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Posted by Mohamedelkhater (130 posts) 3 months, 11 days ago

Poll: Superman vs Shao Kahn (13 votes)

Superman 100%
Shao Kahn 0%
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#1 Posted by Yamiyodare (1414 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman with his little finger kills him

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#2 Posted by MainJP (6189 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman oneshot overkill’s with a slight morning yawn.

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#3 Posted by ZeromusEG (179 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman blitz and oneshot.

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#4 Posted by DESPERO_Z_AMAZO (314 posts) - - Show Bio


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#5 Posted by Mee09 (5765 posts) - - Show Bio

Looooooooooooooool this isn't MK vs DC bruh

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#6 Posted by Iron_Tiger (455 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman wins, no contest.

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#7 Posted by RobertMiles1 (1120 posts) - - Show Bio

i dont even like superman but i admit that theres no logical way a street fighter character can beat him. even if it is the weaker post crisis superman

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