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I wonder what if The Amazing Spider-man

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And Danny Phantom

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crossed paths in a classic hero match?

First round, no prep standard gear, we take spider-man from his time as CEO of Parker Industries and what was his usual gear during that year

Second round, they know the basic of each other, one week prep, he wears the armor from the picture with any modifications he might to fight ghosts

Third round, one month prep, peter is willing to use ALL of his PI resources for this, to create the best ghost hunting armor he can. Danny has the ecto-skeleton. They know all about each other

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Round 1 could go either way. Danny has much better versatility, he can phase through webbing, freeze spidey, etc. but Spider-Man has a big physicals advantage.

Round 2 and 3: Assuming Spider-Man can replicate the anti-ghost tech in the show, he should easily win this. The anti-ghost tech was pretty strong and allowed Danny to be beaten by regular humans so it should be easy for Spider-Man to win. If not, then I'll say Danny wins. He gets a massive power boost from the suit (100x stats and abilities iirc) and the second version powered itself so he could use it forever (actually he would lose if using the first suit due to horrible stamina).