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#52 Posted by deactivated-5b3daad020468 (2228 posts) - - Show Bio

Mm easily

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Stomp for real

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Without telepathy or intangibilty Superman wins

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Here's the deal with Superman... from what I've gathered, it doesn't matter who he fights. So long as that character is ROUGHLY as powerful as he is, he will win no matter what. That's just the kind of hero he is. Stupid, but true...

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J'onn still has intangibility.

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Without intangibility or TP I think Superman wins. I think he's stronger, probably more durable, has better fighting skills, and probably faster.

This. Supes win. 9/10 Low-Mid Diff

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@echostarlord117: yet he's been beat by Wonder Woman and Martian manhuntee before

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@xxxcarzellxxx: To be honest, I'm not a huge DC buff, but as far as I know, Superman only ever loses to people when he's holding back. He does so for various reasons, but if he were to really try, would be unstoppable. At least by people of his power level. And it's simply because of how the writers write him. Also, just because WW and MMH have beaten him before doesn't mean Superman hasn't beaten them on occasion either. Actually, I'd be willing to bet Superman has beaten both of them more times than they've beaten him.

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@echostarlord117: no is bs willing that They've beaten him more or they tied Wonder Woman has kicked supermans ass and even fought him in the sun lol while superman admitted that he's glad Martian manhunter is on his team or else he' isn't sure he could stop him . Oh and when superman and Wonder Woman fought he tried to kill her and wasn't holding back

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Morals off and no TP or intangibility? Superman takes this handily

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@coolguyr99: MM already wouldn't be able to win and then some of his best abilities taken away? Can I ask why?

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Honestly even if the Martian had intag I still give it to supes because he can vibrate into intag plus supes has much better physicals and could light mm on fire wth heat vison

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Fight in Superman's favor. (MMH can't use TP even if you didn't restrict it)

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@frozen: can martian shape shift himself into kryptonite and beat superman's ass ??

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Superman. Stronger, faster, more experienced from fighting tougher foes, more durable. Could easily use fire to his advantage where Martian Manhunter would likely not find Kryptonite laying around and most certainly can't create it.

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Superman. Although shape shifting and invisibility give MMH a decent shot.

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stronger faster and more durable

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Jonn with some difficulty

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`So, effectively the two things that would normally give Jonn the win are taken away. Superman wins this.

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@frozen: can martian manhunter shapeshift himself into a kryptonite and defeat him ??

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@dhanraj: He can make himself look like kryptonite, he can't make his molecule components the same as that of kryptonite.

He can defeat him through other means, though.

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Superman has a massive speed advantage, a solid strength advantage, slightly superior striking, and massively, massively superior durability, J'ohn's only advantage is regen, but Superman can punch him down, blitz him, tank his hits, over power him, and finish him off with HV since MMH has very very low energy durability, and a fire weakness.

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Superman wrecks him under these conditions.

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Martian Manhunter

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How unfair, Clark wins of course like that.

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No Caption Provided

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Supes under these conditions. Intangibility is pretty much what would save J'onnz from being hit by HT.

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Even with TP and intangibility, Superman can win against Manhunter 50% of the time, because:


TP Resistance Feats (Including Against J'onn More Than Once):

TP-The following scans and links are Superman, in order, resisting Dominus http://i.imgur.com/2GnY2dp.jpg;

No Caption Provided

Martian Manhunter on at least three occasions, including in Martian Manhunter issue 20 when J'onn remarks that Kryptonian brains are different than others, and Kal can't be affected/detected if Kal doesn't wish it; and the above incident (note how a shocked Jonn' states that Supes, quote, "forced me out" of Kal's mind-there are few beings who could even momentarily STALL the Martian, much less do THAT); Braniac http://imgur.com/a/VCnVG (note how, despite Braniac amping up ever increasing "more power" in his TP assault, he is not able to take over Kal, ultimately destroying HIMSELF in his attempts); Maxwell Lord, even after several months of clandestine work, and finally having Supes under his control is not able to force Kal to kill http://i.imgur.com/Y1oio8F.jpg resists mind domination attacks from Neron;

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

above, defies Eradicator (note how, as Superman resists Eradicator, he helpfully remembers several OTHER powerful TP's that he has resisted over the years; shortly after Kal soon uses his devastating heat vision to achieve victory);

No Caption Provided

Eclipso in "Superman The Man Of Steel Annual I" 1"http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_super/7/72524/3164188-1885471987-30567.jpg -Superman remarks afterwards that over the years he's built up resistance to telepathy; resists the simultaneous mental AND spiritual assault of "The Light Of Heaven" from Asmodel the Angel, which when effective results in instant madness http://comicvine.gamespot.com/forums/battles-7/wonder-woman-vs-magneto-1714954/?page=5(post 209; click the "spoilers" icon, it's the third scan); and Superman resists the being known as Hfuhruhurr, or "Union" despite this adversary having TP derived from the power of countless stolen brains throughout the universe. Note how the shocked telepath shouts "Impossible! He's broken free" during their battle

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Superman soon goes on to beat Union up for his effrontery.

There's more, so the above examples show there is an excellent chance Superman can hold off J'onn's TP long enough to defeat him-and/or. the Martian might not even get the chance to try using that tactic because of Kal's

(A) Superior Combat Speed

-Superman has consistently beaten to the punch people as fast, or even faster than him, as he combines his combat speed and skills in ways above others similar to him

Superman has: caught the Flashhttp://www.geeksaresexy.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/sm_709_dylux_-9-copy-e1300679300858.jpghttp://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11113/111130781/3556932-1976765855-26290.jpg this catching Barry Allen Flash incident-where Barry was moving so fast he was, quote, "running faster than time" and warping reality-was confirmed as an attosecond feat by the DC sanctioned writer of the story Chris Roberson (and the two heroes were not moving in a strictly straight, line, so this was not a travel feat);

blitzed his Earth 3, Has-All-His Powers counterpart Ultra Man and Superwoman

No Caption Provided

Was fast enough to, almost with casual effort strike a streaking Professor Zoom (causing the villain to state Kal's speed "rivals" his) http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_super/12/125391/2868061-2630107_supeszoom2.jpg and blitzes Zod and Ursa, two Kryptonians http://imgur.com/a/ieEGm All these characters have great combat speed of their own, yet Supes beat them to the punch, and there's many other examples on standby (another poster in another thread layed out over 80 instances of Superman's speedblitzes). So if Superman can out react all of those super fast characters, J'onn will be no different.

J'onn's Intangibility-

Going intangible won't help J'onn-

Superman's heat vision can affect ghost like, or intangible opponents like here http://i.imgur.com/XtHpJwz.jpg and here, against The Weird, who can alter his body to phase, and/or achieve an intangible state http://i.imgur.com/nJM7Kp6.jpg And since Post Crisis Supes, due to the "Rebirth" story line, is now combined with the history, experiences, and abilities of N52 Superman---Kal can freeze intangible opponents with a flash freeze http://i.imgur.com/cqvteCC.jpg ; his breath is powerful enough to freeze his equal Bizarro in place http://i.imgur.com/HGLESCH.jpg

Since Superman's heat vision's powerful enough to:

disrupt and break through force fields with infinite event horizons...

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

...and the heat vision is even capable of repairing reality itself http://i.imgur.com/qa9CHtW.jpg

...the above is more evidence Superman can affect J'onn whether he is intangible or not (although, since the character has been physically affected by opponents many times, the point is moot).

Translation: Even with TP and intangibility, the Kryptonian has an even chance of defeating the Martian.

Without it:

Superman wins.

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Martian Manhunter.

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Still Clark.

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@theonewhoknows: what the hell?? Heat vision can affect him even if intangible? Geez never knew it was that worthy

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Under these conditions superman could win.

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Anywys i still beliee jonzz wins

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Supermans wins in these conditions as this is also bloodlusted battle meaning Superman wont try to put him down with brawling as MMH can still regerate and shape shift.

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Superman under these stipulations.

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