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Morals off for cap, on for Tai(whatever that counts...)

Random encounter

No pressure points

Fight takes place in a dojo.

Cap gets his shield.

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I would want to say Tai Lung, but the shield is an extremely good defense.

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captain america

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Tai Lung stomps.

Too fast, too durable, too strong, too ruthless, just as skilled.

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Although it was only for one movie, I think Tai Lung takes this. He would find a way around the shield somehow.

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Cap America knows pressure points to that's not the difference. Cap should be faster than him since he see's bullets in slow motion, and has crossed a room to block a bullet after it was fired speed blitzed rooms of people etc. Tai isn't too far behind, casually blocking high velocity ballistae shafts, running up falling debris, cleaning a prison full of enemies in roughly a minute blah blah blah

Tai Lung wins this through have greater skill IMO, and a better damage soak than Cap.

I give it to him 8/10

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@eisenfauste: Tai Lung also did the cross the room thing, he instantly blitzed Po from across the room and he appeared in a flash of lightning in front of Shifu.

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Tai Lung has every single advantage except maybe durability by feats.

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Tai Lung stomps hard

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Tai Lung stomps.

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Tai, not close imo

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Tai Lung.