming beam as it reduced the desk to slivers of debris. Finding her feet she circled around the machine at blinding speed hurdling a table. Plasma bolts missed by inches exploding harmlessly behind her.

Across the room she could see that others had begun fighting back against the onslaught of androids. With a glance she could tell that a few of them had already fallen. Good, we can focus on finishing this one here.

Cortana: “I wasn’t able to finish tracing their origin or analyzing their memory banks.”

“A little busy right now”, Olivia mumbled under her breath. Darting by one of the destroyed androids she snatched a plasma rifle from the wreckage.

Cortana: “ I would suggest that we don’t destroy their memory housings, I may be able to hack in and examine their files after they’re eliminated as a threat.”

“I thought they countered your hack?” Olivia questioned as she slid across a table top, knocking holo-pamphlets and robotic models to the ground before disappearing behind a maze of computers.

Cortana: “They did, but hacking is a fluid process. With their systems powered down I can probably bypass their new defenses without them countering.”

“Probably? We can’t do probably. We need to know where these robots came from.” She sprinted out from the cover, moving closer to the machine as it unleashed a flurry of plasma her way.

Cortana: “Let’s make it plan B then.”

Suddenly she was knocked off her feet by a shockwave followed by a blast of hot air. Her ears were ringing as she laid there shaking her head. Damnit. So much for plan A.

"Are you alright?" Sting asked as he approached. His faced turned red as he could feel his blood pressure rise. "Hey!" He screamed as he noticed the face. "You are the person who bumped me at the presentation. No wonder you got hit, you think you can do everything by yourself." Sting began to mumble some other obscenities at the chances of the situation had unfolded. "Has anyone seen the Professor?"

"Who do you think you're yelling at idiot? She shakily climbed to her feet. "Maybe I need to do everything by myself because dunder heads like you tend to screw it up! I had everything under control, we needed to interrogate that machine!"



  • Olivia decided to try and incapacitate the last android so she could interrogate it.
  • The robot however was blown up before she got a chance.
  • Olivia yelled at Bosche for blowing up the robot because she's high strung.
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@supremegeneration: @patriotbear:

@mr_ingenuity: @higherpower


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It was like instinct. A quick roundhouse to her head and off to tomorrow. No one would miss this lame walking want to-be hero. Especially a do it all like herself. How dare she try to power up an attitude against an intellectual superior. Idiot!

Sting revealed a smile as he walked over her bleeding body. It would have been so satisfying if true. The imagination ran wild at times with Sting, and it concentrated back onto her hackling voice.

"...we needed to interrogate that machine!"

Sting's head tilted in disbelief. This girl did not just catch an attitude with him. "What we needed to do is take control of the situation. All the laser beams flying around your head and getting caught in that force field must have given you a brain tumor, because all the dead bodies dropping around us surely are not siding with you. You obviously got shot and injured and were not fully aware of the situation Ms I Don't Care What Your Name Is."

He looked at the others. "Obviously Ms Attitude can hack machinery. Since no one knew that the results are moot. Now did anyone actually see where these things came from? Does anyone know where Professor Victor is? And most importantly, did anyone see where I can get some food. Im starving for a cheeseburger.

TL, Dr:

  • met Olivia
  • imagined kicking Olivia to the next county - destroying inner-demons is psychologically satisfying
  • Trying to formulate a plan...with the team

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Olivia gritted her teeth, incensed at the accusation levied against her by her classmate. Perhaps if he would have been paying attention he’d have noticed she had already drawn the attention of the robots so the innocent crowds could get away in her section of the exhibit. Regardless she remained quiet, drawing herself back into focus. She swiveled her neck, stretching it out.

Cortana: “Its possible I can still retrieve data from the memory banks of target 2. The neural processor should still be in good condition.”

Without saying a word she strode gingerly over to one of the collapsed shells, kneeling down beside it. “Go ahead, see what you can get."

OoC- Barry is she able to retrieve anything from the T-800s memory banks?


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Ringo twirled his knife with great dexterity as he listened to Jack babble on with the soldiers.

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@thetruebarryallen: Facing down the incoming birds and doing his best to ignore the screeches of the man-sized monstrosities Ryan took his twin pistols out of his holsters and held them towards the monsters. "Just like we talked about, yeah?" Ryan yelled over the top of the screeches before firing several rounds from his pistols. The bullets appeared to be flying off course before they suddenly changed direction in mid-air, curving back towards the creatures and punching through several pairs of wings.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Stranger Kisses #3

The impact opened up large holes in the birds' wings, causing many to careen off to the side, into cave walls and other birds. Three birds were shot in total, with one more narrowly avoiding a bullet which instead dug itself several metres into the cave's wall before finally coming to a stop. The injured birds hit the sides and floor of the cave with a heavy thud as their aggressive screeches turned into ones of panic and pain. Despite the injuries, though, they continued to come towards the group of heroes, running along the floor instead of flying through the air.

"I thought that'd take out more of them," Ryan said with a tinge of disappointment. "It doesn't matter. Misty, the webbing!" he yelled as he threw his guns to the side where they remained, suspended in mid-air and firing autonomously, taking out the wings of an additional bird and causing it to crash into the cave floor.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
Body Orchard #6

Misty fired out her webbing in response. In fact, she fired out too much webbing. So much so that they nearly lost sight of the incoming birds.

No Caption Provided

The avalanche of webs was narrowly avoided by the six birds still flying, but the ones who had been condemned to the ground were buried under the mountain of webs. "Do you really expect me to control all tha-" Ryan started before being interrupted by one of the birds thrusting a wing in his direction leading to a menacing looking feather flying towards him. Lifting a hand towards it, the feather halted mere inches away from his face before turning around and flying back at the bid, embedding itself in its stomach and making it lose its bearings, falling to the floor before writhing in pain.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
Gravel #11

The remaining birds had finally reached the group, rushing towards them with talons bearing at their necks. Ryan leapt to the side, avoiding the worst of the talons but having a straight, deep cut gouged into his arm. Wincing, Ryan stood back up as blood began to trickle down his arm. "This would be easier if we were allowed to kill them."

No Caption Provided

"They're gonna come back around again, maybe use a little less webbing this time, Misty. V, help me to control it as it comes out." As the remaining birds turned around and flew back towards the group, Misty fired out more webbing towards them. Wordlessly, Ryan and V controlled the webbing as it raced towards the birds, wrapping them up into multiple very loud, and very aggressive cocoons.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Gravel #4

"Make sure to give them holes to breathe," Ryan said as he turned towards V, only to find that she wasn't there. Turning around entirely, he saw where she had gone. He had forgotten about the bird he had hit with its own feather. It was left injured but still very much alive and had been moving towards them as the group dealt with the remaining ones. It was an incredibly dangerous situation, or at least it would have been if V hadn't turned around and pummelled the creature into unconsciousness. She leaned over it with a knee to its neck and her fist raised. As she stared at it, the beast threw its arm towards her in a last-ditch attempt to defend itself, but its arm stopped abruptly in mid-air before dropping to the floor. The second it made a move against her V had punched it in the head with all her strength. Ryan makes a mental note to not get on her bad side before laughing out of relief.

After V had 'ensured' that each of the birds were unconscious and Misty had wrapped the birds up in triple-layered cocoons so that their wings wouldn't be able to break them out, Misty attached all of them to a single strand that she held as the three would-be heroes began the process of slowly and exhaustively dragging the birds along the floor and out of the cave. The cut on Ryan's arm that was now haphazardly bandaged by a torn off piece of his sleeve throbbed from the effort but Ryan ignored the pain. Or at least he tried to. He hoped that neither of his teammates noticed him wincing from time to time.


  • Shoot through wings with bendy TK'd bullets to drop a lot of them to the floor
  • Spam webbing at a high rate to incap
  • TK control the webbing to wrap around them even if they're able to dodge it
  • Can send back thrown feathers via TK
  • Cocoon them with webbing to the point that they can't move to cut through it.
  • Reapply webbing as needed.
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@boschepg: @jacthripper: First of all, what's that GIF from?


The Tavern

One thing to keep in mind about my character, is that his power gives him hyper-perception due to his intelligence. This is coupled with someone who has pretty much the best senses of any creature found in nature (bear's sense of smell, timber wolf's hearing, bird+ levels of vision), and Ninjak's level of training on how to use them. Remember, Ninjak is enhanced; but not on Melvin's sensory levels. So he should be pretty aware of his surroundings, and is more than adept on analyzing whether or not he's being lied to.

Bartender: You someone I don't recognize, and I recognize everyone.

Melvin: I, well, uh--

Bartender: You want some work? I got a job that needs doin' but I can't have any of the locals here workin on it. You look strong, want to take out some friends of mine?

Melvin held his sigh of discontent to himself. Of course he was being asked to fight someone.

"I need a name, a location, and it'd be nice to know an occupation. Maybe even a little more information. Who're his friends, and what do they do?" he said. "Night time is when I work best, any idea where he'll be by then?"

He had no qualms fighting or even killing. He was taught and trained to do so, and if it needed to be done he would do it. But he also knew better than to rush blindly into a task. His hopes were to get some information on his intended target, and find out why the bartender wanted him taken care of. He was willing to kill; but he wasn't going to do it to someone who didn't have it coming.

The Castle

His thirty minutes were almost up. He knew he had to be in the castle to find out his assignment, so he bid the bartender goodbye after receiving all the relevant information, and invited Jack to join him. He recognized Jokul in the corner. He could remember the smell, look, and sound perfectly with his memory and enhancements (this is just a part of Ninjak's mind; but enhancements are part of my character's background so I'm keeping it with his theme).

For some reason, Jokul was taking special interest in him, and he was curious if he'd be followed back to the castle by him. However, to pay attention to him now would only give away the fact that he's noticed him. Best play the part of the giant, oblivious monster.

As he arrived at the castle, he noticed that most of the goings on had already happened, and he had missed more than he believed he would in a half an hour. So he questioned the other students who were there as to what was happening, and talked to Merlin himself to help catch him up. He explained fully what he was doing (leaving out the job he had taken from the bartender), and how he was hoping to gather preliminary information about their environment before accepting his mission.

@thetruebarryallen Up to you how much I missed at the castle. But remember, I did state from post 1 that I was heading to the castle after about 30 minutes in the market place and tavern.

Thanks for reading,


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Guess It's Time To Ask Questions

Arfuna stood there as the clear egotist (@boschepg) "Ms I Don't Know What Your Name Is? Ms Attitude? Obviously she can hack machinery? and cyborg lady (@patriotbear) seemed to butt heads. He wished they'd stop wasting time, but he figured he'd let them get the pleasantries out of the way. Cyborg lady seemed to be getting intel, at least.

just a short post so I don't get kicked, since my char is just waiting atm @thetruebarryallen

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@thetruebarryallen: Since this is physical education, im assuming we don't have our gear with us.

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Mojo Hand

“You rang?” Firearms AJ announced her and Napoleon’s arrival with a lively squeal throwing her arms up the air. “YEEEAH. This is so exciting, we’re SHOOTING NAZI’S!”

“What a dream come true”, Jack rolled his eyes, absentmindedly twirling his revolver. “Anyway”, he continued. “We need you to pin down those foot soldiers. He gestured toward the enemy forces as the two firearms students peered in their direction. Keep them off us so we can deal with the big guns. If you wipe them all out you can always lend us a hand with the others.”

“I reckon you can count on us”, Napoleon offered, though Jack was just then stuck on the conundrum of how exactly Napoleon could talk at all. He shook his head, honing back in on the problem at hand.

“The big bad lookin’ guys will be 1A, 1B, and 1C” He pointed out their positions as they peeked out from their vantage point. “1A is the guy in the heavy armor, I’m pretty sure he’s the big kahuna. You’ll have to double team him AJ”, he glanced at the gunless AJ clones in a manner that was far more serious than what they were accustomed to. “Fight together and feel him out, don’t open yourselves up too much”.

He turned to Ringo. “1B is a marksman judging by his gear, and a damn fine one if my intuition is worth a plugged nickel. You told me you can blind opponents right?”

“Oh yeah, no problem.” Ringo waved his hand as if it was a matter of child’s play.

“Good, because that’s gonna be damn useful right here. You need to blind that kraut if we don’t want to run the risk of getting shot.” He tapped the ground forcefully with his index finger. “That starts everything, after you blind him I need you to take him down as fast as possible. The AJ’s will move out to engage 1A, and I’ll get the fat bastard in the back, he’ll be 1C. Whoever is done first help the others.”

“Easy, any other requests?” Ringo’s eyes flashed as a confident smile crept across his face.

“Nah, I just need you at the top of your game, because this sure as hell isn’t my strong suit.” He tapped the curved handle of the revolver slung across the front of his waist. “Damn I wish I could use these.”

“That’s because you’re a coward Jack”, Ringo teased, half playfully.

"Better to be a coward than dead", Jack brought the gun to his lips kissing it playfully "For good luck", he clarified. "Everyone ready?" They nodded in agreement gripping their weapons. "Go"