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Fight on earth. Surtur has his sword. No morals.

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Surtur..... Stomps

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Prime dies as a result of Surter farting

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Prime turns into a pile of goo.

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Superboy Prime wins.

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Superboy with low effort.

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Surtur stomps.

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Oh, I thought this was Surfer vs Prime.

Yeah Surtur wins clearly.

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Easily Surtur.

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Surtur has Twilight Sword? Then he destroys SBP.

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Surtur. I would love to know what ass pull logic folks are using to say sbp wins.

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Surtur stomps

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Surtur IMO.

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Using consistent feats I think Surtur wins easily, but hasn’t Surtur been beaten by Thor before and had his hand broken by him? Was there extra context behind that?

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@jay_z94: Which fight are you referencing? Is it this?

No Caption Provided

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My money is on Superboy prime. He took on and held his own against the JL, and the Green/Yellow lanterns all at the same time.

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@jay_z94: Thor had the Odin Force at the time. And Surtur was portrayed as equal to Odin, stalemating him each day, with the pair perpetually wounding one another critically and being reborn on the following day. It was Surtur vs Odin and OF Thor, in essence.

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Pretty sure Surtur stomps considering that he could match Odin.

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Is't Surtur completely magical? just like the reason Mjolnir would put a hurting on Supes is because of it's God magic. A wild and deadly cosmic storm the Odin magicked into hammer? If so, Surtur should have very little effect on SBP. We watch Black Adam learn the Hard way that magic not from the SBP universe dose not effect him.

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