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Who would win?

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Inb4 lock. Superman stomps.

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How is this a question...

Goku is smarter than Batman... duh

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What? Of course Naruffy from Fairy Bleach stomps The Incredimazing Human Thorch

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Superman curb stomps his intellect apart from fighting and tactics where Goku God stomps Supes

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Inb4 lock

Supes smarter overall

Goku better battle intelligence

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Superman by far.

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Goku is more adept at overall combat, but Superman uses his powers far more intelligently due to his own intelligence. So it's actually a close call. For example, superman can use X-ray vision to determine what pressure points or parts of the body to keep wailing on in order to incapacitate an enemy. Goku uses mostly martial arts skill to do something similar. Whereas Superman can cheat and do something like this far faster and more efficiently. Goku is more skilled, Superman is more intelligent. Simple. Supes can use his environment and his powers in ways Goku wouldn't with his own.

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Combat IQ goku stomps. (Fight with Hit prime example)

Just book smarts and crap supe stomps.

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Goku is insanely combat smart, not so much in other areas, supes beats him in every area of intellect besides combat.

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@lpnq said:

Combat IQ goku stomps. (Fight with Hit prime example)

Just book smarts and crap supe stomps.

You make it sound so useless XD when Superman has actually made use of his booksmarts AND his superpowers in combat more efficiently than Goku does with his own powers.

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Superman. Goku has some kind of learning disability.

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Goku sucks

Dbz sucks

The fanbase are not very good

ABC logic

Simple logic for a simple

Maybe a classic action but not overall classic

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Battle intellect then Goku God stomps.

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Fighting intelligence: Goku

Overall intelligence: Superman

Superman wins

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Like someone said. Intelect and book inteligence Superman stomps. Tactics and battle intelect Goku stomps Supes and his bat boyfriend.

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Superman is smarter than Goku