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#151 Edited by Sungsam (3209 posts) - - Show Bio

@mrtrickster said:

@sungsam: does spacebattles have good forum to post on? what other comic forum do you think is good?

Spacebattles is good for collecting sources and historicity in regards to comics and scans. I appreciate Spacebattles because the people there are generally extremely skeptical to all points of view. You can find the truths between two lies of wanking and lowballing there when it comes to Multiversal vs battle threads.

It was in Spacebattles where Demonbane wank had its ass torn apart.

But they are extremely strict when it comes to Multiversal debates that I wouldn't post there much. They think there is no difference between a Multiversal and a Megaversal because of "muh real life math must apply to fictionzzz" so they take the fun out of discussions like this. Lol

You will also find people who "refute" that Umineko for example has infinite dimensions, that Beyonder is only Multiversal by feats and nothing more, and etc. they're very strict. I barely agree with some of their strict points.

They just take these things too seriously sometimes, and maybe a little bit of that is good to give me a perspective.

If it weren't for the Intellectual Hardiness of Spacebattles users, we would never be able to debunk Demonbane wank and we'd be intimidated enough to never question it.

Maybe it is best that multiple forums with many viewpoints must exist, not just on an individual level.

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#152 Edited by PoisononousVenom (115 posts) - - Show Bio

The only ones in this battle that matter are: Lucifer, Michael, and Mxy vs Molecule Man, Living Tribunal, and God Emperor Doom. Thanos with IG is entirely useless against these multi-versal beings. Dream is also useless, GEB is mostly speculative and may be omnipotent, Death of the Endless is very powerful but not much of a combatant feat wise, and The Fulcrum has basically no feats aside from maybe being Jack Kirby and an aspect of TOAA(Omnipotents are banned anyway so can't include them).

I'm going to assume they're all at their utmost most powerful. In that case Living Tribunal is taken out by either Mxy or Lucifer+Michael. Considering the Living Tribunal was killed by 3 Beyonders, he's clearly below God Emperor Doom(Who has the power of the Beyonders), and is a weaklink in the Marvel roster.

PR Molecule Man and God Emperor Doom are the big challenges here. God Emperor Doom however would get taken care of after a decent fight by either Mxy or Lucifer+Michael working together. That leaves PR Molecule Man vs Lucifer, Michael, and Mxy.

Based off feats PR Molecule Man wins against all 3 after an extremely hard battle. These last 4 characters are utterly nigh-omniscient, nigh-omnipotent, and maybe even truly immortal in one case(Lucifer apparently is above death) so this really is hard to say who would win 100%. Based off implied power Lucifer+Michael would solo all of Marvel except TOAA(God).

But, PR Molecule Man wins for the Marvel team because he's just that overpowered. If the author of this post was referring to the current Molecule Man though, then DC's team wins in a curbstomp.

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#153 Edited by Sungsam (3209 posts) - - Show Bio

@poisononousvenom: Your post is one of the most descriptive, balanced and unbiased of an analysis regarding DC vs Marvel Cosmic Tiers I've seen in a while in the Vine, you rarely ever see that these days.

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#154 Edited by RampageTheFirst (7786 posts) - - Show Bio

Team 1. Lol at LT or Fulcrum solo'ing tho.

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#155 Posted by Chad_Duby (5681 posts) - - Show Bio

I vote team 2.

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#156 Edited by mega6382 (2030 posts) - - Show Bio

I believe it will come down to Fulcrum and GEB. Because Fulcrum is an aspect of TOAA and GEB is an aspect of the Presence. And it will most likely be a stalemate between them.

IG might not be universal but it's powers are limited to its reality(maybe the whole Marvel multiverse). And Lucifer and Michael are both either on par with LT or higher and LT>IG.

Actually, I would argue that Michael(Infinite power) and Lucifer(Infinite will) together might be equal to PR Beyonder. Which would be above HOTU Thanos, and god emperor doom.

So, its either a stalemate or is in favor of team Lucifer.

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#157 Posted by Kevd4wg (12804 posts) - - Show Bio

Why is Thanos with IG here, he's way weaker then the rest of his team

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#158 Posted by SmoothSanta (2554 posts) - - Show Bio

Whoever blinks first loses.

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#160 Posted by Syntix (629 posts) - - Show Bio

Team Lucifer. no doubt.

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#161 Edited by Soratoumiga (3649 posts) - - Show Bio

Team DC stomps.

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#162 Posted by RampageTheFirst (7786 posts) - - Show Bio

Team DC stomps, wtf is this mismatch and how does this have 4 pages LOL. Reading comments from 1 year ago really shows how misinformed people were back then.

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#163 Edited by mrtrickster (3056 posts) - - Show Bio

lmfao, anyone of the DC team solos

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#164 Posted by y3kthunder (766 posts) - - Show Bio

Team 1

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#165 Posted by Standardized (1502 posts) - - Show Bio

DC team stomps hard as hell

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#166 Posted by AnnamalHouse (186 posts) - - Show Bio

I've been out of comics several years now but for my first post I'll try to tackle this massive cosmic battle

Team DC

Michael & Lucifer= Top multiversal powers, beyond even top multiversal abstracts like eternity. But not true omniversal powers IMO. Though people do make the case that together they equal the presence(God), the top of the omniversal food chain. That is if you believe presence really is DC's god and not just an aspect of the real god, lol I won't even go into that though.

Dream and Death= Top Multiversal abstracts

GreatEvilBeast= Suppose to be the equal of the presence, his darker half. So Omniversal GodHood, True God level.

Mxy= Going with world's funniest mxy here I assume, since top levels and feats of character. This guy honestly is hard to gauge exactly,he has shown to destroy and create the multiverse but we also know he couldn't beat the ultimator in power levels. How powerful is ultimator? Unknown, but seemed to be just some top multiversal absract which doesn't make sense considering he can destroy/create multiverse. But that's mxy for you here, can do whatever story wants him to do at that particular time. Some claim him as equal if not above presence because of jumping out of comic and threatening writer nonsense.

Team Marvel

Fulcrum= Omniversal True God level, TOAA and Fulcrum are one and the same being in marvel

PR Molecule Man= Top omniversal power, basically just a step down from presence/TOAA levels.

Doom w/Beyonders power

Thanos w/Infinity Gauntlet

The Living Tribunal

= All 3 are top Omniversal powers IMO

Oblivion= Is either just a top multiversal abstract or possible a Omniversal Being that could be more like the equal to the GEB depending on who you ask.

Ok so on to battle.

The 2 True 'Gods' fulcrum and GEB cancel each other out. After that IMO DC is in serious trouble here. Only way they make this even a battle is if Lucifer and Michael pull off some shit that they really never have shown they are capable of.

DC Imo when dealing with top cosmic scales of power is below marvel for the fact they really don't deal with Omniversal powers like marvel does, they only have multiversal levels besides DC's god or aspect of said god. I know some people won't like this but that is the truth.

I cant think of one example where anyone in DC has shown to have more then multiversal level power to create or destroy, never have they gone into the next multiverse within there own omniverse and continued there power/reign. Is there even some hyperbole or potential said guy could possible do that can be found? I don't recall that there is.

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#167 Posted by green_skaar (12552 posts) - - Show Bio

Frankly the multi-verse loses big time.

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#168 Posted by deactivated-5cd6fe3f211bb (353 posts) - - Show Bio
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#169 Posted by bdelloidgrain2 (1988 posts) - - Show Bio

I've probably already commented on this, but DC team stomps

Anyone saying LT solo's or Infinity Gauntlet is greater than Michael and Lucifer is I'll informed, hasn't read Lucifer or Sandman, and is a Marvel fanboy who shouldn't comment in this thread.

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#170 Posted by JwwProd (20920 posts) - - Show Bio

Demonbane looks at everyone here and they all died 400 million times.

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#171 Posted by Soratoumiga (3649 posts) - - Show Bio

I just gotta laugh at IG Thanos soloing, lmao

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#172 Posted by bdelloidgrain2 (1988 posts) - - Show Bio

I just gotta laugh at IG Thanos soloing, lmao

I know right? That is one of the silliest things I've seen on Comicvine.

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#173 Posted by CaoCao (1703 posts) - - Show Bio

Team 1 shitstomps.

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#174 Posted by cosmic_reign (3679 posts) - - Show Bio

Team 2

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#175 Edited by ginman333 (3074 posts) - - Show Bio

Team DC is pretty obviously stronger. Team Marvel has the best player though, with Fulcrum. IG Thanos is not a player. Id probably go team DC if I were betting. Marvel team is missing some of their heavy hitters (beyonder, Protege, etc). And no, LT will not solo people...get over it.

If these were writers though. Marvel would win. Fulcrum isnt going down if they have a say... ;-)

My vote says DC in a vacuum.