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Taka is in the same condition when they fought Bee

Round 1: Kisame has Samehada

Round 2: Kisame doesn’t have Samehada

In Character

No Prep

Morals off

Location: Bee vs Taka

Starting Distance : 20m

Fight to the death

Who wins?

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If Taka could barely stand against Bee who threw the fight at the end, then how can the beat the Guy who actually beat Bee?

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Taka couldn’t even beat Base Bee lol

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Kisame easily round 1, he could lose round 2. Only real reason he defeated Bee was via absorbing huge portions of his Chakra.

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Kisame both rounds

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@wot_m8: Kisame doesn't win in a random encounter against let's be real

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@kgb725: Against Bee? He can as long as he can stop him from going Bijuu mode. Against Taka? He demolishes.

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@wot_m8: He never stopped him from going bijuu mode though

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Kisame murders.

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Kisame doesn't need Samehada to win here, he stomps both rounds.

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So Kisame vs MS Sasuke. All the rest are pretty much non-factors. Kisame stomps both rounds because 1: he's faster and 2: having spent so much time with Itachi (whose MS is just an all around better version of Sasuke's) even no prep doesn't give Sasuke a hax advantage.

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Kisame doesn't have any answer to amaterasu.

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