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The DC villains team is: General Zod, Cheetah, Reverse Flash, Livewire, Sinestro, Dr. Polaris, Black Adam and Eclipso

616 and New 52/Rebirth feats

Blood lusted and morals off

Random encounter

Who wins?

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Thanos...he can bfr most of them if necessary.

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As it’s New-52 don’t know Eclipso’s feats too well so it’s can go either way, if it’s Pre-52 then Team Dc.

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Thanos kinda stomps. New 52 wasn't impressive for most of these characters...

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Thanos steamrolls the majority of the team, but he'd fail to tag Reverse Flash and Cheetah and I doubt they can even hurt him.


  1. Zod is the only factor in there but Thanos can easily one shot the guy.
  2. Rebirth/New 52 Black Adam is completely featless, he even got one shotted by Wonder Woman. He's borderline unimpressive.
  3. Rebirth Eclipso (he had zero appearances in the New 52), could possibly possess Thanos but I doubt it, the latter is highly resistant against that kinda hax.
  4. N52/Rebirth Sinestro isn't that impressive either, compared to Thanos ofc.
  5. I don't think there ever was a New 52 Dr Polaris, or Rebirth Polaris for that matter.

...this looks like a mismatch in the Titan's favor.

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Thanos wins this.