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Kid Flash "Wally West"

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  • No prep time
  • Morals on, everyone is in character though serious
  • Win by any means
  • Standard gear and equipment
  • Wally is post Season 2, Iida is composite anime/manga MHA

Location: Destroyed Town

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Wally is faster and has better stamina but I don't remember any of his striking feats.

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I was under the impression Iida would get speedblitzed.

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YJ Wally never impressed me tbh. Iida wins, but it takes a while.

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@chronicplane:Probably wally, as not only that small amount of time Lida has to stop and spin would give Wally an advantage, and wally started out nearly as fast as season 3 Barry, and no way Lida can dodge lightning.

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@histranger: This is Kid Flash from the tv show Young Justice, not from the comics.

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Wally pretty handily.

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Wally, easy

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Bump, Iida got some new stuff recently. Thoughts?

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He can't even control his new speed and it's still limited to the turns. He's not and probably never will be a legit speedsters which is a shame.

Still probably wally