Superman vs Hercules (Greek Myth)

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No prep fight takes place in greece morals on no bfr  or speed blitz but supes may use his speed for anything else flight is allowed


                                       This is the hercules from greek myth in this fight he has sword a magic sword that can cut superman and a magic shield which is super durable
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idk if he even has the speed to contest
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@FLCL1 said:
" idk if he even has the speed to contest "
He doesn't.
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@FLCL1 said:
"idk if he even has the speed to contest "

True but thats why i turned speed blitz off that dose not make a huge diffrence but now supes wont be going at lightspeed punching herc from every angle
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First off I think Supes wins this in a crumbstop because he is fair bit smarter, he is WAY faster, and the only superpower that Hercules has is being super strong (although with this comes a high constitution) and Hercules biggest feats (that I know of) were holding up the earth for Atlas and owning hades without really a fight... Now the second one seems like a bigger deal to me, although it was pretty clear to me that Hercules was having an incredibly hard time holding up the earth, and if we judge by that feat being the extent of his power then Supes has done better, I think, although usually when he picks up a planet it shouldn't be hard at all because there isn't gravity really effecting the planets and even I could move the planet if I could fly... Now I think that it would be safe to say Hercules was the Superman of greek mythology, he was the strongest, most powerful of all the demigods and heros (now before anyone yells at me about others being more powerful then Superman, THIS ISN'T ABOUT SUPERMAN BEING THE MOST POWERFUL SUPERHERO although he is much like a modern Hercules because all his feats are just so amazingly epic just like Hercules). Although in greek mythology there are still the gods and titans and Urans and Geia and those bunch who are way above any mortal or demigod/hero, so I would say these guys are are cosmic beings, although if we consider feats these people are probably closer to high level superhero strength then cosmic beings but in their world they are the cosmic being, and then when Hercules just walks up to Hades and beats him or yells at him (I cant remember which) that is something that not even Superman or Marvel Thor could do to a cosmic entity without some sort of power up (like odin foce) and so when we see Hercules beat Hades thats like Superman single handedly beating Anti-Monitor. Even with this feat though that's not enough for Hercules because he has only elevated himself up to being a higher power superhero, whereas Superman is one of if not the most powerful superhero, although Hercules has one last thing up his sleeve, he gets tricked into being given an obscene amount of super extra ultra deadly poison and instead of killing him like it just causes him unbearable pain and it doesn't go away so he asks to be burned alive so he can stop the pain, so they burn him and instead of dying he is made into a god by his daddy, now with true immortality (not just not aging but unable to die) he will be physically impossibly to kill in any way at all and that could be the key to giving him a far better chance vs Superman. Now with being a god, and since he has the sword and shield he may just have a chance, I'm giving this to Superman though because I still dont see Hercules being able to defeat Superman, although it would defiantly be epic. Although as a finial note if it was to the death then I say Hercules wins because he can just wait for the sun to die in 5 billion years or so and then beat Superman (if Superman lives that long, I've never been clear on how long Superman's life span is)

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Supe take this and why hercules has sword for cuttin supe..This is so child mind :D ... Heracles's only weapon is a bat with nails like mace...
and he cant use shield.... Superman faster, smarter, more powerfull.. Hercules has no chance

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you can't kill hercules. so i'm not sure what superman will do to someone that is over the top strong.

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@thorson: you can kill hercules, he wasn't immortal or divine until his death

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Since there's no speed-blitzing Heracles wins fairly easily.

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Hercules fodderizes him if he can catch him.

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@slacker_the_hacker: An important clarification, is this before or after Hercules became a god?

If it's before it's more debatable. I imagine if we're including Hercules' most bullshit feat of strength we should include Superman's at which point... it's almost a contest. I would still put holding up the entire heavens above anything Superman has done, ever. Then if we consider it from its less bullshit perspective (Holding up the power of Ouranos from mating with Gaia once more) then we have to consider Ouranos' power and strength in which he overpowered the Earth itself (Gaia) and forced himself upon her. Then again, this is Greek Myth sooooo take it with some very liberal interpretations.

As for the speed argument, I've pointed this out before, but bricks take out speedsters regularly. It's pretty silly to act like they don't, especially if Superman is close enough to get caught in a grapple, he ain't using his speed once that happens.

If it's after, Hercules, no contest, the Greek Gods are ridiculously powerful with straight-up reality warping powers and are, to a point, nigh-universal in terms of power.

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Superman single-handedly takes out the entire Greek pantheon. How? Infinite, mass, punch! On the planet. No more Greece and no more Mount Olympus.