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#51 Posted by The_Red_Devil (5069 posts) - - Show Bio

Composite strange is too OP whose beaten far more powerful then Thanos

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@mrstranger: You done editing your post by adding in words ot make yourself sound intelligent?

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@cull_obsidian: Yes, I am done editing my post to more accurately and thoroughly respond to you.

That's what an "edit" option is for.

Are you done lying by omission?

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#54 Posted by Cull_Obsidian (4061 posts) - - Show Bio

@mrstranger: lol I was joking

Anyway on topic, yes maybe I did not explain fully the context but the feat is still valid and applicable

He still survived the attack, how, not sure, amazing regan?, maybe it's smiler to when death banned him but he did survive

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@karkus said:

@totu: Eternity has Multiversal feats and statements, and a Marvel Multiverse is composed of Infinite Universe. Eternity is also an abstract concept. Composite Strange merged with Eternity, and while normal strange is on par with Fate, Composite Strange is entirely different. If Raven wins, it won't be easy.

Fate himself have arguably greater feats than that, from defeating in the same time a Lord of Chaos and a Lord of Order who were about to take over the multiverse, to tapping in the Springs of Creation itself and focusing their energy through him, with effects felt in multiple universes and dimensions.

Also his magic helmet contain an universe and is so powerful that the Presence had send the angel Zauriel to retrieve it when was lost, because in wrong hands can endanger all of creation


thats the same helmet that Trigon didn't bother to find any other use, he just put it on a shelve in a backroom of his palace, among other trophies he had taken from the enemies he had killed when he eventually conquered main DC Earth, so his power is obviously way above that (even with prep time and Fate getting support from all Justice League heroes, Zatanna, Green Lanterns etc they were crushed by Trigon)

All while Spectre himself also stated that Dr Fate could be nearly as powerful as he is


I think even composite Strange is at best around Fate, if not a little under him.

Now evil Raven might not be quite as powerful as Trigon but definitely is pretty close to him (or by a statement she might even surpass him) so I can see her beating composite Strange (maybe not too easy, I agree) and more on topic here, definitely stomping Thanos

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#56 Posted by RampageTheFirst (7793 posts) - - Show Bio

Round 1-Team win in a hard fight.

Round 2-Raven solo's, Strange solo's, Zatanna solo's. Surfer gets swatted like a fly.

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Composite Strange would win. But Silver Surfer is a complete non factor.

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So you think Fate dwarfs normal Strange?

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Round 1: Team high difficulty, like somebody dies in this round. Likely Raven.

Round 2: 24 hours prep is not enough to beat Composite Strange.

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@king-ragnar: current strange doesn't solo.

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#62 Posted by The_living_tribunal_24 (6689 posts) - - Show Bio

However thanos gets some quote/unquote anti-feats, that allow hax like synapse control that at least 1 person has.

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@karkus said:


So you think Fate dwarfs normal Strange?

I say at their base levels Fate is more powerful, yes. With prep time, using magical artefacts and such they should be however pretty close, they both have great feats and is much harder to say and I agree it can be debated both ways. I might be a bit biased but I say Fate is slightly above Strange overall, even in that case

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Strange still solos both rounds.

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Round 1: Team with difficulty

Round 2: Thanos gets stomped

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I certainly could be missing something on current versions, but I believe this is a savage beat down in r1 for thanos and a savage, murderstomp, why is this even a fight in r2 for team.

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