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@supermanthor:Honestly there is nothing too powerful for MCU because they could just nerf absolutely anything.


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Lol at namor being on Thanos level

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@zane240 said:

Lol at namor being on Thanos level

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BEFORE Namor's power-up! True, Namor got his arse handed to him afterwards, but to waylay the Mad Titan like this before any power-ups, impressive. Also, fun fact, Namor was the first hero to tag Thanos in the Infinite Gauntlet book.

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@chad_duby: lol no just no.. Odin wanted thanos to kneel and he didn't but Odin hardly went all out he was just annoyed the Titan didn't kneel. Had he been seriously trying thanks would be done for. And Thanos though kept getting up he was definitely worse for wear. Take both of there battles against Galactus. Odin temporary KO'd Galen in one fight and went toe to toe for some time in another while Thanos was one shot by a weakend Galen...

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Young king Thor

Strange with Aritifacts

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@destinyman75: The guy ordered his guards to kill everybody who came with Thanos, didn’t hesitate to ruin Asgards and even called Thanos a worthy foe. You called that someone who just wanted Thanos to kneel before him? Odin went at least almost all out but he couldn’t destroy Thanos, despite the fact that Thanos wasn’t even there to fight.

It was a telepahtic battle and Thor intervened. Why didn’t you look at Galactus when he got up? He was fine and he recovered to a fullstate why the same guy exerted himself destroying Thanos’s shield.

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@supermanthor: Gorr could be easily in MCU. Thor/Thanos/Captain Marvel level with necrosword magic. Done.

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@chad_duby: Odin. The guy who can bust galaxies we t all out with just a few blast ?? Not even close. Thanks didn't kneel and was shown to be tough of course he was said to be a worthy foe, but he was still obviously beaten, and again without going all out. Yes Thor interfered but that mental battle was not a short one. Basing Odin vs Galen vs thaos vs Galen it's obvious Thanos is a tier below. A tough for but a tier below. I mean thanos barely didn't get one shot from a weak Galen while his sheilds were up

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@destinyman75: Show me where he did those things please? I have never seen him busted galaxies before. He even had a problem destroying a world during Fear itself.

He was not as he stood up quickly and Odin didn’t even look what he did to Asgard.

Sure you can argue that but he currently is not as cockey as he used to be anymore as he now has better showings and has been evolved.

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@chad_duby: I agree current Odin is a pale Shadow of himself after Aaron. But when Thanos and Odin had there sparring match Odin was classic version, but current Nerfed version Is another matter. When Odin fought Elder God Seth there battle shook the fabric of the Multiverse itself. When he showed Thor how to be a King he created stars and had them in his hands. Created a pocket deminsion/Universe to out Asgard in. Even Surtur who is relatively equal to Odin busted a Galaxy just creating the Twilight sword. If this is classic Odin like when they already fought then Odin with mid difficulty. If it's current Nerfed Aaron version then I'd say thanos even wins.