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Feeling tempted to say Team Gai. Tenten is probably the one that's going out first (seeing her performance with Temari), but I'm sure either Lee or Neji could beat Temari or Kankuro (Lee maybe both with the gates), and Gaara would most likely stay out of the fight until they finish up his teammates, and then we saw what happened when Lee used the gates against Gaara and with Neji there to finish him off, it's victory for Team Gai IMO.

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Team sand imo gara having da 1 tails is gonna be a problem 4 team gai

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Tenten is a non factor and it means that team 1 has one less member. That said Lee and Neji can both stomp Temari and Kankuro so it's not totally one-sided.

If Gaara is allowed Shukaku he solos easily, without him I can still see team 2 winning, but it won't be easy and they'll have to play it smart.

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Sand Team wins Mid diff, Gaara could take on Lee while neji would have a hard time against both kankuro and Temari, i mean ten ten here is useless, she gets 1 shot by temari easily, in all serious ten ten is basically a human ninja from legends, just throwing kunais and using normal weapons

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I wanna say team 1, but Tenten just ruins it..

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If Temari can keep Neji at bay long enough for Kankuro to finish Tenten off, which shouldn't take long at all, they can bring Neji down with teamwork. Gaara manages to take down Lee in a good fight.

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@kamishini: @prezilla: @raziel2014: How on earth is Tenten non-factor, barring the worst scenario in which she is left alone against her ultimate counter, Temari. But with standard 10 ft distance there is a good chance that Lee or Neji will keep her occupied, since nobody in Team S can deal with taijutsu of their level, barring Gaara. They just have to keep them at distance, and standard one would make it quite hard.

Anyway, Tenten. It was stated that her role in the team, was range support. She is meant to stay behind and pressure the enemies, pinning them. In team fight, she is more of a support class from Battlefield 2. She can unleash a barrage or projectiles in an instant:

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That's her most basic scroll release that cannot be ignored and against the likes or Lee and Neji, moment of distraction can result in defeat. Gaara can most likely ignore it but both Temari and Kankuro has to dodge or counter it somehow, leaving themselves vulnerable. It makes both of her teammates much more dangerous because any attempt to jump away, would result in a barrage of projectiles flying at you. Staying at close distance (therefore preventing Tenten from attacking, since she would risk hitting her teammates) is equally poor choice since they are superb hand to hand fighters.

There is also jutsu, Twin Rising Dragons, excellent pressure tool and smoke bomb, quite useful if we take into account that Neji would be able to move in it freely.

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EoS Tenten could perceive moving targets as motionless. PTS isn't quite there yet but she was already an excellent marksman that was said to always hit her mark |1|, even from a difficult position |1|, and could already briefly perceive world as motionless |1|. Now, don't get me wrong. If Temari is left alone, she can still ruin all her effort, but if any of Tenten's teammates leaps on her, it's her time to shine. She has incredible aim and can pressure and threaten with potentially lethal attack anyone, anywhere on the battlefield ( Gaara has his shield though) and barring Twin Rising Dragons, she also has another heavy hitting jutsu:

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She'd obviously stay at distance, but frankly I'm confident that she would take out both Temari and Kankuro if she could ge close enough to turn it into taijutsu match. Those two would obviously stop such attempt but hey, worth mentioning. Anyway, my point here is, that while on paper Temari makes Tenten hardly useful, in a real battle with such small starting distace, she won't be able to focus just on her and let's face it: Team Gai actually trained to fight together while Team Sand has no experience with doing such thing as far as I'm aware. Both Neji and Lee might go for Temari and in such situtation Tenten is far from being useless.

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Team sand

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Team Guy in a very difficult fight

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Team Gai easily. 2 of the three from that team stomp 2 of the others. Gaara without 1 tail is not beating Neji and Lee

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Team Gai easily. Lee is fully capable of beating Gaara if he doesn't go for the fifth gate like a retard, and Neji would nigh stomp Kankuro or Temari.

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It depends on the scenario.

I think Team Gai could probably win under standard starting distances, but the advantage would swing towards the Sand team if they had extra room to use their ranged attacks. Also, Gaara could probably solo in a narrow corridor.

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Neji obliterates. Lee gets his rematch.

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Boy team Gai is getting wanked like hell. We already seen how this goes down. Temari stomped Tenten and Gaara handicapped Lee. Neji isn't touching Kankuro in the slightest. Sand Siblings win.

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Neji isn't touching Kankuro in the slightest.

Neji would low-diff Kankuro.

You're underestimating the guy who Lee couldn't beat in taijutsu, even with his weights off. Neji's Bakugan would allow him to literally see the puppet strings and gentle fist would let him cut them without possible issue.

Honestly, Neji could probably solo both Kankuro and Temari at once, assuming they start at standard distance.

That's not me underestimating Temari or Kankuro either. Temari is physically stronger then weighted Lee and was holding back firepower against Shikamaru. But Neji is just that strong.

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@gnomishness: Temari isn't physically stronger than Lee. She just blocked one of his kicks. The only Genin at the Chunin Exams that was possibly as strong as Lee physically was Choji.

Anyways, Tenten is relatively fodder to Kankuro and Temari. And Kankuro and Temari are relatively fodder to Lee and Neji. If this comes down to a fight between Lee and Neji vs Gaara... my moneys on the Martial Arts duo.

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Tbh by retrieval arc we see that Lee is on a completely different level than the other genin against Kimimaro. This was also whilst Lee was fresh from surgery and Gaara even states he isn't as fluent as in thier fight. Not even factoring how much of a monster he was in anime.

Neji solos Temari and Kankuro btw; and the outcome most certainly did not change come part 2. Team guys victory is sealed.

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Team Sand.




Neji gets overwhelmed by both after defeating Kankuro.

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Temari isn't physically stronger than Lee. She just blocked one of his kicks.

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Blocked one of his kicks and then assessed him as weak/insulted him because of it.

That seems pretty definitive to me. --->

She was even disappointed that she didn't get to fight him in a melee right then and there.

She was definitely looking better then Weighted Lee.

What? You wanted a more direct comparison? You wanted them to arm wrestle or something?


Team Sand.




Neji gets overwhelmed by both after defeating Kankuro.

Ah. But:

Temari > Tenten (due to bad matchup)

Kankuro <<<< Neji

Gaara >= Lee (due to Lee's own mistakes)

Temari and Gaara would both struggle a bit in their matchups a take and while. Neji would beat Kankuro in about 7 seconds without getting serous, and then be available to help out one of his teammates by ambushing them from behind. Probably Tenten first since he favors her. Then they could all team up on Gaara relatively fresh.

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Team gai

Nejis rotations could easily keep garras sand off them

Besides the fact that anyone nejis lands hits on is screwed

Lee in gates is one shotting temari and kankuro the only reason gaara tanked so many hits was because of his sand shield over his body.

Also tenten could force garra to shell up with a barrage of tools and then lee and neji drop kankuro and temari while garra is distracted.

Garra isn't beating neji and lee, add tenten with range support and they win.

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Ten-ten is useless between Konkuro's puppets, Temari's wind and Gaara's sand. It's essentially neji and Lee vs sand nin. I say Lee and Neji merely because Temari and konkuro together wouldn't be a match for Lee and more than likely Neji (Being a genius) would have Lee quickly take them out and himself using rotation to keep Gaara from one-shitting him til they can double team Gaara. Team Gai with HIGH-diff. This will be a 5.001/10 win for them. Gaara wasn't even cut after the Lee fight, plus he wouldn't even need to use his chakra to take down Neji. But all in all, I see them getting him together

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Team Gai

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Gaara beats Lee

Temari lolstomps tenten

Neji beats temari and kankuro but loses to gaara

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Neji can beat Temari/Kankuro almost instantly. His Byakugan can see the chakra strings, so Kankuro won't be able to hide or diffuse the situation at all.

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Team Sand.

The AOE is too much

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Team Gai takes this.

- Ten Ten is probably not going to be of any help so she can just be on the side as a support, but we have the fact that Neji or Lee can easily solo Kankuro and Temari. Are we talking feats? Hell yes. Are we talking portrayal? Hell yes indeed.


Kankuro, just by seeing close to nothing of what Neji could do, was already putting him in the same bracket as Gaara http://mangalife.us/read-online/Naru...81-page-9.html - "We've got to start planning"" http://mangalife.us/read-online/Naru...1-page-10.html - Even Gaara was already getting worked up in the middle by seeing Neji's power http://mangalife.us/read-online/Naru...01-page-8.html - We saw what happened with Lee, even after the fight Gaara was so determined to kill Lee in the hospital who would have defeated him had not been for the last minute intervention of his gourd. Before Lee, Gaara had not been scratched and he had already gone on B Rank missions beforehand, Kankuro and Temari stand with the addition of other Genins (Asides probably Sasuke and Naruto) don't stand a chance against Lee and Neji after what we saw against Gaara.


- Lee already showed his feats against Gaara, he would have defeated him if not for the gourd. Speed wise, both Neji and Lee can evade Gaara's sand. Lee with his weights still on could evade Gaara's sand http://mangalife.us/read-online/Naru...2-page-13.html - Neji who is nowhere far away from Lee's speed with his weight off as hinted in the DB and based on the fact that their both Taijutsu specialist but Neji seems to be superior without the gates shows Neji can definitely keep up with him. Lee's is faster but Neji isn't far off at all and could even track Lee in the 5th Gate, faster than anything these guys can offer, Neji evades Gaara's attacks easily as his reflexes were so good it required the Hidden Lotus to defeat him. Then his ability to destroy chakra based substances, http://mangalife.us/read-online/Naru...2-page-19.html -- As Gaara's gourd sand is infused with chakra http://mangalife.us/read-online/Naru...49-page-2.html which is the only sand he has access to, not to mention the fact that battling Neji is incredibly dangerous with 0 intel. Then he can also pass Gentle fist chakra into substances which would be one of the worst mistake of Gaara's life, by flooding his chakra into it http://mangalife.us/read-online/Naru...97-page-7.html He can release it from his entire body -- Battling Neji is extremely deadly with him defensively being better than Gaara, heavily hinted in this arc and we also already saw what Lee did.

- Lee and Neji can give Gaara a very high difficulty fight and can both destroy Kankuro and Temari together in a 1v2, either of them destroy and help the other in terms of ending Gaara.

Team Gai takes this fight.

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team gai.

neji destroys gaara.

lee just goes ura renge and solos kankurou and temari.

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it can go either way depends how the fight plays out. Id say team Guy wins 7/10 times. Gated Lee can blitz all the sand team at the same time and one shot kankuro and temari. He could juggle the 3 in the air and the only one surviving is gaara. Then Neji comes in to finish Gaara off

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Team Gai wins.