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Iceman, Angel, Gambit, Pixie and Domino

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You sir should be a comedian. Seriously this is too funny.

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@menaceforever said:

You sir should be a comedian. Seriously this is too funny.


@SpiderMan100: Dude this is pretty bad man.

Iceman is an omega level mutant. He solos the whole team.... Nova is his only problem... and even that idk...

Welcome to the Vine. Please make sure you look these characters over before posting!

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the x-men win fairly easily. 

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@KMART4455 said:

Iceman is an omega level mutant.

Although this is true...Iceman has very little impressive feats...I mean offensively, he has proved to be unable to die in ice form but other than that, nothing
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Iceman takes out Spiderman, White Tiger, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage quite easily.

With the help from Gambit and Domino, Nova will fall easily too. You can take off Angel and Pixie.

A more fair fight would be the team spiderman (since Im guessing you want to use them) vs Angel, Jubilee, Pixie, Gambit, & Domino

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@charlieboy said:

the x-men win fairly easily.
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Since you seem to be using the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series versions...Team Spider gets wrecked.

Comic Versions of Team Spider would be a different fight altogether.