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Since they're from the same manga magazine I think this Is an an appropriate match up

7 Homunculus vs. Medusa,Free,Stein(w Mary),Mifune,Giriko,and Justin Law

Battle in Chunen Exams Arena

Fight to Death or K.O

Moral off(Though no one here has any morals)

No Prep

Manga Forms

Who Wins and WHY.

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Mifune would curbstomp a lot of the Homunculi.

Stein would also wreak havoc, he does attacks directly into a person's soul, which is a huge disadvantage for the Homunculi who are essentially a Philosopher's stone. Plus he can pin them in place when he needs to.

Medusa can keep jetting them all over the place with her vector arrow, and can hit large amounts of them easily.

And that's just 3 people.

Free can't be killed, and it's doubtful they can KO him. Their only real chance is the hopes that he screws up and defeats himself, or that the OP changes things to allow BFR.

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Medusa solos.