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#54 Posted by deactivated-5c07a0327fd39 (4596 posts) - - Show Bio

So it's basically:

  1. Gaara vs Rock Lee
  2. Temari vs Tenten (lol)
  3. Neji vs Kankuro

Gonna go with team Sand on this one.

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#56 Posted by FullMetalEmprah (4038 posts) - - Show Bio

Going with Team Guy. Neji can destroy Temari and Kankuro, and Lee has already shown he can hang with Gaara on his own. Couple that with the fact that if Temari goes down they basically will not be able to get to Tenten(Gaara could but Lee or Neji would likely be in his face the whole time) so she can spam weapons and she actually contributes some decent pressure in this fight. After Neji is done with the other too if Lee is still having trouble with Gaara then Neji and Tenten can help Lee dispose of him.

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#59 Posted by deactivated-5c531e53b02be (3640 posts) - - Show Bio

Team Sand easily.

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#60 Edited by Yassassin (7645 posts) - - Show Bio

Team Gai.

To be blunt Neji can more then handle Kankuro and Temeri, and when they're down they'll just gang on Gaara.

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#61 Posted by Otsdarva999 (380 posts) - - Show Bio

Team Gai. As others have said, Neji practically stomps Temari and Kankuro. Lee can beat Gaara provided he doesn't use his gates. Gaara needed to keep his sand armor up to fight against Lee and Kankuro mentioned it requires a lot of chakra to maintain. With Neji there with his Byakugan, he would probably be able to see the chakra consumption of the sand armor and Lee can just stick with his normal taijutsu movements. Tenten is useless.

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#70 Posted by nerdchore (8125 posts) - - Show Bio

Team sand and its not close.

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#74 Posted by omriamar (7068 posts) - - Show Bio

sand gaara MVP

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#81 Posted by AsianAntics (695 posts) - - Show Bio

Team Sand.


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Lee couldn't hit Gaara in base and it took a helluva lot of effort to hit him in Gates. Now I'm not saying Lee can't beat Gaara but I don't think he could beat him for the majority.

Neji should be able to take on Kankuro and then either fight Temari or help out Lee but I don't think he'd end up doing much.

Gaara & Temari Vs. Lee & Neji should end up in the Sand Siblings favour in the end. Team Sand 6-7/10.

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#82 Posted by Snake-White (774 posts) - - Show Bio


Lee couldn't hit Gaara in base and it took a helluva lot of effort to hit him in Gates.

You should rewatch Rock Lee vs Gaara fight

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#83 Posted by Grinningf0x (1467 posts) - - Show Bio

Team sand wins mid-high diff

I think people are forgetting that this is a TEAM battle not a series of 1v1s . Temari can keep everyone away with her Jutsu which suck because team Gai has a serious lack of range. With Gaara on defense thier only chance is lee going apeshit 4-5 gate and blitz stomping team Sand. Ten Ten is fodder most of the time but she is honestly team Gai way of semi effective ranged combat, without her they literally get batted away until they die

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#84 Posted by Sivil-Law (615 posts) - - Show Bio

Team Gai since Neji solos

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#85 Posted by AsianAntics (695 posts) - - Show Bio

@snake-white: Depends if you count weightless Lee as base. Before/during the Chunin exams, he wore the weights all the time meaning it's his base. I assume after it, he doesn't wear the weights anymore making that his new base.

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#90 Posted by Zemoftw (1486 posts) - - Show Bio

Team guy/gai

Better teamwork i presume, and i honestly think tenten can beat kankuro

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#91 Posted by Chaos239 (5081 posts) - - Show Bio

Team Gai quite easily

Neji is a perfect counter to Gaara due to his rotation which means he can stalemate with help from Tenten while Lee stomps Temari and Kankuro

Team Gai >>> Gaara

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#93 Posted by TheBeardOfZues (2801 posts) - - Show Bio

Team Sand quite easily.

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#95 Edited by solo788 (827 posts) - - Show Bio

I honestly wondered why Lee used the gates in the gaara match. Without weights and with gaara burning through chakra to armour himself Lee could've won by attrition. I see Lee (without weights) holding off gaara while neji takes on temari and kankuro. Couple that with tenten tossing in support with explosives and kunai and the duo go down quick. Leaving gaara to lose while trying to take on all 3

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#96 Posted by AngelJax (11597 posts) - - Show Bio

The Sand Siblings